Black Clover M: Yami [Clover Academy] Skills, Stats, & Tier

Welcome to Black Clover M Yami [Clover Academy] character guide, get to know Yami [Clover Academy] skills details, stats, and tier here.

Yami [Clover Academy] Overview

Yami [Clover Academy] is a Attacker character with SSR rarity and Technique type, strong against Power and weak against Sense characters.

Yami [Clover Academy] | Black Clover M

Release Information

Release date (Korea): May 25th, 2023.

Release date (Japan): May 25th, 2023.

Release date (Global): N/A.

Yami [Clover Academy] Skills Details

Here are all skills details of Yami [Clover Academy] in Black Clover M:

Double Strike [Skill 1] [Single] [ATK: 100%] [MATK: 100%]

Swiftly slashes an enemy twice with a wooden sword, dealing damage.

  • Attacks after granting [Increased All ATK Lv.1] upon having 4 or more SP.

Increased All ATK Lv.1

Increases ATK and M.ATK by 30%.

Row Slice [Skill 2] [AoE] [3 turns] [ATK: 70%] [MATK: 70%]

Deals damage to all enemies with a heavy horizontal slash.

  • Inflicts [Block HP Recovery] on all enemies for 1 turn(s).
  • Grants [SP +1].
  • Enhanced:
    • Grants [SP+2].
    • Removes [1 Debuff(s)]
    • When a [Debuff] is removed, attacks after granting 15% [Increased DMG Dealt].

Block HP Recovery

When you're under this effect, your HP can't be recovered.

Increased Special Points

Increases the Special Points that can be used for Combined attacks and Special Skills.

Dispel Debuff

Removes a negative status effect.

Increased Damage

Increases damage done.

Teacher's Dignity [Special Skill] [Single] [ATK: 160%] [MATK: 160%]

Hits an enemy with a knockdown attack, dealing damage.

  • Inflicts [SP -3] on an enemy.
  • Inflicts [Total Silence] on an enemy for 2 turn(s).

Reduced Special Points

Reduces the Special Points that can be used for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.

Combined Attack [Single] [ATK: 70%] [MATK: 70%]

Performs a combined attack with partnered mage, dealing damage to an enemy.

  • Attacks after removing an enemy's [Barrier].

Enhanced Passive

[DMG Dealt] +5%.

Unique Passive

Grants 15% [Increased Favored Damage].

Yami [Clover Academy] Stats

Note: This is Yami [Clover Academy] stats details at level 100:

CRIT Rate15%

Yami [Clover Academy] Tier


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