Blood Strike | Scar Best Attachments & How to Unlock

This article will guide you on Blood Strike Scar Best Attachments Loadout. Know how to combine powerful attachments to make Scar stronger inside the game. Check out down below:


Scar is an Assault Rifle that has really low Fire Rate & Recoil Control in Blood Strike and you can unlock this gun when you get 50 kills with Assault Rifle. Choosing the right attachments is important to make Scar stronger, but in order to unlock all the attachments you will need to level up Scar Level first.

Scar Stats Without Attachments
Fire Rate14
Recoil Control13

Scar Best Attachments

Scar Best Attachments | Blood Strike - zilliongamer

  • MUZZLE: Compensator
  • BARREL: Range Long Barrel
  • UNDERBARREL: AFG-2 Angled Grip
  • OPTIC: T2 Red Dot Sight
  • STOCK: CTR Stock
  • MAGAZINE: 40-Round Mag
Scar Stats With Attachments
Fire Rate14
Recoil Control22


Compensator is the best Muzzle to build on Scar. It gives really great Bullet Recoil Control & Bullet Velocity plus good Fire range stats while other Muzzles will drop the performance of this gun.

You can Unlock this Muzzle at Weapon Level 38.

Range Long Barrel

Range Long Barrel will boost huge Fire Range for Scar with good recoil control & fire accuracy that give Scar a better performance in the mid-range fight.

You can Unlock this Barrel at Weapon Level 50.

AFG-2 Angled Grip

AFG-2 Angled Grip is the most suitable Underbarrel for Scar and gives good stable recoil while the other Underbarrel attachments won't perform well with this gun.

You can unlock this Underbarrel at Weapon Level 24.

T2 Red Dot Sight

T2 Red Dot Sight will be a good Optic for Scar with clear vision when used in the close & mid-range fight and also gives good ADS speed.  

You can Unlock this Optic at Weapon Level 13.

CTR Stock

CTR Stock will increase more Recoil Control for Scar and stabilize your gun while spraying in the close & mid-range fight. While other Stocks is not a good option to use with Scar. 

You can Unlock this Stock at Weapon Level 43.

40-Round Mag

This Magazine will increase bigger Capacity of the Scar also it is easy to unlock and won't affect your movement speed.

You can Unlock this Mag at Weapon Level 3.


Scar is really hard to control the recoil while spraying and with the attachments built above it will boost better Recoil Control, Fire Accuracy, and great Fire range. But it will make Scar a bit heavy and will decrease your movement speed while running.

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