Best Baron Rivendare Builds for Warcraft Rumble

Everyone thinks Baron Rivendare is just a one-trick pony. This guide proves them wrongs and shows you how to unlock his devastating versatility.

Undead Uprising : Baron Build Guide

This Baron Rivendare build focuses on overwhelming your opponent with a relentless undead force. Your frontline will push forward with unwavering determination, backed by chilling magic that disrupts enemy defenses.

Aerial units provide tactical flexibility, striking from unexpected angles to secure victory. This strategy offers a straightforward path to success and a thrilling gameplay experience.

Baron Rivendare | Warcraft RumbleBaron RivendareFrontline damage, clears groups for follow-up attacks.
Necromancer | Warcraft RumbleNecromancerSummons skeletons to distract and protect.
Ghoul | Warcraft RumbleGhoulCheap melee to swarm and tank.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboarMelee damage, breaks tough units.
Gargoyle | Warcraft RumbleGargoyleFlying tank, disrupts enemy ranged units.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpiesFlying harass, targets vulnerable backline.
Blizzard | Warcraft RumbleBlizzardSlows enemies. Create space for offense or Defense.

Playstyle Guide:

Aggressive Frontline push: Baron Rivendare, Ghouls, and Quilboars form your aggressive frontline. Baron tanks while ghouls distract and Quilboars deal solid damage.

Early-Game Moves : Maintain Frontline

  1. Lead the charge with your Ghouls. They'll soak up initial damage and force the enemy to engage.
  2. Deploy Baron Rivendare right behind them to start dealing damage and clearing enemy units, the same with Quilboars.
  3. Place your Necromancer in a safe position, slightly behind your frontline. Their skeletons will start reinforcing your push.

Mid-Game Strategies : Utilize DPS & Flying minis

  1. Deploy your Quilboars behind your main force. They'll add extra melee pressure. Target enemy tanks or high-heath units to maximize their damage potential.
  2. Time your blizzard against enemies swarm, cast Blizzard to slow them, then let your Baron Rivendare and Quilboars to finish them off.
  3. Utilize Gargoyles and Harpies wisely. Gargoyles can dive in to disrupt enemy spellcasters, ranged units, or tower. Harpies are ideal for harassing vulnerable targets in the enemy's backline.

Advanced Tips : Key to Wining the Game

  • Protect your Necromancer: Try to keep them alive as long as possible. A steady flow of skeletons is key to the long-term success of this build.
  • Harass with Harpies: Harpies are fast and lethal, don't just send them to their deaths. Strategically place them where they can apply pressure.
  • Adapt to the Enemy playstyle: Be flexible in your deployment based on your opponent's strategy. Counter them wisely.

Rivendare's Gambit : Baron Build Guide

This build shifts focus from overwhelming numbers to powerful control tools targeted aggression and tower. It's the  best Baron build to get more win PVP matches.

Baron Rivendare | Warcraft RumbleBaron RivendareDisrupts enemy frontline, deals consistent damage.
Ghoul | Warcraft RumbleGhoul
Provides frontline pressure and distraction.
Gargoyle | Warcraft RumbleGargoyleFlexible defender, soaks damage, disrupts enemy backline.
Gryphon Rider | Warcraft RumbleGryphon RiderMobile ranged damage, targets priority units.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E PilotCan be used as a mini-nuke or a frontline distraction.
Blizzard | Warcraft RumbleBlizzardSlow and damages enemies, main combo with Polymorph.
Polymorph | Warcraft RumblePolymorphDisables key enemy threat. Defuse their aggression.

Playstyle Guide:

This is a high risk high reward build and it also requires good timing and decision-making for maximum effect.

Early-Game Moves : Land and Air Aggressive

  1. Similar to the first build, Baron Rivendare and Ghouls leader the wave, forcing your opponent to react.
  2. S.A.F.E Pilot decision: It can be used as Mini-Nuke or Pseudo-Tank:
    1. Mini-Nuke: Crash her directly into the heart of the enemy swarm. Follow with blizzard to maximum the explosion's damage.
    2. Pseudo-Tank: Deploy her directly behind Rivendare with her ejection path aimed into the enemy units.

Mid-Game Moves : Utilize Air and Spells

  1. Use your Gargoyle primarily to protect your Gryphon Rider and counter enemy flying units.
  2. Your Gryphon is your key damage dealer. Flank with it for maximum effect, sniping high-value targets like healers or ranged units.
  3. Hold Polymorph for pivotal moments. Disabling a powerful enemy tank right before they engage or shutting down a healer mid-fight can swing the battle in your favor.
  4. Use Blizzard wisely, catching enemies bunched up, or ideally combined with polymorphed target, is your goal.

Advanced Tips: Key to Winning the Game

  • Adaptable Gargoyle: Don't hesitate to send your Gargoyle on a disruptive dive mission if you see a big opportunity to harass the enemy backline.
  • Don't Overcommit: This build is less forgiving. Avoid sending units into a losing fight, sometimes repositioning is the better strategy.
  • Bait and Switch: Lure the enemy into focusing a tempting target, like your Gryphon Rider. Support your "bait" with Ghoul or Gargoyle intercept. Counterattack while they're distracted for a decisive advantage.

Rivendare's PVE Domination : Baron Build Guide

This build delivers simple, overwhelming power for your PvE victories.

Baron Rivendare | Warcraft RumbleBaron RivendareDurable frontline leader, disrupts enemy forces.
Abomination | Warcraft RumbleAbomination
Tanky unit, deals area-of-effect damage.
Skeleton Party | Warcraft RumbleSkeleton Party
Summons waves of disposable skeletons.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Deal burst damage, can disrupt enemy formations.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpies
Flying units, deal ranged damage to backline targets.
Huntress | Warcraft RumbleHuntress
Ranged damage dealer, focuses frontline targets.
Blackrock Pyromancer | Warcraft RumblePyromancer
AoE damage, clears groups of enemies.

Playstyle Guide:

This build doesn't rely on complex spell timing or intricate micro-management. It's a great way to experience the power of undead squad in PvE. Here are the overall strengths of this build:

Overwhelming Force: Your ability to summon waves of skeletons and the Abomination's presence create a constant threat that many PvE enemies will struggle to deal with.

Damage variety: You have both focused single-target damage (Huntress) and strong AoE damage (Pyromancer). This let you adapt to different PvE enemy compositions.

Flexibility: Harpies add mobility and the ability to disrupt backline spellcasters or healers. Skeleton Party's snare offers some limited crowd control.


These Baron Rivendare builds offer potent strategies for securing victory in Warcraft Rumble. Whether you want to overwhelm opponents with unstoppable swarms, dismantle their tactics with calculated disruption, or dominate PvE challenges with explosive force, these builds provide a path to success. Embrace the undead, experiment with their strengths, and watch your win rate climb!

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