Chain Lightning Talents, Stats, & Traits

Chain Lightning is a spell with Horde role in Warcraft Rumble that is great for dealing AoE damage. This spell cost 2 gold to deploy into the battle field.

Find Chain Lighting best talents, stats, and traits here.

Best Chain Lightning Talents

Get to know all details of Chain Lightning spell here and find the best talent for this spell that you should use or upgrade.

Best Talent: Brilliant Flash

On deploy, stun enemies within for 1 seconds.

This is the best talent for Chain Lightning spell because it can disabled enemies, powerful against both Squad and One-Target units.

Chain Lightning Talents List | Warcraft Rumble

Storm's Reach

Dramatically increase jump distance between targets.


Can be cast a second time.


Note: This is a base level stats of Chain Lightning spell.

Area Damage150

Chain Lightning is a spell to deploy when you swarmed by Squads of smaller foes. Send a surge of lightning sizzling through several enemies!



2 cost or less for more Mini plays!


Deals elemental damage.

Strong vs Armored.

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