Reverse 1999 Shamane Banner Guide?

In this article, we are going to talk about the Reverse 1999 1.3 banner including 6-star character Shamane and 5-star characters Satsuki, and Ballon Party. Here we will break down these characters one by one making it easier for players to choose which character they should pull.

Reverse: 1999 1.3 Banner Guide

After the 1.2 patch finishes, the new patch 1.3 will be available with new content such as banners, characters, and events. In this second phase, Shamane will be a feature character in the banner alongside with 5-star character.

Here are the release banners that will appear in the game and character breakdown:

Shamane Banner Character Breakdown

This a limited pick-up banner with rate-up characters that change periodically. This banner will feature 6-star character Shamane and 5-star characters such as Satsuki and Balloon Party with a 50% chance increase.

Here are some featured character breakdowns in this banner.


Shamane Character Reverse 1999

  • She is a Debuff/DPS/Burst DMG character with a Beast Afflatus and Reality DMG type.
  • Based on his skill, he is a strong debuff that outputs a lot of DMG as well as provides mass debuff to enemies by lowering their DEF and increasing DMG Taken. His insight will make him powerful by dealing more DMG Dealt and stacks of [Nature's Blessing].

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Satsuki Character Reverse 1999

  • She is a DPS/Control character with Plant Afflatus and Mental DMG type.
  • Based on her skill, she is a really good control character who can apply [Rigidity] effect that can turn into Petrify which makes enemies cannot act and can apply decent Mental DMG to enemies.

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Balloon Party

Balloon Party Character Reverse 1999

  • She is a DEF/Heal character with Mineral Afflatus and Reality DMG type.
  • Based on her skill, she is a supporter who can heal and buff the entire team using her skill effect to reduce allies taken DMG and also dealing with Reality DMG which makes her one of the best healers/buffers in the game.

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Should you pull Shamane banner?

  • Yes, you should pull Shamane If you need a carry/supporter, He is a great Burst DMG dealer that outputs massive Reality DMG by lowering enemies DEF and increasing DMG dealt. you can also you him as a power debuffer to apply debuff to enemies.

End of Reverse: 1999 Release Banner Guide.

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