Black Clover M: Yuno [Swimsuit] Skills, Stats, & Tier

Welcome to Black Clover M Yuno [Swimsuit] character guide, get to know Yuno [Swimsuit] skills details, stats, and tier here.

Yuno [Swimsuit] Overview

Yuno [Swimsuit] is a Debuffer character with SSR rarity and Sense type, strong against Technique and weak against Power characters.

Yuno Swimsuit | Black Clover M

Release Information

Release date (Korea): June 29th, 2023.

Release date (Japan): June 29th, 2023.

Release date (Global): N/A.

Yuno [Swimsuit] Skills Details

Here are all skills details of Yuno [Swimsuit] in Black Clover M:

Windstorm [Skill 1] [Single] [ATK: 90%] [MATK: 90%]

Throws a wind blades, dealing damage to an enemy.

  • Applies 15% [Decreased Stamina] to an enemy.

Decreased Stamina Lv.1

Decreases Mobility by a fixed amount.

Tornado [Skill 2] [AoE] [3 turns] [ATK: 60%] [MATK: 60%]

Creates a water tornado on the enemies' side, dealing damage to all enemies.

  • Applies [ATK Reduction Lv.2] to an enemy for 2 turn(s).
  • Enhanced:
    • For every [Debuff] an enemy has, grants 5%[Increased CRIT DMG] to yourself.

ATK Reduction Lv.2

Reduces Attack by 44%.

Increased CRIT DMG

Increases CRIT DMG.

Gale Warning [Special Skil] [AoE] [ATK: 65%] [MATK: 65%]

Use Wind Magic under the scorching sun, dealing damage to all enemies.

  • Applies [Incapacitate Lv.3] to all enemies for 2 turn(s).
  • Applies [Concentrated Attack] debuff to a designated opponent for 1 turn(s).

Incapacitate Lv.3

Increases damage taken by 50%.

Combined Attack [AoE] [ATK: 35%] [MATK: 35%]

Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage all enemies.

  • Applies [DEF Reduction Lv.4] to all enemies for 2 turn(s).
  • Attacks after removing [Immortality] from an enemy.

DEF Reduction Lv.4

Reduces Defense by 70%.


Upon landing a CRIT, has a 50% chance to apply 10% [Increased Damage Taken] to all enemies for 2 turn(s). (Does not stack).

Increased Damage Taken

Increases the damage taken from all attacks.

Unique Passive

Applies 10% [ATK Reduction] to all enemies for 2 turn(s) upon using ''Skill II".

ATK Reduction

Reduces Attack.

Yuno [Swimsuit] Stats

Note: This is Yuno [Swimsuit] stats details at level 100.

CRIT Rate13.5%

Yuno [Swimsuit] Tier


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