Genshin Impact Neuvillette Build: Artifacts, Weapons & Team Comp

Find Neuvillette Build, Weapons, and Artifacts that are suitable for Neuvillette here.

Neuvillette Stats

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Overview - zilliongamer

  • How to get Neuvillette
    • Wishes

Best Constellation & Talent Priority For Neuvillette

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Best Constellation - zilliongamer

  • Constellations
    • C1- Guarded Smile: When he is on the field, he will obtain 1 stack of Past Draconic Glories which can increase his Charged ATK: Equitable Judgment. Moreover, this will increase his interruption resistance as well.
    • C2- Juridical Exhortation: Since Neuvillette mostly deals DMG from his Charged ATK: Equitable Judgment, this C2 will increase his Charged ATK by increasing CRIT DMG for each stack of Past Draconic Glories.
    • C6- Wrathful Recompense: This will give additional duration for his Charged ATK: Equitable Judgment as well as increase DMG dealt.
  • Talent Priority
    • 1. NA/CA: Since he is a DPS Character and mostly deals DMG on his Charged ATK, you should prioritize this first.
    • 2. Burst and Skill: Both of his skills deal AoE Hydro DMG, however, you should upgrade Elemental Burst first because it deals with more DMG and provides more Sourcewater Droplets for him to cast his Charge ATK faster and more HP.

Best Weapons For Neuvillette

Best 3 Stars Sword Weapons

For newbies, you can't find 4 5 stars weapons at low AR. If you just got Neuvillette as your first 5 stars character and plan to use him as a DPS you can also use these 3 stars weapons to some HP since his abilities scale on HP.Genshin Impact Neuvillette Best 3 Stars Weapon - zilliongamer

  • 1. Thrilling Tale of Dragon Slayers
    • Since this bow has sub-stats as HP%, this will best 3 stars weapon for Neuvillette to deal some decent DMG when using Charge ATK which scales on his HP and this will give additional ATK for creep in the early game.

Best 4 Stars Sword Weapons

When you get higher AR you will start getting 4-star weapons. They are P2P or Craft weapons or Battle Pass to use if you don't have Primogem to do wishes. Here are a few weapons that are suitable for Neuvillette's play style. Here we are looking for HP% and also with ability to buff charged ATK will be a big plus.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Best 4 Stars Weapon - zilliongamer

  • 1. Prototype Amber
    • Provide HP% as Sub Stats and using EM burst will regenerate 4 Energy and all party members will regenerate 4% HP which is great for Sub DPS build
  • 2. Ballad of The Boundless Blue
    • Even though this catalyst has ER% as sub-stats, it does have abilities to increase Charge ATK after normal ATK hits the opponent which is great buff for Neuvillette Charged ATK.
  • 3. Sacrificial Jade
    • When he is not on the field his Max HP and EM will be increased which can provide him more HP for his abilities.

Best 5 Stars Sword Weapons

The only way to get a 5-star weapon for Neuvillette is by wishing. It will randomly drop when you are doing a wish if you are a lucky one. Here are some 5 stars bows that are great for him including his signature bow. So we looking for HP% or CRIT Rate or DMG and some abilities to buff his Charged ATK.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Best 5 Stars Weapon - zilliongamer

  • 1. Tome of The Eternal Flow
    • This is Neuvillette signature bow that fits him the most. The Catalyst provides a huge amount of CRIT DMG with abilities to increase his HP and when his HP changes, Charged ATK DMG will increase (Max 3 stacks), and if he reaches 3 stacks he will restore some energy.
  • 2. Cashflow Super Vision
    • Similar to his signature however this catalyst will provide ATK SPD after he reaches 3 stacks.
  • 3. Kagura's Verity
    • Provide a great amount of CRIT DMG and EM burst DMG which is great for Sub DPS build.

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Best Artifacts For Neuvillette

Here is the best artifacts list for Neuvillette from best to good.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Best Artifacts - zilliongamer

  • Marechaussee Hunter
    • 2 Pieces: Normal and Charged ATK DMG +15%
    • 4 Pieces: When current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 11% for 5s. Max 3 stacks.
  • Heart of the Depth
    • 2 Pieces: Hydro DMG Bonus +15%
    • 4 Pieces: After using Elemental Skill, increase Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 30% for 15s.
  • Tenacity
    • 2 Pieces: HP+20%
  • Vourkasha's Glow
    • 2 Pieces: HP+20%
  • Retracing Bolide
    • 2 Pieces: Increases the effectiveness of shields by 35%
    • 4 Pieces: Gain an additional 40% Normal and Charged Attack DMG while under the protection of a shield.

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Best Build For Neuvillette

Best Neuvillette Main DPS Build

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Best Main DPS Build - zilliongamer

  • For Neuvillette's DPS Build Weapon, we focus on Neuvillette's Charged ATK as well as HP% and The Rite of The Eternal Flow will be the best for him since this catalyst provides Charged ATK and HP% boost. For alternative weapons, Cashflow Supervision will be second best and Ballad of The Boundless will great 4-star DPS catalyst since it also provides some Charged ATK boost.
  • For Neuvillette's DPS Artifact, 4PC of Marechaussee Hunter will be the best one for him to increase Normal and Charge ATK and CRIT Rate for 5s when increasing or decreasing HP. You also can use 4 PCRetracing Bolide if you have a shield character in the team which can get 40% boost on Charged ATK. If you lack HP% 2PC of Vourukasha's Glow and 2PC of Tenacity will be a great choice.

Best Neuvillette Main DPS Build Stats

For best DPS artifacts main stats are Hydro and CRIT Rate/DMG and HP% and ER sub-stats because we need to maximize his burst DMG and Normal/Charge ATK.

Main Stats
Sub Stats

Best Neuvillette Sub DPS Build

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Best Sub DPS Build - zilliongamer

  • For Neuvillette's DPS Build Weapon, we focus on Neuvillette's Charge ATK as well as his Hydro DMG and Rite of The Eternal Flow still the best for him however, you can use Kagura Verity for some EM Burst DMG and Sacrifical Jade and Prototype will work really well if you want him to be Sub DPS.
  • For Neuvillette Sub DPS Artifact, Heart of Depth 4pcs, Which increases Hydro DMG as well as increases his Charged ATK after using EM skill.

Best Neuvillette Sub DPS Build Stats

For best Sub DPS artifacts stats are CRIT% and Hydro DMG as Main-stats because we need to output more Elemental DMG.

Main Stats
Main Stats

Best Neuvillette Team Build

Neuvillette F2P - Hyperbloom Best Team Comp | Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

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End of Neuvillette Build Guide.

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