Black Clover M: William Vangeance Skills, Stats, & Tier

Welcome to Black Clover M William Vengeance character guide, get to know all William Vangeance skills details, stats, and tier here.

William Vangeance Overview

William Vangeance is a Supporter character with SSR rarity and Technique type, strong against Power and weak against Sense characters.

William Vangeance | Black Clover M

Release Information

Release date (Korea): May 25th, 2023.

Release date (Japan): May 25th, 2023.

Release date (Global): N/A.

William Vangeance Skills Details

Here are all skills details of William Vangeance in Black Clover M:

Twisted Root [Single] [ATK: 80%] [MATK: 80%]

Winds roots around an enemy's body, dealing damage.

  • 40% chance to inflict [Transform] on an enemy for 1 turn(s).

Transform Lv.1

Target will be disabled and will lose their turn.

The Beating of the Magic Tree [Skill 2] [2 turns]

Imbues an ally with energy from the World Tree, granting them a buff.

  • Grants an ally [Increased ATK Lv.4] for 2 turn(s).
  • Grants an ally [Increased SPD Lv.4] for 2 turn(s).
  • 60% chance to grant an ally 10% [Increased Mobility] when their mobility is equal to lower than 50%.
  • Enhanced
    • Grants an ally [Status Change Immunity] for 1 turn(s).

Magic Tree Arrival [AoE] [ATK: 65%] [MATK: 65%]

Summons colossal tree root from the sky, dealing damage to all enemies.

  • Grants all allies [Fortify Lv.3] for 2 turn(s).
  • Grants a [Counterattack] to the ally with the highest ATK for 1 turn(s).

Fortify Lv.3

Reduces damage taken by 34%.


Counterattacks an enemy, dealing damage.

Combined Attack [Single] [ATK: 55%] [MATK: 55%]

Performs a combined attack with partnered mage, dealing damage to an enemy.

  • Grants self and partnered mage [DEF PEN Lv.4].

Increased DEF PEN Lv.4

Attacks while ignoring 40% of the target's DEF.

Enhanced Passive

30% chance to grant 10% [Increased Mobility] upon taking damage.

Unique Passive

Grants all allies 5% [Fortify] for 1 turn(s) upon using a [Special Skill].

William Vangeance Stats

Note: This is William Vangeance stats details at level 100.

CRIT Rate10.8%

William Vangeance Tier


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