Best Rend Blackhand Builds for Warcraft Rumble

Rend Blackhand's power in Warcraft Rumble soars through the skies! He makes your flying units cheaper, empowering you to overwhelm your foes with relentless aerial assaults.

Here are the best Rend Blackhand builds to dominate the battlefield.

Airborne Assault : Rend Blackhand Build Guide [PVE]

If you like fast-paced, aggressive playstyles, then this build is perfect for you. This strategy focuses on constantly attacking from the skies, leaving your opponent no time to counter.

Rend Blackhand | Warcraft RumbleRend BlackhandLeaders, makes flying units cheaper.
Whelp Eggs | Warcraft RumbleWhelp Eggs
Spawn multiple flying units when destroyed, disrupting enemy formations.
Drake | Warcraft RumbleDrake
Strong fly unit, deals solid damage.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpies
Fast fly unit, deal high damage, good in team.
Dark Iron Miner | Warcraft RumbleDark Iron Miner
Mines gold for your army faster and better.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboar
Tough ground unit for defense and offense.
Prowler | Warcraft RumbleProwler
Fast ground unit, good for scouting or harassing enemies.

Strengths of this build:

Cost-Effectiveness: Rend Blackhand's ability significantly reduces the cost of your flying units, letting you field a larger army more quickly.

Overwhelming Enemies: Your core focus is on flooding the skies with Harpies, Drakes, and the additional whelps that spawn from whelp eggs. This make it difficult for the enemy to focus fire or defend effectively.

Disruption: The whelps spawned from Whelp Eggs slow down enemy units, making their formations easier to attack and disrupt.

Deployment Strategies:

Early Rush: Start with Harpies, supported by Whelp Eggs. Focus on quickly amassing a sizeable force to pressure your opponent from the start.

Wave Attacks: Send your flying units in successive waves. The first wave softens up defense, while the following waves take advantage of the chaos, targeting towers and important enemy units.

Time Drake wisely: Only use Drake once the enemy's anti-air is weakened or distracted. This allows them to survive longer and deal significant damage.

Ground Support: Use Quilboars for early defense. As your gold supply grows, consider deploying Dark Iron Miners to disrupt enemy miner.

Scouting: Use Prowlers to understand enemy compositions and grant more area control.

Advanced Tips:

Target Prioritization: Focus on taking down enemy towers as early as possible to cripple their ability to respond.

Vision Control: Use Prowlers or even sacrifice a few Harpies to gain vision of key areas of the map.

Bait and Switch: Draw out enemy anti-air with a Harpies, then follow up with your main force like Drakes to take advantage of the weakened defense.

Flame and Fury: Rend Blackhand Build Guide [PVP]

This build combines flying fire units with tough ground support, letting you melt enemies from above while disrupting their defenses on the ground. 

Rend Blackhand | Warcraft RumbleRend BlackhandLeader, makes flying units cheaper.
Earth Elemental | Warcraft RumbleEarth ElementalTough ground tank to absorb damage and disrupts enemies.
Blackrock Pyromancer | Warcraft RumblePyromancer
Damage dealer unit, and boosts other fire units.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpies
Fast flying damage dealer, good in team.
Fire Elemental | Warcraft RumbleFire Elemental
Powerful ground unit, deals AOE damage.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Unbound unit, deals consistent damage.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboar
Offensive ground unit. Strengthen frontline.

Strengths of this build:

Good Against Squad units: The focus on AOE damage makes this build effective against enemy that use swam minis strategies.

High Damage output: Fire Elemental and Pyromancers deliver high area-of-effect damage, quickly taking out clusters of enemy units.

Good Synergy: Rend Blackhand's cost reduction and the Pyromancer's fire damage boosts create a powerful combinations for Drake, Whelp Eggs, and Fire Elemental.

Deployment Strategies:

Stat with Fire Elemental: Let out Fire Elemental early, aiming to quickly send a wave towards the enemy base. Use  S.A.F.E Pilot, harpies or whelp eggs for support and to distract from your ground assault.

Selective Targeting: Focus on taking out enemy anti-air units first, giving your flying support units more freedom.

Ground Support if needed: Consider using an Earth Elemental to absorb damage and protect Pyromancer and other fragile units.

Pyromancer Timing: Add Pyromancers once some enemies are softened up, maximizing their damage and buff potential.

Advanced Tips:

Pyromancer Placement: Always keep your Pyromancers slightly behind your tank to maximize damage output.

Timing is key: The initial Fire elemental rush can be extremely powerful. Time it based on your opponent's early defense.

Counterplay: Beware of enemies deployment strategies and adapt your deck if needed.

Siege and Sabotage: Rend Blackhand Build Guide [PVP]

This build is all about demolishing towers and taking control of the battlefield using clever tactics and aerial assault. Enjoy outplaying your opponents? this build is for you.

Rend Blackhand | Warcraft RumbleRend BlackhandLeader, reduces the cost of your flying units.
Whelp Eggs | Warcraft RumbleWhelp EggsSpawn multiple flying units when destroyed, slowing down enemy formation.
Smoke Bomb | Warcraft RumbleSmoke BombCreates a cloud of smoke, blinding enemies and allowing for surprise attacks.
Gargoyle | Warcraft RumbleGargoyleDurable flying unit, good for tanking enemy towers.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpiesFast flying units and good damage dealer.
Polymorph | Warcraft RumblePolymorphTurn enemies into sheep, disrupting formations.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboar
Good early game unit, both defense and offense.

Strengths of this build:

Tower Demolition: Gargoyles are excellent at tanking tower damage focusing their attacks on enemy structures.

Disrupting: This build excels at disrupting enemy formations and strategies. Polymorphs disabled enemies powerful units. Smoke bombs create confusion, and whelps eggs help slowing down enemy formation.

Strategic Flexibility: No matter what enemies strategy is, you can adapt this build easily.

Deployment Strategies:

Harpies Harassment: Use Harpies to distract enemy forces, picking off key units and disrupting their defensive formations.

Polymorph Timing: Target powerful enemy units with Polymorph, prioritizing those that deal high damage or have strong abilities.

Targeted Sieging: Send your Gargoyle directly toward high-priority towers or buildings to cause maximum destruction.

Whelp Egg Support: Use Whelp Eggs to further disrupt enemy movements and create additional chaos.


In conclusion, Whether you want to overwhelm your enemies with a massive aerial army, incinerate them with fiery attacks, or outsmart them with sneaky tactics, these Rend Blackhand builds let you conquer the skies! So, why not give them a try? See which one suits your playstyle and get ready to crush your opponents with a whole new level of aerial domination!

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