Blood Strike Best Gun Tier List 2024

Tired of struggling in Blood Strike? Our 2024 Best gun tier list reveals the best weapons to elevate your gameplay and crush the competition.

Best Assault Rifle

Blood Strike Best Assault Rifle - zilliongamer

1. AK47

The iconic AK-47 packs the highest damage per shot of these assault rifles, making it an absolute monster if you can tame its substantial recoil. This weapon shines in mid-range encounters where you can land controlled bursts, but its wild recoil could make it a liability in frantic close-quarters combat or long-range engagements where sustained fire is needed.

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2. Kag-6

Kag-6 appears to be a highly versatile, well-rounded assault rifle. It boasts a respectable fire rate for close-to-mid-range fights, decent range potential, and – most importantly – excellent base recoil control This means the Kag-6 is likely reliable and user-friendly in most situations, making it a strong contender across various map types and playstyles.

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3. M4A1

The M4A1 offers solid, balanced stats across the board, making it a dependable choice without any glaring weaknesses. It won't excel in any one area specifically but is likely a forgiving weapon while you're learning the ropes of Blood Strike, suitable for experimenting with different playstyles.

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4. Scar

The Scar hits hard, almost as hard as the AK-47. But, it's really hard to control unless you dedicate significant time to mastering its recoil pattern. Think of the Scar as a high-risk, high-reward choice for players who enjoy a challenge and thrive on precise, controlled bursts.

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5. VSS

VSS with the provided attachments, the VSS has been transformed from a traditional Assault Rifle into a niche, mid-range Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Its effectiveness depends heavily on whether Blood Strike's maps have many long sightlines and if you excel at landing those accurate, semi-automatic shots. In close-quarters battles or fast-paced maps, the VSS's limitations will likely lead to frustration.

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  • Playstyle Matters: Your preferred approach to combat heavily influences which AR suits you best. Aggressive players focused on close-quarters dominance might dislike the AK-47's recoil but find the Kag-6's balance perfect for their needs.
  • Attachment Impact: These rankings primarily consider the base, unmodified stats of each weapon. The right attachments could significantly alter a gun's potential, elevating a lower-ranked choice.

Best SMG

Blood Strike Best SMG - zilliongamer

1. Vector

Vector with its incredibly high fire rate and excellent accuracy, the Vector seems designed to shred enemies in close quarters. Its decent recoil control further solidifies its close-range dominance. The major limitation is the abysmal range – don't expect this to be effective beyond close encounters.

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2. P90

The P90 boasts great mobility, a respectable fire rate, and surprisingly high accuracy. However, it's low damage and poor recoil control mean you'll need good aim to compensate. Think of it as a "spray and pray" SMG, best for close-range aggression where you might need a lot of bullets to drop someone.

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3. URB

URB This appears to be a middling SMG with good mobility and decent damage, but otherwise unremarkable stats. Likely a well-rounded option without excelling in any particular area. If your playstyle is flexible, the URB could be a reliable choice when you're unsure what the situation demands.

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4. INP-9

The INP-9 seems very niche: low range and a moderate fire rate suggest it's designed purely for close-quarters encounters. Its saving grace is decent accuracy, potentially allowing for more precise shots within that limited range. However, its overall impact will depend on how easily other weapons outclass it.

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  • Close-Quarters Focus: All these SMGs are clearly intended for close-range fights. Don't expect them to work at longer distances.
  • Blood Strike Mechanics: How drastically stats impact in-game feel is crucial. If Blood Strike's differences are minor, these base stats won't matter as much.
  • Attachment Potential: The right attachments can transform an SMG. Look for guides recommending builds for each weapon.
  • Your Playstyle: An aggressive "run-and-gun" player will find a different SMG appealing compared to someone who plays methodically.

Best Sniper Rifle

Blood Strike Best Sniper Rifle - zilliongamer

1. M700

The M700 appears to be the most well-rounded sniper rifle of the bunch. Its extreme damage potential and excellent recoil control make it the classic one-shot-kill weapon. Decent mobility for a sniper and above-average range further solidify its position as a reliable choice for most sniping scenarios.

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2. Kala

The Kala also boasts devastating damage, but with some major trade-offs. Shockingly low mobility means you'll be very slow while carrying this, making you an easier target. The low fire rate means missing a shot is incredibly punishing. Its only redeeming factors are superb recoil control and extreme range, potentially making it strong for holding very specific sightlines on large maps.

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3. Bow

The Bow is a very unorthodox choice. Its middling stats across the board suggest a focus on stealth rather than raw power. The slightly higher fire rate compared to bolt-action rifles could make it more forgiving if you miss, and the decent mobility means you can reposition more easily. However, its significantly lower damage will likely mean multiple shots are needed, potentially exposing your position.

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  • Map Size Matters: Large, open maps favor long-range snipers like the Kala and M700. Smaller maps make their mobility issues a problem.
  • Skill Ceiling: Bolt-action rifles (Kala, M700) are traditionally very skill-dependent. Landing those single shots is crucial. The Bow might be more forgiving for newer players.
  • Playstyle Preference: Do you like patiently holding a single angle (Kala), a more balanced approach (M700), or a riskier, mobile style (Bow)?

Best Shotgun

Blood Strike Best Shotgun - zilliongamer

1. Origin-12

The Origin-12's stats point to a semi-automatic shotgun designed for close-quarters dominance. Its higher fire rate allows for more rapid follow-up shots compared to a traditional pump-action. The decent mobility helps you close the distance quickly, and some recoil control makes it slightly more forgiving if you don't land that first shot perfectly.

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2. MP155

The MP155 leans into the classic "one shot, one kill" shotgun archetype. It boasts incredibly high damage but has an extremely low fire rate and terrible recoil control. This is a high-risk, high-reward weapon: land your shot at close range for an instant kill, or miss and suffer the agonizingly slow reload time.

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  • Close-Quarters Kings: Both shotguns are purely for close-range encounters. Forget using them beyond extremely short distances.
  • Playstyle Matters: The Origin-12 suits a more aggressive playstyle, letting you push with slightly more forgiveness if you miss. The MP155 requires patience and smart positioning for those ambush scenarios.
  • Map Size: Smaller maps will favor both shotguns. Larger maps make their limited range an insurmountable weakness.

Best Pistol

Blood Strike Best Pistol - zilliongamer

1. Deagle

The Deagle stands out with its incredible damage potential, perfect for those who land clean headshots. Even at a moderate range, the Deagle can drop opponents quickly. However, the low fire rate and moderate recoil control make it less forgiving if you miss, potentially leaving you vulnerable.

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2. Glock

The Glock seems like a much more well-rounded sidearm, with a faster fire rate, allowing for quicker follow-up shots. Its significantly lower damage means you'll likely need multiple shots to finish an opponent, but its higher accuracy makes those shots easier to land consistently.

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  • Primary Weapon: Pistols in Blood Strike are likely secondary weapons. What's your main gun? A shotgun favors the Deagle's raw power for finishing enemies, while a fast SMG might combo well with the Glock's fire rate.
  • Situational Role: Do you often find yourself needing to swap to your pistol mid-fight? The Glock's reliability is better then. Is it more of a last resort? The Deagle's potential one-hit kills are appealing.

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