Best Emperor Thaurissan Builds for Warcraft Rumble

Ready to crush your enemies in Warcraft Rumble? Emperor Thaurissan is here to make it happen! With his special powers, you can build crazy strong armies or focus on powerful single attacks.

Let's explore the best ways to build your Thaurissan deck.

Dwarven Fury - Emperor Thaurissan's Build Guide

This build is powerful against armored enemies, offering a mix of ranged and close-up fighters for flexibility. You also have tough, defensive units to protect your weaker damage dealers, allowing your team to stay alive longer and dish out more damage overall.

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurrisan Best TalentEmperor ThaurissanLeader with burn potential, versatile damage.
Dark Iron Miner | Warcraft RumbleDark Iron MinerEconomy boost, strategic placement.
Firehammer | Warcraft RumbleFirehammer
Anti-armor specialist, ramps up damage.
Fire Elemental | Warcraft RumbleFire Elemental
AoE damage, tanky against magic.
Mountaineer | Warcraft RumbleMountaineer
Frontline tank with ranged damage.
Gryphon Rider | Warcraft RumbleGryphon Rider
Sole anti-air, versatile attack.
Earth Elemental | Warcraft RumbleEarth Elemental
Heavy tank, limited target focus.

What this build does well:

Burns through armor: Units with burn effects steadily chip away at enemy health, while the Firehammer ramps up to inflict devastating armor-melting damage. This makes your build especially strong against compositions relying on heavily armored targets.

Versatile damage: Your blend of ranged and melee damage lets you adapt to various threats. Ranged units can soften up enemies before your melee fighters close in, or focus down weaker targets from afar.

Decent frontline: The Earth Elemental and Mountaineer provide a defensive foundation. They can absorb incoming damage, giving your ranged damage dealers the space they need to operate.

Things to watch out for:

Limited air defense: The Gryphon Rider is your only reliable way to take down flying units. If the enemy has multiple fliers, they can overwhelm your defenses and target your weaker backline units.

Somewhat slow: Several of your units, like the Earth Elemental and Dark Iron Miner, lack mobility. This can make it difficult to react to fast enemy pushes or quickly reposition across the map.

How to play this build:

Focus fire on armored threats: Prioritize eliminating the biggest, tankiest enemies first. Your burn effects and Firehammer will quickly break through their defenses, making these units much easier to take down.

Protect your backline: Position your ranged damage dealers behind the Earth Elemental and Mountaineer. This will prevent enemies from easily diving in and eliminating your most powerful units.

Use the Gryphon Rider wisely: Focus this unit on priority air targets like healers or powerful ranged attackers. It can also be used to pick off vulnerable enemy units that stray too far from their main force.

Overall of this build:

This is a solid, beginner-friendly build with good damage potential against armored units. Be aware of its limited anti-air capabilities and slower movement speed, and adjust your tactics accordingly. Focus on protecting your key damage dealers and burning through enemy armor for optimal results.

Iron Tide - Emperor Thaurissan's Build Guide

This build focuses on overwhelming enemies with swarms of units, backed up by heavy tanks and powerful ranged attackers. You'll need careful positioning to protect your fragile units, but this build can unleash devastating damage on clustered foes and melt even heavily armored targets.

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurrisan Best TalentEmperor ThaurissanLeader with burn potential, versatile damage.
Whelp Eggs | Warcraft RumbleWhelp EggsSurprise swarm, anti-melee.
Earth Elemental | Warcraft RumbleEarth Elemental
Tank, magic resist.
Stonehoof Tauren | Warcraft RumbleStonehoof Tauren
Frontline bruiser, double charge target.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpies
Fragile fliers, high single-target damage.
Huntress | Warcraft RumbleHuntress
Fast AoE ranged attacker.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Flexible ranged, AoE damage.

What this build does well:

Overwhelms with numbers: You can quickly spawn a large number of units, including swarms from Whelp Eggs. This forces your opponent to spread their attention across multiple targets, making it harder for them to focus fire and defend effectively.

Strong against grouped enemies: Several of your units deal area-of-effect (AoE) damage, such as the S.A.F.E. Pilot and Huntress. This is devastating when enemies are clumped together, allowing you to wipe out multiple units with a single attack.

Heavy frontline: The Earth Elemental and Stonehoof Tauren offer significant frontline defense. They can absorb a lot of punishment, giving your damage dealers the time and space to safely inflict heavy casualties on the enemy.

