Blood Strike | AK47 Best Attachments & How to Unlock

This article will guide you on Blood Strike AK47 Best Attachments Loadout. Know how to combine powerful attachment to make AK47 stronger inside the game. Check out down below:


AK47 is an Assault Rifle in Blood Strike and you can unlock this gun at Striker Level 1. AK47 has a lot of attachments that you can build. Choosing the right attachments is important to make it stronger, but in order to unlock all the attachments you will need to level up AK47 level first. 

AK47 Stats Without Attachments
Fire Rate37
Recoil Control32

AK47 Best Attachments

AK47 Best Attachments | Blood Strike - zilliongamer

  • MUZZLE: CQB Muzzle Device
  • BARREL: Texas Barrel
  • UNDERBARREL: Lengthened Vertical Grip
  • OPTIC: Acro Compact Reflex Optic
  • STOCK: CTR Stock
  • Magazine: Default 30-Round Mag
AK47 Stats With Attachments
Fire Rate37
Recoil Control40

CQB Muzzle Device

CQB Muzzle Device is the best Muzzle that you should build on AK47. It gives more Hip Fire Accuracy and Sprint to Fire Speed. So you will get more advantage in the close-range fight when you fire without ADS.

You can Unlock this Muzzle at Weapon Level 16.

Texas Barrel

Texas Barrel is the best Barrel among all 4 barrel attachments that you should build on an AK47. It's quite hard to unlock this barrel but it gives AK47 a huge Recoil Control and bullet Velocity, so it will be easy for you to control your spray in the medium & long-range fight. 

You can Unlock this Barrel at Weapon Level 50.

Lengthened Vertical Grip

Lengthened Vertical Grip is the best Underbarrel to build on an AK47. It has the highest Recoil control stats among the other 6 under-barrel attachments. So using this Underbarrel will boost AK47 a huge Recoil Control & Hip Fire Accuracy.

You can Unlock this Underbarrel at Weapon Level 32.

Acro Compact Reflex Optic

Using Acro Compact Reflex Optic is the best choice for AK47. It's easy to unlock and won't block your vision when ADS. But if you want bigger sight Optic to give a better vision in the long-range we recommend you to use 2.0x Hamr Rifle Scope

You can Unlock this Optic at Weapon Level 2.

CTR Stock

CTR Stock is the best Stock for AK47 to build. Equip this Stock on an AK47 will make it lighter and increase the ADS Speed. 

You can Unlock this Stock at Weapon Level 5.


AK47 has the most damage among the Assault Rifle that has in Blood Strike. Even though it has high damage but it has really high recoil while spraying. With the best attachments guide above will boost the potential of the AK47 and make it even stronger and reduce a huge recoil inside the game.

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