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Niru is a unique support hero with a niche focus on extending a key ally's lifespan with his ultimate and providing moderate sustain for his team.

Niru Tier 

AA Range1

In AFK Journey Lyca is considered an A Tier character inside the Support Class & Graveborn Faction with 1 AA-range.

Niru Skills Guide

Niru has 6 skills that require you to unlock by leveling up your character.

Ultimate - Spirit Salvation

This skill unlocks at level1, has a 1s cooldown, global range, and requires 0 Initial energy.

Skill Detail: Niru casts the spell to protect an ally from a fatal blow, turning them into a Spirit and restoring their HP to 45% of max HP. The Spirit cannot be attacked and will be defeated when its HP runs out. The Spirit can only deal 45% of its original damage while losing an increasing amount of HP every second. This skill prioritizes the weakest ally.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 51: For every (up to 5) non-summoned enemy defeated, the blessed ally restores an extra 10% of max HP when entering the Spirit form

Unlocks at level 111: For every non-summoned enemy defeated, the ally in Spirit form restores 10% of max HP (up to 5 times for each character).

Unlocks at level 171: Ally in Spirit form deals 55% of the original damage.

Unlocks at level 231: Ally in Spirit form deals 65% of the original damage.

1st Skill - Soul Reaping

This skill unlocks at level 11, with a 12s cooldown, and has a global range.

Skill Detail: Niru attacks the weakest enemy, dealing 120% damage plus damage equal to 0.3 times the target's lost HP. The additional damage cannot exceed 450%.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 71: Increases additional damage to 0.35 times of the target's lost HP, up to 525%.

Unlocks at level 131: Increases additional damage to 0.4 times of the target's lost HP, up to 600%.

Unlocks at level 191: Increases additional damage to 0.45 times of the target's lost HP, up to 600%.

2nd Skill - Soul Drain

his skill unlocks at level 31, with a 8s cooldown, and global range.

Skill Detail: Niru drains the life force of all enemies, dealing 150% damage to each enemy, plus 3% of the target's max HP, up to 70% of his ATK. He then restores an equal amount of HP to the weakest ally.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 91: The damage dealt to each enemy is increased to 160%, plus 3.5% of the target's max HP, up to 80%.

Unlocks at level 151: The damage dealt to each enemy is increased to 170%, plus 4% of the target's max HP, up to 90%.

Unlocks at level 211: The damage dealt to each enemy is increased to 180%, plus 5% of the target's max HP, up to 100%.

Hero Focus

You can unlock Hero Focus after reaching Legendary, with a TBD cooldown, and 1 tile range.

Skill Detail: Increase HP by 17% during battle.

Level 2: Increase HP by 23% during battle.

Level 3: Increase HP by 29% during battle.

Ex. Skill - Soul Sponge

You can unlock Exclusive skill after reaching Mythic, with a TBD cooldown, and Global range.

Skill Detail: Niru casts Ultimate on the nearest ally without consuming Energy when a battle starts, prioritizing the ally behind himself

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: The Spirits will not lose HP over time until all allies enter Spirit form for 6s.

Unlocks at Ex.Weapon +10: Until all allies enter Spirit form for 10s.

Unlocks at Ex.Weapon +15: Until all allies enter Spirit form for 12s.

Enhance Force

You can unlock Enhance Force after reaching Supreme.

Affect of Skill 1: Soul Reading prevents the enemy's HP recovery in 8s.

Niru Pros & Cons


  • Unique "Cheat Death" Mechanic: Niru's ultimate, "Spirit Salvation," essentially gives an ally a second chance, offering unique protection.
  • Sustain: He provides some healing for his team with "Soul Drain."
  • Execution Potential: "Soul Reaping" deals significant damage to enemies with low health, giving him some finishing capability.
  • Damage Scaling: His damage abilities scale with the target's lost or max health, making him dangerous against tanky enemies as a fight progresses.
  • Self-Protection with Exclusive Skill: His Exclusive Skill can provide initial protection to himself or a chosen ally without costing energy.


  • Reliant on Ultimate: Much of Niru's unique utility comes from his ultimate, which has a cooldown.
  • Delayed Protection: His ultimate requires an ally to be near death before offering its benefit.
  • Reduced Damage in Spirit Form: While protected by "Spirit Salvation," the ally's damage output is decreased.
  • Single Target Focus: His ultimate protects only one ally at a time.
  • Healing is Reliant on Enemy HP: The healing from "Soul Drain" is less effective against low-health enemies.

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