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Cecia is a Marksman character that has the skill to summon a servant called Mr. Carlyle who can deal high damage, gain DEF Penetration, and restore his HP.

Cecia Tier

AA Range

In AFK Journey Cecia is considered a S Tier character inside Marksman Class & Graveborn Faction with 5 AA-range.

Cecia Skills Guide

Cecia has 6 skills that require you to unlock by leveling up your character.

Ultimate - Queen's Summons

This skill unlocks at level 1, has a 0s cooldown, global range, and requires 0 Initial energy.

Skill Detail: Cecia summons Mr. Carlyle to a selected tile to assist. Mr. Carlyle inherits all of Cecia's stats and his normal attack deals 170% damage to enemies within 1-tile arc. He gains an extra 45% max HP but loses 4% of max HP per second.

When Mr. Carlyle is summoned, he initiates Spiky Wrath to entangle enemies within 2-tiles, dealing 140% damage per second for 2s. The entangles enemies cannot move or act.

If Mr. Carlyle is already on the battlefield when this skill is used again, the skill restores his HP to Max, allowing him to cast the Spiky Wrath again.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 51: Mr. Carlyle's max HP is increased by an extra 60%.

.Unlock at level 111: Mr. Carlyle's normal attack deals 175% damage.

Unlock at level 171: Mr. Carlyle's normal attack deals 180% damage.

Unlock at level 231: Mr. Carlyle's normal attack deals 185% damage.

1st Skill - Earth's Offering

This skill unlocks at level 11, has a 12s cooldown, and has 1tile range.

Skill Detail: Cecia gains power from the earth to increase her and Mr. Carlyle's ATK SPD by 45 for 8s.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 71: Increases ATK SPD by 50.

Unlock at level 131: Mr. Carlyle's next normal attack will be replaced with Thundering Quake, dealing 320% damage to all surrounding enemies with 2 tiles and gaining 15 life drain.

Unlock at level 191: Increases ATK SPD by 55.

2nd Skill - Thorned Cluster

This skill unlocks at level 31, has a 0s cooldown, 5tile range, and skill can be enhanced.

  • Unlock at level: 31
  • Cooldown: 0s
  • Range: 5-tiles
  • Can be enhanced

Skill Detail: Cecia and Mr.Carlyle gain 20 DEF Penetration. Cecia's next normal attack is enhanced after she uses 3 normal attacks, dealing 220% damage.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at level 91: Cecia's DEF Penetration gained from the passive effect is increased to 25.

Unlock at level 151: The enhanced normal attack deals 225% damage.

Unlock at level 211: The enhanced normal attack deals 230% damage.

Enhancement: The required normal attacks to trigger Thorned Cluster is reduced to 1.

Hero Focus

You can unlock Hero Focus after reaching Legendary, with a TBD cooldown, and 1 tile range.

Skill Detail: Cecia increased her ATK SPD by 15. She gains an extra 9 ATK SPD while Mr. Carlyle is on the battlefield.

Level 2: Cecia increased her ATK SPD by 20. She gains an extra 12 ATK SPD while Mr. Carlyle is on the battlefield.

Level 3: Cecia increased her ATK SPD by 25. She gains an extra 15 ATK SPD while Mr. Carlyle is on the battlefield.

Ex. Skill - Trail of Thorns

This Exclusive skill can unlock after reaching Mythic, with a 15s cooldown, and 5tile range.

Skill Detail: Cecia entangles an enemy with reinforced Thorn, dealing 60% damage every second and the target cannot move or act for 4s. Cecia absorbs 1.5% of Phys DEF and Magic DEF from the target every second.

The absorbed stats last until the battle ends and are also shared Mr.Carlyle. Cecia can only absorbs each target up to 8 times. This skill prioritizes enemies who have not reached the limit and are not in the control immunity status.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +5: Absorbs 1 of the target's Vitality each time when stealing stats.

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +10: Increases the entangled target's damage taken per second to 70%.

Unlock at Ex. Weapon +15: Increases the entangled target's damage taken per second to 80%.

Enhance Force

You can unlock Enhance Force after reaching Supreme.

Affect of Skill 2: The required normal attacks  to trigger Thorned Cluster is reduced to 1.

Cecia Pros & Cons


  • Tanky Summon: Mr. Carlyle inherits Cecia's stats and absorbs damage for her, adding frontline durability.
  • Disruption: Mr. Carlyle's summon ability has built-in crowd control with "Spiky Wrath," entangling enemies.
  • Combined Power: Cecia and Mr. Carlyle often operate as a single unit, effectively getting double the benefit of some of their skills.
  • Stat Sharing: The ability to share stolen stats with Mr. Carlyle increases their combined power.
  • Scalability: Her damage, Mr. Carlyle's health, and their shared buffs scale with level and upgrades.


  • Summon Dependent: Cecia's effectiveness is closely tied to Mr. Carlyle. If he dies, she loses much of her utility.
  • Decaying Summon: Mr. Carlyle's health constantly decays, requiring Cecia to manage his lifespan and resummon him carefully.
  • Stealing Reliance: "Trail of Thorns" depends on enemies having decent defensive stats for her to steal.
  • Predictable: After the initial surprise of the summon, her playstyle can become easier for enemies to counter.

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