Stonehoof Tauren Talents, Stats, & Traits

Stonehoof Tauren is a mini in Warcraft Rumble with horde role and great to use as tank. This mini cost 4 gold to deploy into the battle field.

Find Stonehoof Tauren best talent, stats, and traits here.

Best Stonehoof Tauren Talent

Get to know all details of Stonehoof Tauren and find the best talent for this mini that you should use or upgrade.

Ability List

Best Talent: Momentum

After connecting a change, immediately charge a second time if possible.

This is the best talent for Stonehoof Tauren, it allows this mini to double charge which means double disabled to his target.

Stonehoof Tauren Talent List | Warcraft Rumble


After connecting a charge, Stun the target for 3 seconds.


After connecting a charge, Taunt nearby enemies.


Note: This is a base level stats of Stonehoof Tauren.

Attack Speed18

Stonehoof Tauren: An exceptionally beefy bruiser that will Charge into battle, and even Charge while she's in battle!.

Stonehoof Tauren is weak against Squad spawn unit likes Harpies, Whelp Eggs, Raptors, and other minis.



High health unit.

Good at soaking Tower damage.


Charges to enemy targets.

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