AFK Journey Tier List Dream Realm

 Find out which heroes thrive in the Dream Realm and which ones to avoid. Get build tips for top-tier picks.

Tier S

Tier S | AFK Journey Tier List Dream Realm - zilliongamer

  • Reinier
  • Smokey & Meerky
  • Odie
  • Korin
  • Marilee
  • Kruger

These Tier S characters provide a potent combination of potent damage output, disruptive control, strategic field manipulation, and team-wide support, making them indispensable for conquering the challenges and maximizing rewards within AFK Journey's Dream Realm.

Tier A

Tier A | AFK Journey Tier List Dream Realm - zilliongamer

  • Thoran
  • Temesia
  • Shakir
  • Koko
  • Cassadee

These Tier A characters excel within AFK Journey's Dream Realm due to their abilities to inflict consistent damage, offer potent debuffs or crowd control, provide valuable team support with heals or shields, or synergize exceptionally well with the unique mechanics of certain Dream Realm bosses.

Tier B

Tier B | AFK Journey Tier List Dream Realm - zilliongamer

  • Vala
  • Rowan
  • Cecia
  • Lyca
  • Bryon
  • Walker
  • Scarlita
  • Rhys
  • Seth
  • Damian

These Tier B characters offer valuable contributions to specific Dream Realm challenges, boasting either strong damage output against weakened bosses, useful team-wide support, or impactful control abilities, but may lack the overall consistency or niche-breaking power of higher-tier options.

Tier C

Tier C | AFK Journey Tier List Dream Realm - zilliongamer

  • Hewynn
  • Brutus
  • Lucius
  • Dionel
  • Satrana
  • Parisa
  • Mirael
  • Eironn
  • Carolina
  • Berial
  • Salazer

These Tier C characters offer some utility or decent damage potential in the Dream Realm, but often have situational effectiveness, are outshined by heroes in higher tiers, or have strengths that don't translate well to the unique challenges of this game mode.

Tier D

Tier D | AFK Journey Tier List Dream Realm - zilliongamer

  • Viperian
  • Valen
  • Granny Dahnie
  • Silvina
  • Igor
  • Antandra
  • Niru
  • Fay
  • Arden
  • Lumont
  • Kafra
  • Atalanta

These Tier D characters struggle to offer consistent utility, significant impact, or reliable survivability within the Dream Realm, often due to their abilities being less suited to the mode's unique mechanics, enemy types, or the necessity for strong AoE damage.

Tier List

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AFK Journey Antandra Character - zilliongamerAntandraAFK Journey Arden Character - zilliongamerArdenAFK Journey Atalanta Character - zilliongamerAtalanta
AFK Journey Berial Character - zilliongamerBerialAFK Journey Brutus Character - zilliongamerBrutusAFK Journey Bryon Character - zilliongamerBryon
AFK Journey Carolina Character - zilliongamerCarolinaAFK Journey Cassadee Character - zilliongamerCassadeeAFK Journey Cecia Character - zilliongamerCecia
AFK Journey Damian Character - zilliongamerDamianAFK Journey Dionel Character - zilliongamerDionelAFK Journey Eironn Character - zilliongamerEironn
AFK Journey Fay Character - zilliongamerFayAFK Journey Granny Dahnie Character - zilliongamerGranny DahnieAFK Journey Hewynn Character - zilliongamerHewynn
AFK Journey Igor Character - zilliongamerIgorAFK Journey Kafra Character - zilliongamerKafraAFK Journey Koko Character - zilliongamerKokka
AFK Journey Korin Character - zilliongamerKorinAFK Journey Kruger Character - zilliongamerKrugerAFK Journey Lucius Character - zilliongamerLucius
AFK Journey Lumont Character - zilliongamerLumontAFK Journey Lyca Character - zilliongamerLycaAFK Journey Marilee Character - zilliongamerMarilee
AFK Journey Mirael Character - zilliongamerMiraelAFK Journey Niru Character - zilliongamerNiruAFK Journey Odie Character - zilliongamerOdie
AFK Journey Parisa Character - zilliongamerParisaAFK Journey Reinier Character - zilliongamerReinierAFK Journey Rhys Character - zilliongamerRhys
AFK Journey Rowan Character - zilliongamerRowanAFK Journey Salazer Character - zilliongamerSalazerAFK Journey Satrana Character - zilliongamerSatrana
AFK Journey Scarlita Character - zilliongamerScarlitaAFK Journey Seth Character - zilliongamerSethAFK Journey Shakir Character - zilliongamerShakir
AFK Journey Silvina Character - zilliongamerSilvinaAFK Journey Smokey Meerky Character - zilliongamerSmokey MeerkyAFK Journey Temesia Character - zilliongamerTemesia
AFK Journey Thoran Character - zilliongamerThoranAFK Journey Vala Character - zilliongamerValaAFK Journey Valen Character - zilliongamerValen
AFK Journey Viperian Character - zilliongamerViperianAFK Journey Walker Character - zilliongamerWalker