Black Clover M Julius: Skills, Stats, & Tier

Welcome to Black Clover M character guide, get to know Julius skills details, stats, and tier here.

Julius Overview

Julius is a character in Attacker class with SSR rarity, and Technique type, strong against Power and weak against Sense characters.

Julius | Black Clover M

Release Information

Release date (Korea): August 17th, 2023

Release date (Japan): August 17th, 2023

Release date (Global): N/A.

Julius Skills

Here are all skills details of Julius in Black Clover M:

Accelerating Bullet [Skill 1] [Single] [ATK: 95%] [MATK: 95%]

Uses Time magic to quickly transfer magic bullets to the enemies' side, dealing damage to an enemy.

  • Applies 5% [Decreased Stamina] to the enemy.
  • If this attack is Critical Hit, apply 5% [Increased Stamina] to all allies.

Decreased Stamina

Decreases Stamina by a fixed amount.

Increased Stamina

Increases Stamina by a fixed amount.

Distorted Time [Skill 2] [AoE] [3 turns] [ATK: 75%] [MATK: 75%]

Uses Time Magic to swiftly approach the enemies and explode a magic orb, dealing damage to all enemies.

  • 50% chance to inflict [Time Stop] on an enemy for 2 turns.
  • Grants self [Increased SPD Lv.3] for 1 turn(s).

Time Stop

Disables the effect of Skill 2 and increase its cooldown by 1 turn.

Increased SPD

Increases Speed.

Chrono Stasis [Special Skill] [Single] [ATK: 135%] [MATK:135%]

Restrains an enemy with "Chrono Stasis" and fires magic bullets at them, dealing damage.

  • [Stuns] the enemy for 1 turn.
  • Applies 20% [Decreased Stamina] to the enemy.
  • Gain an [Extra Turn] if this attack kills the enemy.


Target will be disabled and will lose their turn.

Decreased Stamina

Decreases Stamina by a fixed amount.

Extra Turn

Allows you to take an extra turn after your turn has ended.

Combined Attack [Single] [ATK: 65%] [MATK: 65%]

Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy.

  • Upon having a [Buff], attacks after applying 30% [Increased Damage] to yourself.
  • Applies 10% [Decreased Stamina] to the enemy.

Increased Damage

Increases damage done.

Decreased Stamina

Decreases Stamina by a fixed amount.


When you die for the first time in the battle, use [Regression] and return to live with 45% Max HP. This effect can only activate once per battle.

Unique Passive

For every 15 speed gains 3% [Increased Damage]. Gain 1 stack of [Time Accumulation] every turn (max 5 stacks).

[Time Accumulation]: Special Skill damage +10%.

Julius Stats

Note: This is Julius stats at level 100.

CRIT Rate22%

Julius Tier


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