Best Sneed Builds for Warcraft Rumble

Are you struggling to climb the Warcraft Rumble ranks? Do your enemies always seem to have the upper hand? Unlock the hidden power of Sneed with these devastating builds, optimized to outsmart, outmaneuver, and obliterate your competition.

Siegebreaker Squad - Sneed Build Guide

This build thrives on aggressive pushes and excels at disrupting enemy formations. It combines a resilient frontline presence with powerful siege damage and tactical disruption, forcing opponents to constantly react.

Sneed | Warcraft RumbleSneedHigh output siege unit, core damage dealer against structures.
Darkspear Troll | Warcraft RumbleDarkspear Troll
Ranged unit, gains power with kills.
Ogre Mage | Warcraft RumbleOgre Mage
Support unit, buffs allies to increase their damage.
Goblin Sapper | Warcraft RumbleGoblin Sapper
Extremely high siege damage, but fragile.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E PilotAmbushes vulnerable targets, offers disruption.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboarCharge damage, breaks through enemy lines, synergizes with Ogre Mage buff.
Smoke Bomb | Warcraft RumbleSmoke Bomb
Disrupts enemy positioning and protects allies.

What this build does well:

  • Siege Pressure: This build excels at overwhelming defenses with potent siege damage. Sneed and the Goblin Sappers can rapidly dismantle enemy structures.
  • Disruption: The S.A.F.E. Pilot and Smoke Bomb provide tools to disrupt enemy positioning, protecting your siege units and creating openings for attacks.
  • Scaling Potential: While not a true tank, the Darkspear Troll can become a dangerous threat if it secures kills, adding extra damage and survivability to your push.

Things to watch out for:

  • Fragile Units: Your core siege units (Sneed, Sappers, Ogre Mage) are vulnerable. Protect them with careful positioning and utilize disruption tactics.
  • Limited Frontline: Your frontline is less durable, making it susceptible to being overwhelmed in extended fights. Prioritize eliminating threats quickly.
  • No Healing: This build lacks healing, making units vulnerable to attrition. Focus on decisive, fast-paced engagements.

How to play this build:

  1. Aggressive Siege: Push forward relentlessly, focusing on destroying enemy structures with Sneed and the Sappers.
  2. Protect the Core: Prioritize keeping Sneed and the Sappers alive. Use the S.A.F.E Pilot, Smoke Bomb, and the Quilboar to disrupt and distract enemies.
  3. Enable the Troll: If possible, try to secure kills for the Darkspear Troll to increase its survivability and damage output.

Overall of this build:

This build relies on overwhelming the opponent with fast-paced siege tactics, disruption, and the potential for a scaling threat in the Darkspear Troll. Success relies on aggressive play, protecting your key siege units, and ending fights before the enemy can wear you down.

Shredder's Siege - Sneed Build Guide

This build focuses on overwhelming defenses with a combination of devastating siege units and a relentless squad of disposable attackers. It excels at quickly dismantling structures while keeping the pressure on the enemy.

Sneed | Warcraft RumbleSneedCore siege damage dealer, devastating against enemy structures.
Goblin Sapper | Warcraft RumbleGoblin Sapper
Extremely high siege damage, but very fragile.
Stonehoof Tauren | Warcraft RumbleStonehoof TaurenDurable frontline tank, soaks up damage for the team.
Gargoyle | Warcraft RumbleGargoyle
Flying unit, offers aerial damage and harassment.
Drake | Warcraft RumbleDrake
Powerful ranged attacker, adds consistent damage output.
Defias Bandits | Warcraft RumbleDefias Bandits
Squad unit, used to overwhelm defenses or distract enemies.
Skeleton Party | Warcraft RumbleSkeleton Party
Squad unit, provides additional bodies and distraction potential.

What this build does well:

  • Overwhelming Pressure: This build excels at swarming defenses with disposable units while Sneed and the Sappers demolish structures.
  • Adaptable Damage: The mix of melee, ranged, and siege units means this build can handle different threats
  • Aerial Presence: The Gargoyle and Drake prevent the enemy from ignoring air threats.

