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Marksman Overview

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Marksman is a role fill with ranged champions that heavily relied on basic attack to output physical damage, and critical hit as high as possible. Generally Marksman play in Dragon Lane.

Marksman Champion List

Here is all champions in Marksman role of Wild Rift:

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New marksman will release further down when game update.

Marksman Role Information

All about features and general guides for you to play marksman champion better.

Champion Features

Ranged: All marksman is a range champions that deal damage to the enemy by using their weapons such as gun, bow, or spells cast for range.

Burst damage: Marksman using the range advantage to output a very high burst damage. It is also known as combo attack.

Fragile: During early game phase marksmen are fragile, they can be taken down easily because of the low armor, and magic resistance.

Champion Guides

Marksman champion guides featuring gameplay and items.

Gamplay guides

Last hitting minion: It is crucial to kill all the low health minion by your basic attack, so that you will get gold, xp, and can buy your item faster. This is also known as farming.

Level 2 Aggro: The level 2 aggressive playstyle can help you win the lane if you manage to get level 2 faster than you enemy.

Watch out for gank: After 3 to 4 minutes mark of farming, look at the minimap to see where the enemy jungle are, so that you are safe from a gank attempt.

If their mid laner or jungler are missing, time are that they might coming for you so you better watch out.

Avoid gank by warding the river, doing that you will be able to see if they are around your lane or not which make you safer to farm and push.

Objective: Turret prevent you from pushing the lane further, so destroying enemy turret can secure you a  lane push.

After you take down the first turret try putting pressure on the second turret. Most players tend to stop pushing after the first turret is down, and let the enemy marksman farm to catch back up.

If you lost your first turret, keep focusing on your lane and get as much farm as possible, just hug the second turret and farm when the minion wave come.

Teamfight: Know which target you want to to take down during teamfight, as a marksman you should target enemy marksman, fighter, tank , assassin, than mage.

Stay behind your tank , starting a full teamfight is not your task, let the tank or fighter start first then you roll in behind them. WHY?

Because your champion is one of the most targetted role in the teamifhgt, they want to take you out early so that there are less damage output from your team.

Item guides

Physical damage: The higher physical damage the better marksman perform in a teamfight. So buying phy.atk damage item, and crit for your champion is a top priority.

Attack speed: Buying attack speed come second after you finish 1 physical damage item, this will help your champion to output damage faster.

Defend Item: This however, only if you are a target by too much of the enemy, so you will need defend item to survive longer during the teamfight.

If you are fully protect by your team, only guardin angel is enough for you to defend yourself.

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