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AFK Journey Kruger Guide - zilliongamer

Kruger is a debuffing warrior who excels at weakening enemy defenses and then striking with powerful single-target attacks. He benefits from team compositions that allow him time to apply his debuffs and that can capitalize on the increased damage enemies take.

Kruger Tier

AA Range1

In AFK Journey Kruger is considered an A Tier character inside the Warrior Class & Mauler Faction with 1 AA-range.

Kruger Skills Guide

Fay has 6 skills that require you to unlock by leveling up your character.

Ultimate - Devastating Axe

This skill unlock at level 1, has a 0s cooldown, 1 tile range, and requires 400 Initial energy.

Skill Detail: Kruger launches a mighty slash to knock down an enemy for 1.5s, dealing 450% damage and inflicting them with 3 stacks of Shatter Armor. Each stack reduces the target's Phys DEF by 10%, up to 4 stacks on a target.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 51: If Kruger is present, the ally inflicts enemies with an extra stack of Shatter Armor when reducing their Phys DEF.

Unlocks at level 111: Increase damage to 465%.

Unlocks at level 171: Increase damage to 480%.

Unlocks at level 231: Increase damage to 500%.

1st Skill - Smashing Assault

This skill unlock at level 11, with a 5s cooldown, and 1 tile range. 

Skill Detail: Kruger slashes an enemy, dealing 240% damage and inflicting them with a stack of Shatter Armor.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 71: Increases damage to 260%.

Unlocks at level 131: Increases damage to 280%.

Unlocks at level 191: Increases damage to 300%.

2nd Skill - Vital Strike

This skill unlocks at level 31, with a 2s cooldown, and 1 tile range.

Skill Detail: Kruger launches a powerful attack to the adjacent enemies who are not Vulnerable with Shatter Armor lower than 4 stacks, dealing 400% damage and inflicting vulnerable. For Vulnerable enemies, their Physical damage taken is increased by 40%, and 40% of their damage taken is transformed to Kruger's HP.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 91: Increase damage to 440%.

Unlocks at level 151: Increase damage to 480%.

Unlocks at level 211: Increase damage to 520%.

Hero Focus

You can unlock Hero Focus after reaching Legendary, with a TBD cooldown, and 1 tile range.

Skill Detail: Increase Ranged DEF by 16 during battle.

Level 2: Increase Ranged DEF by 21 during battle.

Level 3: Increase Ranged DEF by 26 during battle.

Ex. Skill - Lone Warrior

You can unlock Exclusive skill after reaching Mythic, with a TBD cooldown, and Global range.

Skill Detail: When a battle starts, Kruger gains a shield that blocks damage equal to 40% of his HP for 15s if no allies are present within the surrounding 1 tile. The shield also grants him control immunity. Additionally, Kruger gains 30 life drain when no allies are detected within the surrounding tile.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: Increases the shield value to 44%.

Unlocks at Ex.Weapon +10: Removes the distance limit for the Vital Strike (the other restrictions remain). Kruger can rush to Vulnerable enemies and cast Vital Strike to deal damage.

Unlocks at Ex.Weapon +15: Increases the shield value to 48%.

Enhance Force

You can unlock Enhance Force after reaching Supreme.

Affect of Skill 2: Kruger's ATK is increased by 40% until the battle ends when the Vulnerable enemy is defeated by Vital Strike, up to 2 stacks.

Kruger Pros & Cons


  • Armor Shredding: Kruger excels at reducing enemy Physical Defense with "Shatter Armor," making him valuable against tanky foes and boosting his team's damage output.
  • Debuffing: He can inflict Vulnerable status with "Vital Strike," further increasing an enemy's damage taken.
  • Self-Sustain: "Vital Strike" provides Kruger with significant self-healing when targeting Vulnerable enemies.
  • Initial Survivability: His Exclusive Skill provides him with a shield and control immunity if he starts the battle alone, allowing for some interesting solo-focused strategies.
  • Damage Scaling: His damage abilities scale well with his own Attack stat, meaning he gets stronger as he levels up and gains gear.


  • Setup Dependent: Kruger's effectiveness relies on applying "Shatter Armor" stacks and exploiting the Vulnerable status; he needs time to operate optimally.
  • Single-Target Focus: His primary damage skill, "Vital Strike," focuses on single enemies, so he can struggle against multiple foes.
  • Can be Squishy: While his Exclusive Skill offers some initial protection, Kruger isn't an inherently tanky hero and can be vulnerable if caught without support.
  • Vulnerable to Control: Outside his initial shield from his Exclusive Skill, he can be susceptible to crowd control effects that interrupt his setup.

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