Blood Strike | Vector Best Attachments & How to Unlock

This article will guide you on Blood Strike Vector Best Attachments Loadout. Know how to combine powerful attachments to make Vector stronger inside the game. Check out down below:


Vector is a gun that has the most Fire Rate among the other Submachine Gun in Blood Strike and you can unlock this gun at Striker Level 1. Choosing the right attachments for Vector is important to make it stronger, but in order to unlock all the attachments you will need to level up Vector Level first.

Vector Stats Without Attachments
Fire Rate65
Recoil Control36

Vector Best Attachments

Vector Best Attachment | Blood Strike - zilliongamer

  • MUZZLE: CQB Muzzle Device
  • BARREL: MK11 Barrel
  • UNDERBARREL: Stubby Vertical 
  • OPTIC: ACRO Compact Reflex Optic
  • STOCK: LA Collapsible Stock
  • MAGAZINE: 35-round Mag
Vector Stats With Attachments
Fire Rate55
Recoil Control41

CQB Muzzle Device

CQB Muzzle Device is a really great Muzzle for Vector it increases Hip Fire Accuracy & Sprint to Fire Speed. Vector will become more powerful when you rush the enemies in a close-range fight you can just sprint & shoot to destroy your enemy.

You can Unlock this Muzzle at Weapon Level 38.

MK11 Barrel

MK11 Barrel is the only Barrel that fits very well Vector, it gives a huge Fire Range, Bullet Velocity, and Recoil Control to your gun while the other 3 Barrel attachments won't add these stats to your Vector.  

You can Unlock this Barrel at Weapon Level 30.

Stubby Vertical

Stubby Vertical fits really well with Vector it can stabilize your recoil while sprinting & shoot. Moreover, it is easy to unlock this Underbarrel.

You can Unlock this Underbarrel at Weapon Level 4.

ACRO Compact Reflex Optic

We don't need a bigger Scope for Vector in this case. So ACRO Compact Reflex Optic would be the best Optic for Vector.

You can Unlock this Optic at Weapon Level 2.

LA Collapsible Stock

LA Collapsible is the best Stock to build with Vector. It won't make your gun heavy and you can run faster while holding this gun. Moreover, this stock also gives you a Fast ADS Speed.

You can Unlock this Stock at Weapon Level 5.

35-Round Mag

While Vector has a really great Fire Rate & Fire Accuracy stats but the ammo capacity is a little bit low, so using a 35-round magazine is the best choice to build with Vector and won't affect your movement speed.

Note: If you want a bigger Ammo Capacity you can use a 50-round Drum but this Mag will need more time to unlock it.  

You can Unlock this Magazine at Weapon Level 3.


Vector without any attachments is already good with great damage & fast fire rate. So with the best attachment guide above focuses on boosting more Fire Accuracy, Recoil Control, and Fire Range for Vector and making it even stronger in the close-range fight. 

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