Blood Strike | Kag-6 Best Attachments & How to Unlock

This article will guide you on Blood Strike Kag-6 Best Attachments Loadout. Know how to combine powerful attachments to make Kag-6 stronger inside the game. Check out down below:


Kag-6 is an Assault Rifle that has a great Fire Rate & Recoil Control in Blood Strike and you can unlock this gun at Striker Level 3. Kag-6 has a lot of attachments that you can build so choosing the right attachments is important to make it stronger, but in order to unlock all the attachments you will need to level up Kag-6 level first.

Kag-6 Stats Without Attachments
Fire Rate63
Recoil Control46

Kag-6 Best Attachments

Kag-6 Best Attachments | Blood Strike - zilliongamer

Check Our Kag-6 Best Loadout Season 4

  • MUZZLE: CQB Muzzle Device
  • BARREL: 16" Extended Barrel
  • UNDERBARREL: Stubby Vertical Grip 
  • OPTIC: TI Hunter Reflex Optic
  • MAGAZINE: 40-round Explosive Mag
Kag-6 Stats With Attachments
Fire Rate63
Recoil Control49

CQB Muzzle Device

While Kag-6 already has great Recoil Control & Fire Rate stat. For the muzzle attachment, we recommend you use the CQB Muzzle Device that boosts the KAG-6's hip fire accuracy and sprint-to-fire speed, making it deadly for those sudden close-range encounters. Moreover,  it lets you snap into the firing position quickly, catching enemies off guard when rushing or rounding corners.

You can Unlock this Muzzle at Weapon Level 16.

16" Extended Barrel

And For the Barrel attachments. 16" Extended Barrel would be the best choice. It offers better damage at a distance, making the KAG-6 a more versatile weapon for both close-quarters and slightly longer-range fights.

And it only decreases slightly ADS speed and isn't a major issue in close quarters where hip fire and pre-aiming are more important.

You can Unlock this Barrel at Weapon Level 20.

Stubby Vertical Grip

While Kag-6 already has great recoil control. We recommend you using the Stubby Vertical Grip it gives more recoil control, easy to unlock, and won't affect the other weapon stats like other Underbarrel attachments.

You can Unlock this Underbarrel at Weapon Level 3.

TI Hunter Reflex Optic

Using TI Hunter Reflex Optic with Kag-6 is a great choice because it gives a perfect vision when ADS and you don't need to waste a lot of time to unlock this Optic. 

You can Unlock this Optic at Weapon Level 2.

40-round Explosive Mag

For the Magazine we recommend you use the 40-round Explosive Magazine it won't affect your movement speed. Besides that, it gives your Kag-6 more magazines and also increases the damage when shooting the vehicle.

You can Unlock this Magazine at Weapon Level 23.


Kag-6 is an Assault Rifle with the highest fire rate & recoil control in Blood Strike. But the only problem that this gun has is really low Fire Range and Fire Accuracy. With the best attachments build above will focus on boosting more Fire Range & Fire Accuracy of the Kag-6 and make it even stronger inside the game.   

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