The Best Witch Doctor Talent for Warcraft Rumble

The Witch Doctor is a support mini in Warcraft Rumble releases in Season 4. This mini has multiple powerful support talents that helps boost team survivability or aggression. If you have a hard time choosing it talent, here are the best Witch Doctor talent in Warcraft Rumble.

Best Witch Doctor Talent: Spirit Ward

On kill, grant a shield to nearby allies, absorbing the next hit against them.

Witch Doctor Best Talent | Warcraft Rumble

The Spirit Ward talent turn Witch Doctor into a very powerful support mini that you need in most of your build, you can use him as backline supporter, and when you kill enemy minis, your squad will gain shield blocking next attack which is massive especially when you have a squad of minis pushing for victory or objective.

Tips: When using this talent we recommend placing Witch Doctor behind a trustful tank and make sure to have anti-range next to him as well to prevent you from getting counter by flying minis.

Second Best Talent: Alchemist

Periodically drop a potion, granting Bloodlust to the first ally that touches it.

This talent transform Witch Doctor from a survivability supporter into an aggressive supporter where it boost your mini movement and attack speed making them more lethal during combat.

Tips: Because this talent technically only reward one mini bloodlust, you need to strategize where you should place him, otherwise you won't get the advantage this talent offer.

Tips: Also try to let your main damage dealer get that bloodlust to see the full potential of this talent.

Talent 3: Amplify Curse

Enemies damaged by the Curse explosion also explode on death.

This is more of a AoE damage dealer passive, we have a lot of mini that deal area-of-effect already, so this talent is not as useful as the other two. 

Witch Doctor Stats

Note: This is base level stats of Witch Doctor in Warcraft Rumble.

Area Damage100
Speed Medium

Witch Doctor is a Horde mini that cost only 2 Gold to deploy. He's also a ranged mini. He's pretty squishy which is why you need to protect him with other mini and let him do his job safely.

In-game description: Cycle support caster. Channels an explosive Curse on an enemy, helping allies take out multiple fores!


Elemental: Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.

Cycle: 2 cost or less for more Mini plays!

Witch Doctor Ability

Cursed Beam: Curses enemies dealing damage over time and causing enemies to explode upon death, dealing AOE damage to other nearby enemies.

Again, this ability also focus on dealing AOE damage, but since Witch Doctor is a support mini we really not caring much about his damage projectile, instead we need to keep him safe so he can provide his powerful buffs such as shield (Spirit Ward) or boost mobility to your main damage dealer (Alchemist).


Overall, Witch Doctor is a great addition in Warcraft Rumble, and he's a very good supporter that offers variety of support talent which can tailor to your deck builds or your playstyle. Don't miss out on this mini.

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End of Warcraft Rumble Witch Doctor Guide.