Genshin Impact Lynette Build: Artifacts, Weapons & Team Comp

Find Lynette Build, Weapons, and Artifacts that are suitable for Lynette here.

Lynette Stats

Genshin Impact Lynette Overview - zilliongamer

  • How to get Lynette
    • Wishes

Best Constellation & Talent Priority For Lynette

Genshin Impact Lynette Best Constellation and Talent Priority - zilliongamer

  • Constellations
    • C6- Watchful Eye: When Lynette uses Enigmatic Feint's Enigma Thrust, she will gain an Anemo Infusion and 20% Anemo DMG Bonus for 6s.
    • C4- Tacit Coordination: Increases Enigmatic Feint's Charges by 1.
    • C1- A Cold Blade Like a Shadow: When Enigmatic Feint's Enigma Thrust hits an opponent with a Shadow sign, a vortex will be created at that opponent's position that will pull nearby opponents in.
  • Talent Priority
    • 1. Burst: Deailng more Anemo DMG, Taunts, deal DMG from that element at intervals when make Bogglecat Box.
    • 2. Skill: Increase Enigma Thrust DMG and Surging Blade interval.
    • 3. Normal ATK: Lastly, This will be the last skill if you want her to be Sub DPS. However, you can upgrade second if you want her as DPS.

Best Weapons For Lynette

Best 3 Stars Sword Weapons

For newbies, you can't find 4 5 stars weapons at low AR. If you just got Lynette as your first 4 stars character and plan to use her as a supporter you can also use these 3 stars weapons to deal some damage in the early game.Genshin Impact Lynette Best 3 Stars Weapon - zilliongamer

  • 1. Skyrider Sword (Best)
    • Since this Sword has high sub-stats as ER%, this will best 3 stars weapon for Lynette to deal some decent DMG with increased uptime to use skill and ultimate and increase both ATK and SPD.

Best 4 Stars Sword Weapons

When you get higher AR you will start getting 4 stars weapons. They are P2P or Craft weapons or Battle Pass to use if you don't have primogem to do wishes. Here are a few weapons that are suitable for Lynette's play style. Here we are looking for ER and also with EM will be a big plus.

Genshin Impact Lynette Best 4 Stars Weapon - zilliongamer

  • 1. Sacrificial Sword (Best for all Type Support)
    • This Sword has a lot of ER% which can improve uptime skill and burst. Moreover, it has a 40% chance to end its own CD which is great for all types of supporters.
  • 2. Favonius Sword
    • A great amount of ER % as sub Stats and generate a lot of energy. You can go with this sword if you lack energy.
  • 3. Amenoma Kageuchi (Best for Reaction Support Build)
    • Have a high amount of ATK% as Sub-Stats and after casting EM skill will regenerate energy.
  • 4. Festering Desire
    • Give a decent amount of ER% as sub-stats and increase elemental skill DMG and Crit Rate.

Best 5 Stars Sword Weapons

The only way to get a 5-star weapon for Lynette is by wishing. It will randomly drop when you are doing a wish if you are a lucky one. Unfortunately, there are not many 5 stars Sword that suit her yet. So we looking for ER or CRIT Rate or DMG.

Genshin Impact Lynette Best 5 Stars Weapon - zilliongamer

  • 1. Mist Splitter Reforge
    • Give CRIT DMG as Sub stats and boost Elemental DMG which is great for Lynette since her DMG output is mostly from her burst.
  • 2. Primordial Jade Cutter
    • CRIT Rate% sub-stats and Increases ATK Bonus on 1.2% wielder's Max HP with 20% HP. This is the second-best sword for Lynette since this provides CRIT Rate and some ATK and HP.
  • 3. Light of Foliar Incision
    • With the highest CRIT DMG sword and Crit Rate increased by 4% and an additional 120% EM.

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Best Artifacts For Lynette

Here is the best artifacts list for Lynette from best to good.

Genshin Impact Lynette Best Artifact - zilliongamer

  • Marechaussee Hunter
    • 2 Pieces: Normal and Charged ATK DMG +15%
    • 4 Pieces: When current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 11% for 5s. Max 3 stacks.
  • Emblem of Severed Fate
    • 2 Pieces: Energy Recharge +20%
    • 4 Pieces: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.
  • Viridescent Venerer
    • 2 Pieces: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%
    • 4 Pieces: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.

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Best Build For Lynette

Best Lynette DPS Build

Genshin Impact Lynette Best DPS Build - zilliongamer

  • For Lynette's DPS Build Weapon, we focus on Lynette's CRIT% which made Mistspiltter Reforged the best suitable for her DPS build which provides EM Bonus and increase the CRIT Rate that she lacks.
  • For Lynette's DPS Artifact, 4PC of Marechaussee Hunter will be the best one for her to increase Normal and Charge ATK and CRIT Rate for 5s when increasing or decreasing HP.

Best Lynette DPS Build Stats

For best DPS artifacts stats are ER and CRIT Rate/DMG as sub-stats because we need to output her burst DMG and Normal/Charge ATK.

Main Stats
AnemoCRIT Rate/DMG 
Sub Stats

Best Lynette Sub DPS Build

Genshin Impact Lynette Best Sub-DPS Build - zilliongamer

  • For Lynette Support Build Weapon, we focus on Lynette's ER to increase Uptime cooldown time like Sacrificial Sword with 40% chance to end CD or you can go with Festering Desire to get some EM boost DMG.
  • For Lynette Support Artifact, Emblem of Severed Fate 4pcs, Increase ER and EM Burst which is essential for this build to output her EM burst DMG.

Best Lynette Sub DPS Build Stats

For best Sup DPS artifacts stats are EM and ER as sub-stats because we need to output more Elemental DMG with skill.

Main Stats
AnemoCRIT Rate/DMG 
Main Stats

Best Lynette Anemo Support Build

Genshin Impact Lynette Best Anemo Support Build - zilliongamer

  • For Lynette Anemo Support Build Weapon, we focus on Lynette's EM to output more DMG on Anemo element which Xiphos Moonlight is the best in EM provider for her and her teammate.
  • For Lynette Anemo Support Artifact, Viridescent Venerer 4pcs, increase Anemo DMG Bonus and Swirl DMG as well as Decreases enemies EM RES.

Best Lynette Anemo Support Build Stats

For best support artifacts stats are EM and ER as sub-stats because we need to output more Elemental DMG with skill.

Main Stats
Main Stats

Best Team Build For Lynette

Genshin Impact Lynette Best Team Comp Build - zilliongamer

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End of Lynette Build Guide.

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