Baron Rivendare Stats, Talents, & Counters

Baron Rivendare is a leader mini in Warcraft Rumble that deal powerful one-target damage with undead and it cost only 4 gold to deploy into the battlefield.

Find Baron Rivendare best talent, counters, stats, and traits here.

Best Baron Rivendare Talent

Get to  know all details of Baron Rivendare talent here and find the best talent for this mini that you should use or upgrade.

Ability List

Army of the Dead - Leader Ability

Rivendare periodically summons Skeletons at buildings you control.

Best Baron Rivendare Talent | Warcraft Rumble

Best Talent: Chill of The Grave

Summon Skeletal mages instead of Warriors.

This is the best talent for Baron Rivendare, it make your troops stronger than the regular warriors.

Skeletal Frenzy

Nearby allied Skeletons gain Bloodlust.

Death Pact

Periodically sacrifice a nearby Skeleton to be Healed.

Best Baron Rivendare Counters

Baron Rivendare is a melee mini that deal one-target damage with Undead role, it's pretty tanky and strong against tank and boss enemy. Baron also move very fast and deal great damage.

Deploy Tips: This mini is extremely powerful against tower, it's your best choice if you want to eliminate the first tower and gain more position on the battlefield.

To counter Baron Rivendare, you will need to slow this mini down with Blizzard spell or disabled them with stun Defias Bandits and have your DPS mini to deal damage.

Tips: You can also use Flying minis like Drake, Harpies, or Whelp Eggs to early shred this mini.

Because Baron Rivendare is weak against Squad units, you can also use the group spawned minis as well.

Best Baron Decks (Builds)


Note: This is base level stats of Baron Rivendare.

Attack Speed1.7



High health unit.

Good at soaking Tower damage.


50% Physical damage reduction.


Deals elemental damage.

Strong vs Armored.


Fastest moving units.

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