Things to watch out for:

Fragile units: Harpies and the Whelp Eggs produce units with low health. These can be quickly eliminated by focused attacks or AoE damage, leaving you without the numbers advantage you rely on.

Vulnerable to focused fire: If your opponent can single out and quickly eliminate key units like your Huntress or S.A.F.E Pilot, your damage output can plummet. Protecting these high-value targets is crucial.

Potential lack of anti-air: While the Huntress can attack air units, she might be overwhelmed if the enemy focuses on a heavy flying strategy. Being prepared to adapt and swap in alternative anti-air options will be important in some matchups.

How to play this build:

Protect your damage dealers: Position your Earth Elemental and Stonehoof Tauren to act as shields, absorbing enemy attacks aimed at your fragile but powerful ranged units and swarms.

Exploit grouped enemies: Be aware of enemy positioning. When they cluster their units together, unleash your AoE abilities to maximize damage and quickly wipe out large groups.

Adapt to enemy air threats: If flying units become a problem, consider sacrificing a less important ground unit to bring in a dedicated anti-air option to protect your forces.

Overall of this build:

This build excels at swarming the opponent and overwhelming them with numbers. Prioritize protecting your key damage-dealing units and capitalize on opportunities to use AoE abilities against grouped enemies. Be aware of the build's weaknesses and be ready to adapt your strategy against heavy air threats or focused fire.

Dwarven Resilience - Emperor Thaurissan's Build Guide

This build combines sturdy frontline units with fast, mobile attackers and offers some potent healing capabilities. You have the potential to outmaneuver slower opponents, quickly swarm valuable objectives, and sustain your forces through extended fights. The mix of ranged and melee damage also gives you flexibility against various enemy compositions.

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurrisan Best TalentEmperor ThaurissanLeader with burn potential, versatile damage.
Holy Nova | Warcraft RumbleHoly NovaAoE heal & damage, support allies.
Earth Elemental | Warcraft RumbleEarth Elemental
Heavy tank, soaks damage.
Prowler | Warcraft RumbleProwler
Fast melee tank, protects allies.
Huntress | Warcraft RumbleHuntress
Fast AoE ranged attacker.
Murloc Tidehunters | Warcraft RumbleMurloc Tidehunters
Cheap & quick, good for objectives.
Gryphon Rider | Warcraft RumbleGryphon Rider
Versatile flier, attacks air & ground.

What this build does well:

Versatile and adaptable: You have a good mix of units: strong tanks (Earth Elemental, Prowler), speedy melee attackers (Prowler, Murloc Tidehunters ), ranged damage dealers (Huntress, Gryphon Rider), and even a support unit with healing (Holy Nova). This gives you options against different enemy strategies.

Strong sustain: Holy Nova is powerful for both damage and healing. It can keep your tanks alive longer and protect your damage dealers from burst attacks, giving your forces staying power.

Objective control: Fast and cheap Murloc Tidehunters are excellent for grabbing map objectives like treasure chests or control points. This grants you economic or strategic map advantages.

Things to watch out for:

Limited burst damage: This build deals consistent damage but lacks units like the Firehammer that obliterate a single target. This might make it difficult to quickly break through a tanky enemy defense.

Vulnerable to crowd control: Abilities that stun, slow, or knockback multiple units could cripple your fast melee units like the Prowler and Murloc Tidehunters.

Requires careful positioning: Getting the most out of Holy Nova means keeping your units grouped, but be careful not to leave yourself vulnerable to enemy spells or abilities that deal heavy area-of-effect damage.

How to play this build:

Harass and outmaneuver: Use your fast units (Prowler, Murloc Tidehunters) to constantly pressure the enemy, forcing them to react. Chip away at their health and take control of key map positions.

Protect your backline: Position your tanks in front to shield your ranged attackers (Huntress, Gryphon Rider). They deal consistent damage, and losing them will be a significant blow.

Use healing effectively: Don't just use Holy Nova as soon as it's available. Time it to have the greatest impact, such as reversing the outcome of a fight or saving a high-value unit from dying.

Overall of this build:

This build excels at adaptability, longevity, and strategic map control. Be aware of its limitations in burst damage and vulnerability to crowd control. Play to your strengths by emphasizing outmaneuvering your opponents, protecting your key units, and using your healing ability wisely.

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