Things to watch out for:

  • Squishy Units: Many units in this build are vulnerable. Strong positioning and prioritizing enemy damage dealers are crucial.
  • Limited Healing: Without heals, this build is on a timer. Fast, aggressive play is essential to prevent being worn down.
  • Area-of-Effect (AOE) Enemy units with powerful area attacks can devastate your swarms. Be prepared to spread out your forces.

How to play this build:

  1. Swarm and Siege: Send waves of expendable units to soak up damage and distract, while Sneed and the Sappers focus on structures.
  2. Protect the Core: Keep Sneed and the Sappers alive. Use your frontline units and aerial options to intercept threats.
  3. Prioritize Targets: Use the Drake and Gargoyle to quickly eliminate enemy ranged units or units with high AOE damage.

Overall of this build:

This build relies on relentless aggression and overwhelming opponents before they can mount a strong defense. It sacrifices unit durability for raw destructive power and the ability to quickly dismantle enemy structures.

Shock and Awe - Sneed Build Guide

This build blends direct damage, area-of-effect control, and siege potential. It aims to overwhelm defenses through a combination of consistent pressure and sudden bursts of destructive power.

Sneed | Warcraft RumbleSneedCore siege unit, deals massive damage to structures.
Frostwolf Shaman | Warcraft RumbleFrostwolf Shaman
Support unit, provides healing and crowd control.
Darkspear Troll | Warcraft RumbleDarkspear TrollRanged unit, gains power with kills.
Chain Lightning | Warcraft RumbleChain Lightning
Area-of-effect spell, damages multiple enemies.
Execute | Warcraft RumbleExecute
High-damage spell, used to finish off weakened units.
Gryphon Rider | Warcraft RumbleGryphon Rider
Flying unit, offers air control and ranged damage.
Footmen | Warcraft RumbleFootmen
Frontline units, provide additional bodies to slow the enemy.

What this build does well:

  • Siege Power: Sneed remains your core siege engine, capable of dismantling structures rapidly.
  • Support and Sustain: The Frostwolf Shaman provides healing and some crowd control, enhancing the survivability of your units.
  • Scaling Potential: The Darkspear Troll, with 'Headhunting', can become a significant damage threat if it secures kills.
  • Area-of-Effect (AOE): Chain Lightning gives you the ability to damage multiple enemies, useful against swarms or clustered groups.

Things to watch out for:

  • Speed: This build lacks units with high mobility, potentially making it difficult to reposition or chase down fleeing enemies.
  • Single Target Focus: Outside of Sneed (for structures) and Execute, this build lacks strong damage against single, high-health targets.
  • Squishy Backline: While the Shaman provides some healing, your core damage dealers remain vulnerable. Protect them carefully.

How to play this build:

  1. Frontline Focus: Utilize the Footmen and Darkspear Troll to engage the enemy and draw their attention.
  2. Support and Siege: Keep the Shaman close behind to heal your frontline while Sneed focuses on destroying structures.
  3. Chain Lightning Value: Use Chain Lightning effectively to soften grouped enemies or finish off weakened foes.
  4. Protect Sneed: Keep Sneed safe. Its siege power is essential for victory.

Overall of this build:

This build blends Sneed's siege potential with enhanced survivability from the Shaman and the potential for a scaling frontline threat in the Darkspear Troll. It excels in methodical pushes and has some tools to handle grouped enemies, but can struggle against fast opponents or very tanky single targets.


These builds demonstrate a strong understanding of siege tactics and the potential to create disruptive, aggressive strategies. As you continue playing Warcraft Rumble, focus on refining your tactics and experimenting with different unit combinations. Analyze your victories and defeats, identifying what works and where there's room for improvement. Don't be afraid to try unconventional builds and discover the full potential of Sneed's destructive power.

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