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Welcome to Black Clover M homepage and database. Here you can find all characters in-depth information, skills, and everything related to Black Clover M.

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Character Database

SSR Characters List

Asta [Black]--
Asta [Clover Academy]Asta [Swimsuit]Charlotte Roselei
Charlotte [Clover Academy]Charmy [Halloween]Charmy [Swimsuit]
FanaFuegoleon VermillionFuegoleon [Clover Academy]
Gauche [Swimsuit]Gueldre PoizotJack the Ripper
Jack [Clover Academy]JuliusKahono
KiatoLeopold VermillionLicht
Lotus WhomaltMarsMimosa [Clover Academy]
Noelle [Halloween]Noelle [Swimsuit]Nozel Silva
Rades SpiritoRhyaRill Boismortier
SallyVanessa [Swimsuit]Vetto
Vetto [Despair]William VangeanceYami Sukehiro
Yami [Clover Academy]Yuno [Swimsuit]Charlotte [Ceremony]
Fana [Hateful]Langris VaudeMagna [Ceremony]
Queen of WitchesYuno [Golden Dawn]-

SR Characters List

Alecdora SandlerAstaCharmy Pappitson
Finral RoulacaseGauche AdlaiGifso
Heath GriceLuck VoltiaMagna Swing
Mimosa VermillionNebra SilvaNoelle Silva
Sol MarronSolid SilvaTheresa
ValtosVanessa EnotecaYuno
Shiren Tium--

R Characters List

Gordon AgrippaKlaus LunettesLily
Marx FrancoisNeigeRevchi Salik
Salim de HapshassSekke Bronzazza-

Skill Database

SSR Skill List

A Feast at the BeachBeach PrankAn Elegant Beginning
Angel Statue on the BeachBlazing HateBlessing of Despair
Blooming TalentBringer of DespairChief's Appearance
Condemnation of LightCunning CommanderDancing Determination
Easy-going TeacherInsatiable QuestInsincere Man
Intensive TrainingInvisible CaptainLion's Energy
Little Halloween DevilMidsummer TrainingPride of the Wizard King
Pumpkin FeastReady for SummerRelaxing at the Beach
Respectable RivalRose's ThornRoyal's Duty
Song of HealingSurvival of the FittestThe Captain's Condemnation
The Captain's DignityThe Flower of the Faculty RoomThrill of the Struggle
Twisted CreedUnique Teacher-

SR Skill List

Aesthetics of BattleCold-Blooded ObserverCrimson She-Leopard
Cultist's RetributionExcited NatureFor Marie
High Priest's MischiefLoyal SisterMaiden's Determination
Meat EnthusiastOath of ProtectionPersevering Resolution
Resilient JusticeRoyal Family's RespectRoyal's Confidence
Sea Serpent's PrideSenior's DignitySilent Stone
Stubbornness of a Genius--

R Skill List

Chain ThiefFalse ConfidenceGentle Compassion
Loner's FriendshipLonging for FriendsNoble's Boast
Obsession with WealthPerfect MemorySenior's Nobility
Sharp EyeWitch's Punishment-

Release Information

Black Clover M is set to release on November 29, 2023.

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King is a Tactical turn-based RPG that recreates classic team battles with fast-paced combat.

Collect original mage characters to build your own Magic Knights squad. Each character can unleash their classic skills, and form many Link-Moves by collaborating with squad members.

Select your Magic Knights squad members to create your unique combat style!