Best Bloodmage Thalnos Builds for Warcraft Rumble

Bloodmage Thalnos truly shines when paired with the right allies. His undead leadership and spell-focused abilities synergize powerfully with other units within the Warcraft Rumble roster.

The best Bloodmage builds capitalize on these combinations, whether you are strengthening his survivability, amplifying his damage, or enhancing his crowd control potential.

Blizzard and Blitz - Bloodmage Thalnos's Build Guide

This build focuses on a resilient frontline supported by powerful area-of-effect damage options. Your leader excels at damaging armored foes, while your summons and spells can both slow and eliminate large groups of enemies.

Additionally, you've incorporated elements of surprise and crowd control, letting you disrupt enemy formations while your heavy hitters clean up.

Bloodmage Thalnos | Warcraft RumbleBloodmage ThalnosRanged leader, area-of-effect damage, strong against armored units.
Gargoyle | Warcraft RumbleGargoyleTanky flying unit, protects your other units.
Necromancer | Warcraft RumbleNecromancer
Summons skeletons, deals piercing ranged damage.
Blizzard | Warcraft RumbleBlizzardArea-of-effect spell, slows and damages enemies.
Chain Lightning | Warcraft RumbleChain LightningArea-of-effect spell, effective against groups.
Defias Bandits | Warcraft RumbleDefias BanditsStealthy units, stuns an enemy for a short time.
Whelp Eggs | Warcraft RumbleWhelp Eggs
Surprise tactic, spawns flying units that deal fire damage.

What this build does well:

Strong area-of-effect (AoE) damage: Your leader's attacks, Blizzard spell, Chain Lightning, and the Whelp Eggs all deal damage to multiple enemies at once. This makes you very effective at clearing out swarms of weaker units or damaging grouped enemies.

Disruptive potential: The Defias Bandits' stun can stop a powerful enemy unit from attacking or using an important ability. Your Necromancer can create a wall of skeletons to slow enemies down and split their focus, disrupting their formations.

Decent frontline: The Gargoyle, while not the tankiest unit, can still soak up damage with its high armor. The Necromancer, combined with the skeletons it summons, can also help protect your more vulnerable ranged units.

Things to watch out for:

Susceptible to burst damage: Most of your units have low to moderate health pools. A strong single-target spell or ability can quickly eliminate them, so be wary of enemies with these capabilities.

Limited mobility: The Gargoyle is your fastest unit, and it's only moderately so. Your other units are relatively slow, which can make it hard to escape dangerous situations or chase down fleeing foes.

Reliance on summons: The Necromancer is key to maintaining a frontline and harassing your opponents. If it's taken out early, your ability to create chaos and protect your ranged units will be significantly diminished.

How to play this build:

Prioritize positioning: Your ranged units (Bloodmage Thalnos, Necromancer) are your primary source of damage. Keep them behind the Gargoyle and any Skeleton summons, as they are vulnerable if caught out alone.

Focus on grouped enemies: Get the most out of your AoE abilities by targeting grouped enemies. Look for opportunities to use Blizzard, Chain Lightning, or drop Whelp Eggs into the middle of a large cluster of foes.

Utilize stuns effectively: Timing is key with the Defias Bandits' stun. Use it to interrupt dangerous enemy attacks, prevent them from using an important ability, or stop a fleeing unit from escaping.

Overall of this build:

This build excels at controlling areas of the battlefield and dealing with large groups of enemies. Be cautious around opponents with powerful single-target attacks that can quickly eliminate your units. Prioritize positioning, get the most out of your AoE abilities, and use the Defias Bandits strategically to achieve victory.

Mindbender's Assault - Bloodmage Thalnos's Build Guide

This build focuses on a mix of magic damage and aerial superiority. Your leader and spells deal powerful area-of-effect damage, while your flying units provide both offensive power and defense.

You have the unique ability to turn enemies against their allies, adding a disruptive element. Additionally, the build offers flexibility, allowing you to adapt to different situations.

Bloodmage Thalnos | Warcraft RumbleBloodmage ThalnosRanged leader, area-of-effect damage, strong against armored units.
Gargoyle | Warcraft RumbleGargoyleTanky flying unit, aim for tower.
Banshee | Warcraft RumbleBanshee
Takes control of an enemy unit, disrupting enemy formations.
Blizzard | Warcraft RumbleBlizzard
Area-of-effect spell, slows and damages enemies.
Arcane Blast | Warcraft RumbleArcane Blast
Powerful spell, damage increases with each consecutive cast.
Gryphon Rider | Warcraft RumbleGryphon Rider
Versatile flying unit, attacks ground and air targets.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Flexible unit, can deal ranged or close-combat damage.

