Reverse 1999 37 Banner 1.4 Guide

In this article, we are going to talk about the Reverse 1999 1.4 first phase banner including 6-star character 37 and 5-star characters Click, and Sweetheart. Here we will break down these characters one by one making it easier for players to choose which character they should pull.

Reverse: 1999 1.4 Banner Guide

After the 1.3 patch finishes, the new patch 1.4 will be available with new content such as banners, characters, and events. In this first phase, 37 will be a feature character in the banner alongside with 5-star character.

Here are the release banners that will appear in the game and character breakdown:

37 Banner Character Breakdown

This a limited pick-up banner with rate-up characters that change periodically. This banner will feature 6-star "37" and 5-star characters such as Click and Sweetheart with a 50% chance increase.

Here are some featured character breakdowns in this banner.


37 Character Reverse 1999

  • She is a Support/DPS/Support character with a Star Afflatus and Mental DMG type.
  • Based on her skill, she is a strong DPS/Support character that can output a lot of DMG to enemies from her skill and follow up ATK as well as apply buff to allies and gain herself some protection to increase self-sustainability.

37 Guide & Best Psychubes


Click Character Reverse 1999

  • She is a DPS/Debuff character with Spirit Afflatus and Mental DMG type.
  • Based on his skill, he is a really good control character who can apply decent DMG with utility to reduce DMG taken and reduce enemies Moxie

Click Guide & Best Psychubes


Sweetheart Character Reverse 1999

  • She is a DPS/Control character with Beast Afflatus and Reality DMG type.
  • Based on her skill, she is a DPS who applies a huge DMG on enemies that have negative statues and inflicts them with [Daze] to stun them and reduce their DEF for 3 rounds.

Sweetheart Guide & Best Psychubes

Should you pull 37 banner?

  • Yes, you should pull 37 If you need an overall great DPS or Support DPS for the team and if you invest in her insight will significantly improve her overall DMG by boosting the whole team's CRIT.

End of Reverse: 1999 37 Banner Guide.

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