AFK Journey Best Artifacts List

AFK Journey Artifacts are powerful equipable items that grant your heroes unique bonuses and abilities. Choosing the right artifacts for your heroes is crucial in AFK Journey, as they can significantly enhance their power and team synergy.

1. Awakening Spell

Awakeing Spell Artifacts | AFK Journey - zilliongamer

Phys & Magic DEF+26.4

Description: 5s after the battle starts, summons Radiant Life to restore 3 weakest allies heroes Max HP 7% every 10s. You can Unlock the Awakening Spell at Starter Artifact.

  • AT+4: Increases the healing amount to 10% of Max HP.
  • AT+8: The number of allies to receive this buff increases to 4.


  • Sustain Compositions: Ideal for teams focused on outlasting opponents through healing and survivability.
  • Heroes Lacking Self-Sustain: Prioritize heroes with limited self-healing or those vulnerable to burst damage.
  • Longer Battles: Most effective in extended fights where consistent healing has time to make a significant impact.
  • Frontline Support: Consider pairing with tanks or frontline heroes to protect them and maximize their longevity.

2. Ironwall Spell

Ironwall Spell Artifacts | AFK Journey - zilliongamer


Description: Blesses the frontmost allied hero at the start of a battle, increasing their Phys DEF and Magic DEF by 15% and Energy on Hit by 20 for the rest of the battle. At the start of a battle and every 12s thereafter, grants blessed ally a shield by 20% of their max HP for 6s. The blessing can't be dispelled. You can Unlock the Ironwall Spell by Killing Miasma Boss in Chapter 3.

  • AT+4: The value of gained Phys and Magic DEF of blessed allied hero is increased to 20%.
  • AT+8: The blessing effect will be transferred to a living allied hero in the frontline when the blessed hero is defeated. The blessing can only be transferred 1 time in each time.


  • Primary Tanks: Prioritize equipping this artifact to your main frontline tank to maximize their survivability and ability to absorb damage.
  • Frontline Heroes Lacking Shields: Consider this artifact if your frontline hero has limited innate shielding capabilities.
  • Teams Focused on Sustain: This artifact excels in compositions where the goal is to protect a key damage dealer and outlast the opponent.
  • Countering Burst Damage: The shield and defensive buffs can help mitigate the impact of enemies who rely on high burst damage.

3. Starshard Spell

Starshard Spell Artifacts | AFK Journey - zilliongamer


Description: Every 4 Ultimate cast by allies creates a flame wave that attacks all enemies, dealing true damage equal to 16% of their current HP and reducing their ATK SPD by 60 for 4s. You can Unlock the Starshard Spell by Killing Miasma Boss in Chapter 2.

  • AT+4: Increases the damage to 24% of the current HP.
  • AT+8: Triggered after allies use 3 Ultimates.


  • Teams with Frequent Ultimates: Prioritize teams with heroes who have low energy costs on their ultimates or energy generation abilities.
  • Against High-HP Enemies: Particularly effective against tanky enemies or bosses where the true damage component can make a significant impact.
  • Burst Damage Compositions: Synergizes well with teams that focus on dealing large amounts of damage in a short window, as the ATK SPD debuff can make enemies more vulnerable.
  • PvP Scenarios: The ATK SPD reduction can be a disruptive factor in PvP battles, slowing down the enemy's key heroes.

4. Enlightening Spell 

Enlightening Spell Artifacts | AFK Journey - zilliongamer


Description: At the start of a battle, the ATK SPD of 1 rearmost allied hero in the back is increased by 80 for 15s. While the skill takes effect, the buffed allied hero gains control immunity. You can Unlock the Enlightening Spell by Killing Miasma Boss in Chapter 1.

  • AT+4: The bonus ATK SPD is increased to 100.
  • AT+8: The effect duration is increased to 20s.


  • Backline Damage Dealers: Prioritize heroes in the rear positions who rely heavily on their attack speed, especially those with powerful ultimate abilities.
  • Burst-Focused Teams: Excellent for compositions aiming to overwhelm opponents with early aggression and damage output.
  • Control Vulnerability: Best suited for heroes susceptible to crowd control effects, as the immunity allows them to act freely.
  • Against Control-Heavy Enemies: Effective when facing teams utilizing frequent stuns, freezes, or silences.

5. Blazing Spell

Blazing Spell Artifacts | AFK Journey - zilliongamer

DEF Penetration+7.8
Phys & Magic DEF+13.8%

Description: Shoots a fireball at the weakest enemy every 5s, dealing magic damage equal to 20% of the Team ATK.

  • AT+4: The damage dealt is increased to 30% of the Team ATK.
  • AT+8: Deals extra damage equal to 4% of the target's lost HP.


  • Damage-Focused Teams: Prioritize teams with high overall Attack stats to maximize the artifact's damage output.
  • Against Tanky Enemies: The extra damage based on the target's lost HP makes it effective against enemies with large health pools.
  • Complements Single-Target Burst: Pairs well with heroes who have strong single-target damage, as the artifact can soften up targets for finishing blows.
  • Situations Demanding Consistent Damage: Useful in battles where a steady stream of damage is more important than large single hits.

6. Confining Spell

Confining Spell Artifacts | AFK Journey - zilliongamer


Description: 3s into a battle, deals magic damage equal to 25% of the team's ATK to 2 enemies in the back, making them unable to move or act for 1.5s. Repeats the attack every 12s. You can Unlock the Ironwall Spell by Killing Miasma Boss in Chapter 3.

  • AT+4: The Prison duration is increased to 2.5s.
  • AT+8: The cooldown of this ability is reduced to 10s.


  • Disrupting Backline Threats: Ideal for neutralizing key damage dealers or support heroes positioned in the enemy's backline.
  • Protecting Your Backline: Excellent for protecting your own vulnerable heroes from assassins or burst-focused enemies.
  • Counteracting Agility-Based Heroes: Particularly effective against enemies who rely on high agility and quick attacks.
  • Team Compositions with Strong AoE: Pairs well with teams that can capitalize on the enemy being locked down with burst damage or area-of-effect abilities.

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