Blood Strike Best Striker Tier List (2024)

Unlock your true potential in Blood Strike – discover the best Strikers of 2024 with our comprehensive tier list.

S-Tier - Incredibly Powerful

Tier S | Blood Strike Best Striker Tier List 2024 - zilliongamer


Spike: The combination of invisibility, undetectable movement, and increased speed leans heavily into an assassin playstyle. Spike excels in flanking maneuvers, isolating targets for quick kills, or disrupting backline supports. His ability to remain hidden from radar means smart players can use him to gather intel on enemy positions for their team, further increasing his value.


Zero: While his melee focus makes him inherently higher risk than ranged Strikers, his potential for incredible survivability and close-range dominance is unique. Bullet deflection offers skillful players the ability to completely negate attacks, and his increased movement speed lets him close distances rapidly. His charged attack's knockback offers a small degree of area control.


Volt: Disabling enemy skills in an area-of-effect is a massive boon in team fights, giving your squad a significant advantage. Additionally, damaging enemy armor offers counterplay against defensive Strikers like Ethan. His self-buffs (shield, speed, reload) increase his own survivability and make him a potent combatant even after his primary skill is used.

A-Tier - Strong and Generally Useful

Tier A | Blood Strike Best Striker Tier List 2024 - zilliongamer


Blast: His ability to damage enemies through walls offers excellent potential for breaking through defensive setups and ambushes. The enemy marking passive increases his team's overall awareness and target prioritization, benefiting everyone.


Nova: Area denial through both damage and vision obstruction is a powerful tool. Nova can block off chokepoints, protect objectives, or force enemies to reposition into unfavorable situations. Her skill can be as useful offensively as defensively.


JET: Pure, raw damage should never be underestimated. However, JET's skill leaves her vulnerable during channeling, so her success depends on good positioning, timing, or having teammates to protect her.

B-Tier - Situational or Skill-Dependent

Tier B | Blood Strike Best Striker Tier List 2024 - zilliongamer


Ethan: A team-reliant defensive Striker, Ethan's barrier offers great potential for protecting objectives or downed teammates. However, its stationary nature and susceptibility to easy destruction could render it useless against coordinated enemies or in unsuitable map layouts.


Hank: Turrets offer consistent damage, but their effectiveness is highly dependent on both map design and enemy skill level. If maps have good turret placements and enemy players fail to prioritize destroying them, Hank can be decent. Against aware opponents, they'll likely be negligible.


E.M.T: Healing and armor buffs are solid, making E.M.T. potentially strong in objective-based modes where team survivability is paramount. In solo play or modes focused on fast kills, her impact is reduced.


Ran: Ice Walls could provide strong defensive benefits in specific chokepoints... if maps are designed with those in mind. Otherwise, they're likely circumventable. The armor buff while near the wall is a small bonus, unlikely to drastically change combat outcomes.


Nacho: While a vision-blocking wall could be annoying but easily avoidable by most players. The short blind on passing through is potentially disruptive in melee range but has niche uses.

C-Tier - Underwhelming Abilities

Tier C | Blood Strike Best Striker Tier List 2024 - zilliongamer


Kraken: Vision obstruction sounds impactful, but its effectiveness seems unreliable. If crows are slow and easy to shoot, enemies can avoid the effect entirely. The passive requiring kills/assists to be truly beneficial further limits its usefulness.


VAL: Periodically revealing enemy locations could be beneficial in early stages when players are less familiar with map layouts. However, in a game like Blood Strike, where combat might be fast-paced, knowing enemy locations a few times a minute might be less impactful than other Striker abilities.

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