What this build does well:

Area-of-effect (AoE) damage: Your leader, Blizzard spell, and Arcane Blast offer strong AoE damage, making you effective at clearing groups of enemies or hitting multiple targets at once.

Disruption and control: The Banshee's ability to take control of an enemy unit is incredibly powerful. By turning an enemy against their allies, you can disrupt their formations, eliminate a threat, and gain a numerical advantage.

Aerial dominance: The Gargoyle and Gryphon Rider give you control of the skies. This allows you to bypass ground defenses, target enemy ranged units, and support your ground troops.

Things to watch out for:

Vulnerable to focused attacks: Your units have moderate health pools, making them susceptible to being focused down quickly by enemies with strong single-target damage.

Limited frontline: The Gargoyle is your only dedicated tank, so protecting your ranged units will require careful positioning.

Reliance on timing: Using the Banshee's possession ability effectively requires good timing and target selection. A misplaced possession could backfire.

How to play this build:

Protect your backline: Keep Bloodmage Thalnos and the S.A.F.E Pilot behind the Gargoyle. They are your primary source of damage, and their survivability is crucial.

Utilize aerial superiority: The Gargoyle and Gryphon Rider give you a significant advantage against enemies lacking anti-air capabilities. Use them to pressure enemy units and support your ground forces.

Time your possessions carefully: The Banshee's ability is potentially game-changing, but also risky. Choose your possession targets wisely, focusing on strong or dangerous targets that can create maximum disruption.

Overall of this build:

This build combines aerial power with disruptive tactics and strong AoE damage. Be mindful of your units' moderate defenses, as they can be eliminated quickly if caught out of position. Use the Banshee's ability strategically and leverage your aerial dominance to tip the scales in your favor.

Holy Resilience - Bloodmage Thalnos's Build Guide

This build prioritizes flexibility and staying power. Your leader deals potent area-of-effect damage, particularly against armored foes.

You have a mix of tanky units, summoning abilities, and versatile spells that provide both damage and healing. This allows you to adapt to various situations, sustain through damage, and control groups of enemies.

Bloodmage Thalnos | Warcraft RumbleBloodmage ThalnosRanged leader, area-of-effect damage, strong against armored units.
Ghoul | Warcraft RumbleGhoul
Tanky frontline unit, gains health by consuming fallen enemies.
Skeleton Party | Warcraft RumbleSkeleton Party
Summons a mix of melee and ranged skeletons.
Holy Nova | Warcraft RumbleHoly Nova
Area-of-effect spell, damages enemies and heals allies.
Frostwolf Shaman | Warcraft RumbleFrostwolf Shaman
Versatile support unit, provides ranged damage and healing.
Arcane Blast | Warcraft RumbleArcane Blast
Powerful spell, damage increases with each consecutive cast.
Chain Lightning | Warcraft RumbleChain Lightning
Area-of-effect spell, effective against groups.

What this build does well:

Survivability: Your leader has high armor, the Ghoul regenerates health, and you have access to multiple healing spells. This makes your army difficult to kill and gives you staying power in extended battles.

Flexibility: The Frostwolf Shaman provides both healing and ranged damage, while the S.A.F.E. Pilot offers adaptable support. The flexibility of these units allows you to respond to various threats and situations.

Sustained Area-of-Effect (AoE): Your leader, Arcane Blast, and Chain Lightning spells have AoE damage capabilities. This allows you to consistently deal damage to groups of enemies and wear them down over time.

Things to watch out for:

Vulnerable to burst damage: While your units have some healing and the Ghoul can regenerate, they can still be taken down quickly if targeted by a powerful single-target attack or ability.

Slow-moving army: Mobility is not a strong suit of this build. Many of your units are slow-moving, so you might struggle to chase down retreating enemies or respond quickly to threats in other areas of the map.

Limited crowd control: Apart from the slowing effect of the Blizzard spell, you lack dedicated crowd control abilities (stuns, roots, etc.), potentially making it difficult to deal with large swarms of enemies.

How to play this build:

Focus on healing: Utilize the Holy Nova and Frostwolf Shaman's spells to keep your units alive. Prioritize keeping the Ghoul healthy to maximize its frontline potential.

Position carefully: Protect your backline units, keeping Bloodmage Thalnos and the Frostwolf Shaman behind the Ghoul. Your damage output relies on keeping them alive.

Maximize AoE damage: Try to group enemies together to take full advantage of your AoE capabilities. Use the Blizzard spell to slow enemies or place Chain Lightning where it will strike as many targets as possible.

Overall of this build:

This build excels in sustained combat, gradually damaging the enemy while healing your own units to outlast them. Be wary of enemies with burst damage that can quickly eliminate your units, and position defensively. Play patiently and focus on overwhelming your foes with a war of attrition.

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