Polymorph Talents & Stats

Polymorph is a spell with beast role in Warcraft Rumble that is great to use to disabled enemies team from dealing damage. This mini cost 3 gold to deploy into the battle field.

Find Polymorph best talents and stats here.

Best Polymorph Talents

Get to know all talent details of Polymorph spell here and find the best talent for this spell that you should use or upgrade.

Ability List

Best Talent: Golden Fleece

One Sheep becomes golden. Killing it grants +1 gold.

This is the best talent for Polymorph because it can clutch you extra gold when eliminating enemy under spell.

Polymorph Talent | Warcraft Rumble

Exploding Sheep

Killing a sheep damages nearby enemies.

Stable Transfiguration

Lasts twice as long, but sheep regenerate health very quickly.


Note: This is a base level stats of Polymorph.


Polymorph is a spell that morphs even the most ferocious foes into fluffy, sometimes floaty sheep. It won't last forever though!

This Polymorph is weak against One-Target units.

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