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Tank Overview

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Tank is the front-line champion that has a lot of defending rate and useful ability to help protect and assist teammate in teamfight. Generally, Tank mostly plays in Baron Lane.

Tank Champion list

IconChampion Name
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New tank will release further down the game.

Tank Role Information

All about features and general guide for you to play tank champion better.

Champion Feature

Durable: All tank champions are having great defense rate which can absorb damage from enemies effectively.

Crowed Control Skill: Most tank champion has crowed control skills to use during teamfight such as stunning, knock up, pull, or push...

Champion Guides

Tank Champion guides featuring gameplay and items.

Gameplay guides

Identify when tank is needed: Always keep your eyes on map try to rotate asap to help your team mate escape or get in to team fight

Expand more vision: Beware of brush and create more vision to warn your teammate if there are enemies.

Understand Opponent build: This is every important to counter your opponent build because you can reduce amount of damage.

Sacrificed if needed: It is okay to sacrifice your self to help your teammate(especially ADC) alive when you lose a team fight.

Don't try to kill: It is better to let your teammate get a kill that allows them to earn more gold and build more items.

Objective: It is okay to push a turret alone but it will be faster if jungler or other come to help.

Also, you can help others to take down enemies that protect the turret as well.

Teamfight: As a Front-line champion it is essential to appear to start and assist in teamfight.

Try to use your skill to protect or absorb damage from your output damage player(marksman) and other players at all cost.

Because they output a lot of damage and easy to take down which made them the most targetted role so if they still alive is likely to win a team fight.

Items Guilds

Defend Items: Armor and Magic resistance item is the top priority to make you more durable in team fight so be flexible and understand your opponent build and try to counter their items. 

Health and Mana regen: Buying this will give you more mana and help you survive longer and more durable.

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