General Drakkisath Stats, Talents, & Counters

General Drakkisath is a leader mini in Warcraft Rumble that deal one-target with high health unit and it cost 5 gold to deploy into the Battlefield.

Find General Drakkisath best talent, counters, stats, and traits here.

Best General Drakkisath Talent

Get to know all details of General Drakkisath talent here and find the best talent for this mini that you should use or upgrade.

Ability List

Banner of Flame - Leader Ability

Nearby enemies take 50% more Elemental damage. Eats Ragnar'Os for breakfast.

Best General Drakkisath Talent | Warcraft Rumble

Chromatic Scales: Best

Grants nearby allies the Resistant trait.

This is the best talent for General Drakkisath by placing this mini around your allies, they will take 50% less elemental damage which can strengthen all your troops.

Piercing Blows

Attacks pierce through enemies in a line.

Lasting Legacy

On death, drop a banner. Nearby enemies take 50% additional Elemental damage. Last 10 seconds.

Best Drakkisath Decks (Builds)

Best General Drakkisath Counters

General Drakkisath is a very strong leader that you should use against Tank enemy, it's a one-target attacker that can run through tanky minis easily.

Tips: General Drakkisath is a hybrid of high DPS damage dealer and tank, you can pair it with another high DPS mini to output even more damage. 

However, he is weak against Squad units, which mean that he can get easily outnumbered and easily lose against group spawns mini.

So to counter General Drakkisath you can use Flying troops or squad spawn enemies such as Harpies, Drake, and Whelp Eggs it can shred him fairly quick. You can also slow him down using Blizzard spell.


Note: This is a base level stats of General Drakkisath.

Attack Speed1.8



High health unit.

Good at soaking Tower damage.


Deals elemental damage.

Strong vs Armored.


Takes 50% less Elemental damage.

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