Darkspear Troll Talents and Stats

Darkspear Troll is a DPS mini in Warcraft Rumble with Horde role that great for dealing damage against land and air minis. This mini cost 3 gold to deploy into the battle field.

Find Darkspear Troll best talent and stats.

Best Darkspear Troll Talent

Get to know all talent details of Darkspear Troll and find the best talent for this mini that you should use or upgrade here.

Ability List

Best Talent: Big Bad Voodoo

Regenerate 20% health every second.

This is the best talent for Darkspear Troll because it can extended the survivability of this mini so that it can deal a lot of damage.

Darkspear Troll Talent List | Warcraft Rumble


On kill, increase Attack and Movement speed by 10%. Stacks to 50%.

Serpent Sting

Gain Poison.


Note: This is a base level stats of Darkspear Troll.

Attack Speed1.4

Darkspear Troll is a headhunter mini that deals massive damage with savage spear throws. Enemies in the air beware!

This mini is weak against Squad units mini likes Dragon, Whelp Eggs, Harpies, Raptors, and more.

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