Warsong Grunts Talents, Stats, & Traits

Warsong Grunts is a tank hybrid DPS mini in Warcraft Rumble with Horde role and great for pushing wave. This mini cost 5 gold to deploy into the battle field.

Find Warsong Grunts best talent, stats, and traits here.

Best Warsong Grunts Talents

Get to know all details of Warsong Grunts and find the best talent for this mini that you should use or upgrade.

Ability List

Best Talent: Command

Nearby Beast allies deals 30% additional damage.

This is the best talent for Warsong Grunts, boosting damage around itself is extremely strong which automatically allows your squads to win almost fight.

Warsong Grunts Talent List | Warcraft Rumble

Blood Pact

When a Grunt dies, the other gain Bloodlust.

Guard Duty

Remain at deploy location until entering combat.


Note: This is a base level stats of Warsong Grunts.

Attack Speed1.6

Warsong Grunts: While slow and steady at the start, this Squad of fighters will speed up, Furiously slashing at frightened foes.

Warsong Grunts is weak against minis that deal area damage such as Harpies, Whelp Eggs, and other minis.



Attack Speed increases while in combat.


High health unit.

Good at soaking Tower damage.

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