Best Charlga Razorflank Builds for Warcraft Rumble

Charlga Razorflank isn't just about brute force; she offers surprising versatility for those willing to experiment. From aggressive rush strategies to defensive powerhouses, Charlga can be tailored to fit your playstyle.

Unleash her unique combinations of spells and summons with these diverse builds, leaving your opponents guessing as you secure victory.

Charlga's Arsenal - Charlga Razorflank Build Guide

This build combines aggressive frontline pressure with quick deployment, allowing you to disrupt enemy formations while unleashing devastating ranged firepower and a relentless elemental assault. It offers flexibility and surprise, constantly forcing your opponent to react.

Charlga Razorflank | Warcraft RumbleCharlga RazorflankReduces the cost of other Minis, allowing for fast deployment.
Prowler | Warcraft RumbleProwler
Charges to protect allies, best in close combat.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboar
Slow to emerge, stuns enemies on arrival
Huntress | Warcraft RumbleHuntress
Bouncing damage hits groups and single targets.
Fire Elemental | Warcraft RumbleFire Elemental
Resistant to magic, burns armored foes.
S.A.F.E Pilot | Warcraft RumbleS.A.F.E Pilot
Versatile, burst damage or rear support.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpies
Weapon individually, shreds targets in range.

What this build does well:

  • Fast Deployment: Charlga's ability to reduce costs lets you field units quickly, overwhelming opponents early.
  • Disruptive Power: The Prowler's charge and Quilboar's stun can disrupt enemy formations.
  • Adaptability: Units like the S.A.F.E Pilot offer flexible choices for dealing burst damage or supporting your backline.

Things to watch out for:

  • Individual Fragility: Some units, like the Harpies, are vulnerable if caught alone.
  • Limited Siege: This build may struggle against heavy defenses without dedicated siege units.
  • AoE Vulnerability: This units could be susceptible to strong area-of-effect spells or attacks.

How to play this build:

  • Be Aggressive: Push early to capitalize on your speed and disruption.
  • Protect Key Units: Keep the ranged attackers safe behind the Prowler.
  • Adapt: Use the S.A.F.E Pilot to counter enemy threats or push your advantage.

Overall of this build:

This build is great for players who like a fast-paced, aggressive playstyle. It excels at disrupting the enemy and overwhelming them with a mix of melee and ranged power backed by the Fire Elemental's burn.

Charlga's Brute Squad - Charlga Razorflank Build Guide

This build focuses on a resilient frontline capable of soaking up immense damage while you unleash a steady stream of flying attackers. Each enemy defeated strengthens your aerial forces, snowballing your destructive potential. The versatility of this build allows for surprise ambushes and overwhelming force, keeping your opponent constantly on the defensive.

Charlga Razorflank | Warcraft RumbleCharlga RazorflankReduces the cost of other Minis, allowing for fast deployment.
Gnoll Brute | Warcraft RumbleGnoll Brute
High health unit ideal for soaking damage.
Vultures | Warcraft RumbleVulturesCheap flying scavengers, growing stronger with each kill.
Huntress | Warcraft RumbleHuntressFast, lethal ranged attacker with bouncing damage.
Gryphon Rider | Warcraft RumbleGryphon Rider
Versatile flying unit attacking both ground and air targets.
Whelp Eggs | Warcraft RumbleWhelp Eggs
Deployable surprise, spawning multiple flying units.
Harvest Golem | Warcraft RumbleHarvest Golem
Durable melee unit with a self-revive ability.

What this build does well:

  • Resilience: The Gnoll Brute and Harvest Golem form a durable frontline.
  • Air Superiority: The Gryphon Rider and Whelp Eggs offer versatile aerial dominance.
  • Adaptability: Charlga's cost reduction lets you quickly field units to counter threats.

Things to watch out for:

  • Slower Early Game: It may take time to build your frontline and establish a strong presence.
  • Vulnerable Backline: The Huntress and Vultures need protection to maximize their damage potential.
  • Magic Damage Weakness: Units like the Gnoll Brute may be vulnerable to strong magic attacks.

How to play this build:

  • Secure the Frontline: Focus on getting your Gnoll Brute and Harvest Golem deployed.
  • Establish Air Control: Use the Gryphon Rider and Whelp Eggs to disrupt enemy ranged units and buildings.
  • Counter-Attack: Use Charlga's advantage to quickly react to enemy moves.

Overall of this build:

This build rewards players with a patient and tactical playstyle. It excels at weathering early aggression and turning the tide with a powerful air force and a self-reviving frontline.

Death & Taxes - Charlga Razorflank Build Guide

This build focuses on wearing down your opponent with a strong frontline and a steady stream of expendable units. It combines resource generation with disruptive area attacks, forcing your opponent to split their focus between a durable threat and growing swarm.

Charlga Razorflank | Warcraft RumbleCharlga RazorflankReduces the cost of other Minis, allowing for fast deployment.
Gnoll Brute | Warcraft RumbleGnoll Brute
Durable frontline tank with area damage.
Quilboar | Warcraft RumbleQuilboar
Slow but powerful, stuns enemies on arrival.
Harpies | Warcraft RumbleHarpies
Weak individually, but shred targets if they get in range.
Necromancer | Warcraft RumbleNecromancer
Summons skeletons, deals magic damage ignoring armor.
Dark Iron Miner | Warcraft RumbleDark Iron Miner
Generates resources from anywhere on the map.
Chain Lightning | Warcraft RumbleChain Lightning
Spells bounces between multiple enemies, effective against squad units.

What this build does well:

  • Resource Advantage: The Dark Iron Miner offers extra resource generation potential.
  • Disruption: The Quilboar's stun and Chain Lightning can disrupt enemy formations.
  • Swarm Tactics: The Necromancer and Harpies can overwhelm opponents with numbers.

Things to watch out for:

  • Squishy Units: Several of your units have low health and are vulnerable if isolated.
  • Direct Counter: Strong single-target damage or piercing attacks can shred your swarm.
  • Limited Mobility: Some of your units are slow-moving and could be outmaneuvered.

How to play this build:

  • Maximize Resource Gain: Utilize the Dark Iron Miner to build an economic advantage.
  • Protect the Necromancer: Keep your key unit safe to maintain a steady stream of skeletons.
  • Focus Fire: Chain Lightning and the Harpies work best against clustered enemies.

Overall for this build:

This build suits players who enjoy controlling the battlefield through attrition and overwhelming numbers. It offers resource advantages and crowd control tools, but requires careful positioning to protect your fragile units.

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