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Find out about mage role information in League of Legends Wild Rift.

Mage Overview

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Mage is the role of champion in League of Legends Wild Rift that has a long-range both basic attack and spells cast. Mage deals very high magic damage as they cast their skill. Generally, mages are played in mid-lane.

Mage Champion List

Here are all champions in Mage role of Wild Rift:

IconChampion Name
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New Mage will release further down the game update.

Mage Role Information

All about features and general guides for you to play mage champion better.

Champion Features

Ranged: All mages are ranged champions that deal magic damage to the enemy by casting their skill from the distance.

Skill Cast: Mage using their skills range advantage to deal very high magic damage to enemy. Some mage champion have their skill combo, so make sure you know how to take advantage of it during the fight.

Fragile: Mage champions are low defense and health that they can easily take down by the enemy if they got gank by jungle in the early game.

Champion Guides

Mage Champion guides featuring gameplay and items.

Gameplay guides

Last Hitting Minion: It is the most important thing to do on your lane. If you can last hit mnion more than your opponent, you will have level and gold advantage to win on your lane.

Be Aware of Gank: Keep an eye on mini-map to track enemy jungler position, so that you are safe from enemy to gank.

If your opponent in mid lane is missing from the map, you should alert your teammates to prevent ganking from mid lane enemy.

Avoid ganking by warding in the river for map awareness to see if there enemy nearby your lane or not, so that you can farm safely.

Objective: Turrets are the main objective that you need to take down in order to win your lane and lane push.

After you take down the first turrets, try to put pressure on the seconds turret or help bottom or top lane to push other turrets.

If you lost your first turret, keep focusing on your lane and get as much farm as possible, just hug the second turret and farm when the minion wave comes.

Teamfight: Know who is your target to take down during the teamfight, as a mage you should use your stun, slow, or crowd control skill on enemy marksman, fighter and assassin.

Stay behind your tank, there is no reason to start a teamfight as you are a mage, so stay behind and try to deal damage as much as you can.

Be aware of the enemy assassin, they may target you first in the teamfight if you are the most damage dealer.

Items Guides

Magic Damage: Mages required high magic damage because most of their skills are dealing with magic damage. Therefore, buying magic damage and magic penetration is a top priority.

Defend Items: When you are targeted too much from the enemy, you will need to defend items to survive longer. For mage is better to have Zhonya's Hourglass to protect yourself or to buy time for your teammates to come.

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