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Antandra Tier

Antandra Character | AFK Journey - zilliongamer

Antandra is an excellent protective tank that excels at keeping a key frontline carry alive. She provides disruption in the process and has surprising survivability of her own.

AA Range1

In AFK Journey Antandra is considered an A Tier character inside the Tank Class & Mauler Faction with 1 AA-range.

Antandra Skills Guide

Ultimate - Sheild Assault

  • Unlocks at level: 1
  • Cooldown: 1.25s
  • Range: 1 tile
  • Initial Energy: 300
  • Can be enhanced

Skill Detail: Antandra sets her shield up and taunts enemies within 2 tiles for ls, reducing her damage taken by 60% and becoming Unaffected for 5s

Afterward, she raises the shield to stun adjacent enemies for 2s and swings the spear, dealing 400% damage to adjacent enemies and knocking them down, recovering 20% HP. Each enemy hit recovers her an extra 8% HP.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 51: Increases damage to 420%.

Unlock at level 111: Increases damage to 440%.

Unlock at level 171: Increases damage to 440%.

Unlock at level 231: Increases damage to 460%.

Can be enhanced: Each enemy hit by shield assault increases 10% of Antandra's Phys DEF, up to 6 stacks.

1st Skill - Shield Formation

  • Unlocks at level: 11
  • Cooldown: 15s
  • Range: Global

Skill Detail: Antandra selects the frontmost ally (except herself) as the guarded ally when a battle starts. Antandra grants herself and the guarded ally shields that block damage equal to 15% of the ally's max HP for 5s, and the shield value is up to 500% of her ATK.

Antandra reselects another front-most all (except herself) as the guarded ally if the previous one is defeated.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 71: Reduces the skill cooldown by 3s whenever the guarded ally loses 10% max HP. 

Unlock at level 131: Increases the shield value to 20% of the guarded ally's max HP.

Unlock at level 191: Increases the shield value to 25% of the guarded ally's max HP.

2nd Skill - Spear Barrage

  • Unlocks at level: 31
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Range: 1 tile

Skill Detail: Antandra attacks the frontal area within al-tile arc 3 times and reduces the target's ATK by 20% for 6s, with the first 2 hits dealing 100% damage and the third hit dealing 120% damage.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 91: Increases the damage of 3rd attack to 140%.

Unlocks at level 151: Increases the damage of 3rd attack to 160%.

Unlocks at level 211: Increases the damage of 3rd attack to 180%.

Hero Focus

You can unlock Hero Focus after reaching Legendary, with a TBD cooldown, and 1 tile range.

Skill Detail: Antandra increases her Max HP by 17% during battle.

Level 2: Antandra increases her Max HP by 23% during battle.

Level 3: Antandra increases her Max HP by 29% during battle.

Ex. Skill - Gale Barrier

  • Unlock: After reaching Mythic
  • Cooldown: TBD
  • Range: Global

Skill Detail: Antandra rushes next to the guarded ally when their HP ratio drops below 50% for the first time, reducing their damage taken by 40% for 10s. This skill can only be used once for each guarded ally per battle.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: Rushes next to the guarded ally, recovering their Energy by 100 per second for 4s.

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +10: Rushes next to the guarded ally, reducing their damage taken by 50%.

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +15: Rushes next to the guarded ally, reducing their damage taken by 60%.

Enhance Force

You can unlock Enhance Force after reaching Supreme.

Affect of Ultimate: Each enemy hit by Shield Assault increases 10% of Antandra's Phys DEF, up to 6 stacks.

Antandra Pros & Cons


  • Tankiness: Antandra has a mix of damage reduction, self-healing, increased maximum health ("Hero Focus"), and the ability to reduce incoming damage for allies ("Gale Barrier"). She's exceptionally hard to bring down.
  • Ally Protection: Her whole kit revolves around shielding and guarding a chosen frontline ally. She significantly improves their survivability.
  • Disruption: "Shield Assault" taunts, stuns, and knocks enemies down, causing chaos in enemy formations.
  • Self-Sufficient: Antandra heals herself, builds her defense with "Shield Assault" casts, and reduces incoming damage. She's less reliant on dedicated support heroes compared to other tanks.
  • Trigger Abilities: Several of her skills get enhanced or trigger effects when her allies' HP is low, allowing clutch saves and turnarounds in fights.


  • Single Target Focus: Her protection skills usually benefit one main ally, potentially leaving the rest of your team exposed.
  • Vulnerable to Control: While strong against direct damage, Antandra struggles against disables that bypass her defenses (banishment, hard crowd control that interrupts her skills).
  • Conditional Power: Some of her abilities depend on allies getting damaged or being low on HP, reducing her effectiveness if your team is dominating the fight.
  • Limited Offensive Pressure: Antandra's primary purpose is to create space and protect carries. Her own damage output is good for a tank but not stellar overall.


In short, Hope all the information about Antandra will help you guys understand more about this character and can play well inside the game. And if there is something change in the game we will update more information as soon as possible.

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