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Atalanta Overview

Atalanta Character | AFK Journey - zilliongamer

Atalanta is a nimble Marksman who knows how to inflict AoE damage at medium and short-range distances.

ClassClass Marksman | AFK Journey - zilliongamer
FactionFaction Lightbearer | AFK Journey - zilliongamer

Atalanta Skills

Ultimate - Wild Sniper 

  • Unlock at Level: 1
  • Cooldown: 0s
  • Range: 3 tiles
  • Initial Energy: 0
  • Can be enhanced

Skill Detail: Alatanta selects a tile and dashes there, shooting a powerful penetrative bolt in the target direction, dealing 280% damage to all enemies along a l-tile-wide path and stunning them for 2s.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 51: Increases damage to 300%.

Unlock at level 111: When Atalanta hits an enemy with this skill, it triggers the explosion effect of Scorching Gift at the target's location, dealing 75% of the skill's damage. Scorching Gift can only deal damage 3 times to each enemy in this way each time she casts her ultimate.

Unlock at level 171: Increases damage to 320%.

Unlock at level 231: Increases damage to 340%.

1st Skill - Sweet Encounter

  • Unlock at level: 11
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Range: 4 tiles

Skill Detail: Atalanta swings her whip at an enemy, dealing 130% damage, knocking them back 2 tiles, and immobilizing them for 3s.

If there is another enemy behind the target within range, Atalanta will instead knock the target towards that enemy, dealing damage and immobilizing both of them.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 71: If Atalanta knocks the target into another enemy, the two enemies take damage from each other. The damage received is equal to 150% of the other side's ATK, up to 300% of Atalanta's ATK.

Unlock at level 131: Increases damage to 140%.

Unlock at level 191: Increases damage to 150%.

2nd Skill - Scorching Gift

  • Unlock at level: 31
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Range: 4 tiles

Skill Detail: Atalanta shoots an explosive bolt that explodes upon hitting an enemy, dealing 190% damage to the target and adjacent enemies.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 91: Increases damage to 200%.

Unlock at level 151: The explosion range is increased to 2 tiles. However, enemies in the outermost circle of the explosion only take 60% of the original damage.

Unlocks at level 211: Increases damage to 210%.

Atalanta Exclusive Weapon

Ex. Skill - Sleight of Hand

  • Unlock: After reaching Mythic.
  • Cooldown: -
  • Range: 4 tiles

Skill Detail: Sweet Encounter can be continuously cast on different targets in priority 2 times when a battle starts. Passive, the damage dealt by Sweet Encounter is increased by 6%.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +5: The bonus damage ratio of Sweet Encounter is increase to 8%.

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +10: Atalanta steals 10% ATK and 10% Phys DEF from the target every time she hits her main target with Sweet Encounter. This effect cannot be stacked on the same target, and the stolen stats will be returned in 8s.

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +15: The Silhouette inherits 70% of Berial's ATK and HP.

Atalanta Team Synergy

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Atalanta Pros & Cons

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In short, Hope all the information about Atalanta will help you guys understand more about this character and can play well inside the game. And if there is something change in the game we will update more information as soon as possible.

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