AFK Journey Tier List Story

Find out which characters are ideal for story progression and which ones might hold you back. Get breakdowns of each tier.

Tier S

Tier S | AFK Journey Tier List Story - zilliongamer

  • Cecia
  • Hewynn
  • Reinier
  • Rowan
  • Thoran
  • Vala

These S-Tier characters stand out in AFK Journey's story mode due to their potent mix of team-wide support through healing, shielding, and energy generation, exceptional damage output that scales well throughout the game, survivability through self-sustain or defensive buffs, disruptive abilities that offer crowd control or enemy manipulation, and unique mechanics that enable powerful strategies against challenging foes.

Tier A

Tier A | AFK Journey Tier List Story - zilliongamer

  • Brutus
  • Bryon
  • Granny Dahnie
  • Korin
  • Lyca
  • Odie
  • Smokey & Meerky
  • Valen
  • Viperian

These Tier A characters offer a combination of powerful support abilities like buffs, debuffs, or heals, specialized strengths that excel in certain scenarios like boss fights or against specific enemy compositions, or consistent damage output and survivability that make them reliable throughout significant portions of the campaign.

Tier B

Tier B | AFK Journey Tier List Story - zilliongamer

  • Antandra
  • Dionel
  • Igor
  • Koko
  • Lucius
  • Marilee
  • Rhys
  • Scarlita
  • Shakir
  • Silvina
  • Temesia
  • Walker

These Tier B characters possess useful abilities and decent overall power, but might be outshone by higher-tier options, require specific team compositions to maximize their potential, or have strengths that are primarily impactful in niche situations or earlier stages of the campaign.

Tier C

Tier C | AFK Journey Tier List Story - zilliongamer

  • Arden
  • Berial
  • Carolina
  • Cassadee
  • Damian
  • Eironn
  • Fay
  • Mirael
  • Niru
  • Parisa
  • Satrana
  • Seth

While these Tier C characters can still be useful in the early game or specific niche scenarios, they often have more significant weaknesses, less impactful abilities, or limitations that make them less consistently effective compared to higher-tier heroes as you progress through AFK Journey's story mode.

Tier D

Tier D | AFK Journey Tier List Story - zilliongamer

  • Atalanta
  • Kafra
  • Kruger
  • Lumont
  • Salazer

While these Tier D characters have potential strengths, they generally struggle with consistency or have abilities overshadowed by other heroes, hindering their effectiveness in a wide range of campaign scenarios and team compositions.

Tier List

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Character List

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AFK Journey Antandra Character - zilliongamerAntandraAFK Journey Arden Character - zilliongamerArdenAFK Journey Atalanta Character - zilliongamerAtalanta
AFK Journey Berial Character - zilliongamerBerialAFK Journey Brutus Character - zilliongamerBrutusAFK Journey Bryon Character - zilliongamerBryon
AFK Journey Carolina Character - zilliongamerCarolinaAFK Journey Cassadee Character - zilliongamerCassadeeAFK Journey Cecia Character - zilliongamerCecia
AFK Journey Damian Character - zilliongamerDamianAFK Journey Dionel Character - zilliongamerDionelAFK Journey Eironn Character - zilliongamerEironn
AFK Journey Fay Character - zilliongamerFayAFK Journey Granny Dahnie Character - zilliongamerGranny DahnieAFK Journey Hewynn Character - zilliongamerHewynn
AFK Journey Igor Character - zilliongamerIgorAFK Journey Kafra Character - zilliongamerKafraAFK Journey Koko Character - zilliongamerKokka
AFK Journey Korin Character - zilliongamerKorinAFK Journey Kruger Character - zilliongamerKrugerAFK Journey Lucius Character - zilliongamerLucius
AFK Journey Lumont Character - zilliongamerLumontAFK Journey Lyca Character - zilliongamerLycaAFK Journey Marilee Character - zilliongamerMarilee
AFK Journey Mirael Character - zilliongamerMiraelAFK Journey Niru Character - zilliongamerNiruAFK Journey Odie Character - zilliongamerOdie
AFK Journey Parisa Character - zilliongamerParisaAFK Journey Reinier Character - zilliongamerReinierAFK Journey Rhys Character - zilliongamerRhys
AFK Journey Rowan Character - zilliongamerRowanAFK Journey Salazer Character - zilliongamerSalazerAFK Journey Satrana Character - zilliongamerSatrana
AFK Journey Scarlita Character - zilliongamerScarlitaAFK Journey Seth Character - zilliongamerSethAFK Journey Shakir Character - zilliongamerShakir
AFK Journey Silvina Character - zilliongamerSilvinaAFK Journey Smokey Meerky Character - zilliongamerSmokey MeerkyAFK Journey Temesia Character - zilliongamerTemesia
AFK Journey Thoran Character - zilliongamerThoranAFK Journey Vala Character - zilliongamerValaAFK Journey Valen Character - zilliongamerValen
AFK Journey Viperian Character - zilliongamerViperianAFK Journey Walker Character - zilliongamerWalker