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Cassadee is a primarily supportive mage who excels at empowering a single ally with additional damage and some crowd control tools. Her impact relies on carefully selecting the ideal target to receive her buffs and having a team composition that capitalizes on their empowered basic attacks.

Cassadee Tier

Cassadee TierInfo
AA Range3

In AFK Journey Cassadee is considered a S Tier character inside Mage & Lightbearer Faction with 3 AA-range. 

Cassadee Skills Guide

Cassadee has 6 skills that require you to unlock by leveling up your character.

Ultimate - Running Tide

This skill unlocks at level 1, has a 0s cooldown, 5tile range, requires 0 Initial energy, and skill can be enhanced.

Skill Detail: Cassadee invokes a 3-tile-wide wave, dealing 280% damage to all enemies on the path and knocking them back for 2 tiles.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 51: Increases damage to 300%.

Unlock at level 111: Increases damage to 320%.

Unlock at level 171: Increases damage to 330%.

Unlock at level 231: Increases damage to 340%.

1st Skill - Undercurrent

This skill unlocks at level 11, with a 8s cooldown, and has 5tile range.

Skill Detail: Cassadee produces a water column underneath an enemy, dealing 240% damage and stunning them for 1.5s.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 71: Increases damage to 260%.

Unlock at level 131: Increases damage to 280%.

Unlock at level 191: Increases damage to 300%.

2nd Skill - Tidal Strength

This skill unlocks at level 31, with a 10s cooldown, and has 10tile range.

Skill Detail: Cassadee selects the nearest ally when a battle starts, granting them the blessing of Tidal Strength. She deals extra magic damage that equals 60% ATK to the enemy when the blessed ally hits them with normal attacks.

The blessing vanishes after the above effect is triggered 9 times. Cassadee will bless this ally again after 9s, which can't be dispelled.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 91: Increases the additional damage to 70% of ATK.

Unlock at level 151: Cassadee reselects the nearest ally to grant blessing after the previously blessed ally is defeated. The blessing casting cooldown is reduced to 5s.

Unlock at level 211: Increases the additional damage to 80% of ATK.

Hero Focus

You can unlock Hero Focus after reaching Legendary, with a TBD cooldown, and 1 tile range.

Skill Detail: Cassadee increases her Haste by 12 during battle. She gains an extra 2 Haste while the first ally blessed by Tidal Strength in battle is alive.

Level 2: Cassadee increases her Haste by 15 during battle. She gains an extra 4 Haste while the first ally blessed by Tidal Strength in battle is alive.

Level 3: Cassadee increases her Haste by 18 during battle. She gains an extra 6 Haste while the first ally blessed by Tidal Strength in battle is alive.

Ex. Skill - Tidal Blessing

This Exclusive skill can be unlock after reaching Mythic, with TBD cooldown, and has 1tile range.

Skill Detail: Running Tide grants all allies heroes on the path a temporary buff, empowering their next 6 normal attacks with the effect of Tidal Strength.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +5: Extends the attempt of Tidal Strength effect obtained from the skill to 8 times.

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +10: When an enemy takes damage from Tidal Strength 6 times, they will be hit by Undercurrent immediately.

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +15: Extends the attempt of Tidal Strength effect obtained from the skill to 9 times.

Enhance Force

You can unlock Enhance Force after reaching Supreme.

Affect of Ultimate: Cassadee reduces the Magic DEF of enemies hit by Running Tide by 20% for 10s.

Cassadee Pros & Cons


  • Damage Support: Cassadee provides significant additional damage for a specific ally through "Tidal Strength" and her Exclusive Skill.
  • Area of Effect (AoE): "Running Tide" provides AoE damage and knockback capabilities.
  • Crowd Control: She has a stun with "Undercurrent," and her Ultimate also offers knockback.
  • Synergy Potential: Cassadee works exceptionally well with heroes who have strong basic attacks, significantly amplifying their damage output.
  • Scalability: Her skill upgrades offer consistent increase in damage and utility.


  • Single-Target Dependency: Cassadee's effectiveness relies heavily on boosting a specific ally. If that ally falls early, she loses a lot of value.
  • Limited Personal Damage: While she empowers others, her own direct damage output is not extremely high.
  • Blessing Cooldown: Her main support ability, "Tidal Strength," has a cooldown between applications.
  • Positioning: Her effectiveness can be impacted by positioning, needing allies in range of her skills for optimal impact.

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