Blood Strike | Kag-6 Best Attachments & How to Unlock

This article will guide you on Blood Strike Kag-6 Best Attachments Loadout. Know how to combine powerful attachments to make Kag-6 stronger inside the game. Check out down below:


Kag-6 is an Assault Rifle that has a great Fire Rate & Recoil Control in Blood Strike and you can unlock this gun at Striker Level 3. Kag-6 has a lot of attachments that you can build so choosing the right attachments is important to make it stronger, but in order to unlock all the attachments you will need to level up Kag-6 level first.

Kag-6 Stats Without Attachments
Fire Rate55
Recoil Control46

Kag-6 Best Attachments

Kag-6 Best Attachments | Blood Strike - zilliongamer

  • MUZZLE: Compensator
  • BARREL: 19.5" Ranger Barrel
  • UNDERBARREL: AFG-2 Angled Grip 
  • OPTIC: TI Hunter Reflex Optic
  • STOCK: TL-Core Stock
  • MAGAZINE: 40-round Mag
Kag-6 Stats With Attachments
Fire Rate55
Recoil Control58


Compensator is the best Muzzle to build on Kag-6. It gives Kag-6 a really great Bullet Velocity & Recoil Control plus good Fire Range stats.

You can Unlock this Muzzle at Weapon Level 38.

19.5"Ranger Barrel

19.5" Ranger Barrel is the only Barrel that you should build on Kag-6 that boosts a huge Recoil Control, Fire Range, and Fire Accuracy while the other 3 Barrel attachments will drop the recoil control & accuracy of this gun. 

You can Unlock this Barrel at Weapon Level 50.

AFG-2 Angled Grip

AFG-2 Angled Grip is the most suitable Underbarrel to build with Kag-6 if we compare it to the other 5 under-barrel attachments. It gives Kag-6 a lot of Recoil Control stats so it will be easy for you to spray in the long range.

You can Unlock this Underbarrel at Weapon Level 24.

TI Hunter Reflex Optic

Using TI Hunter Reflex Optic with Kag-6 is a great choice because it gives a perfect vision when ADS and you don't need to waste a lot of time to unlock this Optic. 

You can Unlock this Optic at Weapon Level 2.

TL-Core Stock

Using TL-Core Stock to boost more mobility stats for Kag-6. Having higher mobility will give Faster ADS speed and you will have an advantage to win the fight.

You can Unlock this Stock at Weapon Level 5.

40-round Mag

While Kag-6 has great Fire Rate & Recoil Control stats you also need a higher ammo capacity, so 40-round Mag is the best choice to build with Kag-6.

You can Unlock this Magazine at Weapon Level 4.


Kag-6 is an Assault Rifle with the highest fire rate & recoil control in Blood Strike. But the only problem that this gun has is really low Fire Range. With the best attachments guide above will focus on boosting more Fire Range & Recoil Control of the Kag-6 and make it even stronger inside the game.   

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