Best Grommash Hellscream Builds for Warcraft Rumble

Grommash Hellscream is a powerhouse in Warcraft Rumble, but his true potential lies hidden in a few carefully crafted builds. These builds transform him and his army into a whirlwind of destruction, capable of obliterating opponents with shocking speed. Are you ready to discover the secret formula and take the battlefield by storm?

Hellscream's Bloodlust - Grommash Hellscream Build Guide

This build focuses on speed and overwhelming force. Your leader makes your team faster and stronger, and you have powerful attackers capable of taking down most enemies.

This build is all about keeping the pressure on and never letting your enemy catch a break!

Grommash Hellscream | Warcraft RumbleGrommash HellscreamLeader, boosts nearby units for speed and damage.
Darkspear Troll | Warcraft RumbleDarkspear TrollPowerful ranged attacker, especially dangerous to flying units.
Execute | Warcraft RumbleExecute
Instant high damage attack, cuts enemy health in half.
Skeleton Party | Warcraft RumbleSkeleton Party
Summons a mix of ranged and melee skeletons to bolster your forces.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Flexible ranged unit, use as a bomber or for support behind stronger units.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboar
Ambush attacker, burrows and emerges to surprise enemies.
Blackrock Pyromancer | Warcraft RumblePyromancer
Ranged area of effect damage, strong against armored units.

What this build does well:

  • Overwhelms opponents: The focus on speed and damage lets you hit enemies hard and fast before they have time to react.
  • Versatile responses: You have answers for most threats, including ranged, melee, flying, and armored units.
  • Surprise factor: Abilities like Skeleton Party and the Quilboar ambush can catch opponents off-guard.

Things to watch out for:

  • Limited defenses: While strong on the attack, many of your units aren't super durable.
  • Positioning: You need to position Grommash carefully to maximize his buff on the rest of your army.
  • Crowd control: Your build might struggle against enemies with strong area-of-effect abilities that can slow your advance.

How to play this build:

  • Early pressure: Hit your opponent as fast as possible, don't let them set up.
  • Prioritize targets: Use Execute on high-value enemies and your Darkspear Troll to take down air units quickly.
  • Adaptable tactics: Use Skeleton Party and the S.A.F.E Pilot to reinforce as needed, or the Quilboar for surprise ambushes.

Overall for this build:

This build is all about aggression and decisive action. If you keep the pressure on your opponent and use your special abilities decisively, you can overwhelm them with sheer force.

Bloodlust Assault - Grommash Hellscream's Build Guide

This build combines speed with tactical flexibility. Your leader boosts your aggressive ground forces while your flying attackers offer a completely different angle of assault. Surprise reinforcements can be deployed to counter enemy moves, while area-of-effect damage gives you the power to sweep away clustered foes. This mix of raw strength and adaptable options makes the build dangerous on multiple fronts.

Grommash Hellscream | Warcraft RumbleGrommash HellscreamLeader, boosts nearby units for speed and damage.
Darkspear Troll | Warcraft RumbleDarkspear TrollPowerful ranged attacker, especially dangerous to flying units.
Bat Rider | Warcraft RumbleBat Rider
Cheap flying unit, rains fire on ground forces.
Whelp Eggs | Warcraft RumbleWhelp Eggs
Strategic ambush, spawns multiple flying attackers to surprise enemies.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboar
Burrowing ambusher, emerges to deliver punishing melee attacks.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Flexible ranged unit, use as a bomber or ground support.
Huntress | Warcraft RumbleHuntress
Fast, ranged attacker, excels at taking out grouped enemies.

What this build does well:

  • Overwhelm with speed and aggression: Grommash's buffs and the fast nature of your units let you pressure your opponent relentlessly.
  • Dominate the skies: Your flying units are great against ground-based enemies and give you strong map control.
  • Strategic surprises: The Whelp Eggs and Quilboar offer ambush potential, disrupting enemy plans.
  • Strong against groups: The Huntress and your flying units' fire attacks excel against clustered enemies.

Things to watch out for:

  • Limited ground defense: Your focus on aerial units leaves you potentially vulnerable to strong anti-air counterattacks.
  • Fragility: Many of your units, especially the flying ones, might struggle against focused attacks.
  • Positioning: Grommash's buff is strongest with units nearby, so positioning is important to maximize its effect.

How to play this build:

  • Pressure from the start: Hit fast and hard, keep your opponent reacting to you.
  • Control the air: Use your flying units to take out enemy ranged units and anti-air threats quickly.
  • Timed ambushes: Deploy the Whelp Eggs to disrupt attacks and protect your forces, use the Quilboar to counter pushes.
  • Focus fire: Prioritize taking down high-value enemy units quickly using your Huntress and targeted attacks.

Overall of this build:

This build is all about aggressive aerial dominance and strategic flexibility. Keep the pressure on your opponent, protect your flying attackers, and exploit the element of surprise to secure victory.

Onslaught - Grommash Hellscream Build Guide

This build emphasizes a relentless offensive strategy, leveraging a leader that empowers nearby units with increased speed and attack power. A durable frontline unit soaks up damage, allowing your leader and fast, hard-hitting units to break through enemy defenses. Versatile units offer area-of-effect damage to soften up groups, while a specialized unit provides a strong counter against airborne threats.

Grommash Hellscream | Warcraft RumbleGrommash HellscreamLeader who buffs nearby allies with movement and attack speed.
Blizzard | Warcraft RumbleBlizzard
Deals AoE elemental damage and slow enemies in a large area.
Darkspear Troll | Warcraft RumbleDarkspear Troll
Powerful anti-air unit that deals massive damage with spear throws.
Whelp Eggs | Warcraft RumbleWhelp Eggs
Surprise melee enemies with fiery flying whelps upon hatching.
Stonehoof Tauren | Warcraft RumbleStonehoof Tauren
Durable frontline tank with a double charge ability.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Flexible ranged unit that can crash into enemies or provide AoE support.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpies
Fragile but fast attackers that can shred enemies if they reach them.

What this build does well:

  • Overwhelming Aggression: The core of this build is designed for relentless forward pressure. Grommash boosts speed and attack, empowering units to push lanes hard and fast.
  • Versatile Damage: You have a mix of single-target power (Darkspear Troll), flexible AoE (Blizzard, S.A.F.E Pilot), and surprise burst (Whelp Eggs) to handle various situations.
  • Strong Anti-Air: The Darkspear Troll provides a potent counter to flying threats, which many builds lack.

Things to watch out for:

  • Fragility: While fast, many of your units (Harpies, Whelp Eggs, S.A.F.E. Pilot) are vulnerable. Positioning and timing are crucial.
  • AoE Weakness: If your units are clustered, you're susceptible to enemy AoE spells and abilities. Careful spacing is needed.
  • Limited Sustain: You lack dedicated healing, making prolonged fights harder. Rely on overwhelming enemies before they can wear you down.

How to play this build:

  • Early Pressure: Strike quickly and decisively. Use Grommash's buff to push lanes early and force the enemy to react to you.
  • Harass and Disrupt: Use Whelp Eggs to surprise enemies, forcing them to reposition. S.A.F.E Pilot can apply pressure and zone areas.
  • Protect the Troll: Keep your Darkspear Troll safe, it's your primary answer to enemy flyers.
  • Focused Assaults: Use Harpies and Stonehoof Tauren to swiftly take out high-value targets once your push has gotten into the enemy's side.

Overall of this build:

This build is all about aggressive momentum. It excels in blitzkrieg tactics, aiming to overwhelm the enemy before they can stabilize. However, it requires careful play to manage its fragility and maximize its offensive strengths.

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