Reverse 1999 1.3 Banner Guide - Should You Pull Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf)?

In this article, we are going to talk about the Reverse 1999 1.3 banner including 6-star character Kaalaa Baunaa and 5-star characters Kanjira, and Tennant. Here we will break down these characters one by one making it easier for players to choose which character they should pull.

Reverse: 1999 1.3 Banner Guide

After the 1.2 patch finishes, the new patch 1.3 will be available with new content such as banners, characters, and events. One of the important new updates is new characters will appear in the game such as Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) and Kanjira. Both characters will appear on the banner for the player to pull with an increased chance.

Here are the release banners that will appear in the game and character breakdown:

Kaalaa Baunaa Banner Character Breakdown

This a limited pick-up banner with rate-up characters that change periodically. This banner will feature 6-star character Kaalaa Baunaa and 5-star characters such as Kanjira and Tennant with a 50% chance increase.

Here are some featured character breakdowns in this banner.

Kaalaa Baunaa

Kaalaa Baunaa

  • She is a Burst DMG/DPS/Follow-up character with a Mineral Afflatus and Mental DMG type.
  • Based on her skill, she is a great Burst DMG dealer which has skills that stack her [Earth] that enable additional debuff effects like Confusion, Increase Penetration Rate, and Leech Rate. However, you need to get her Insight 1 to excel in these effects. Thanks to her stackable [Earth] that can boost her DMG, she will be a powerful carry in the team.

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Kaaraa Baunaa Banner: Kanjira Character

  • She is a Debuff/DPS/Poison character with Plant Afflatus and Mental DMG type.
  • Based on her skill, she can debuff with Poison to deal with additional DMG, inflict Confusion, and deal a good amount of DMG. However, to get those effects you have to follow her Divination from Insight 1.

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Kaaraa Baunaa Banner: Tennant Character

  • She is a Debuff/DPS/Shield character with Beast Afflatus and Reality DMG type.
  • Based on her skill, she is a supporter who can deal with some DMG and support the team. Most of her kits provide a shield for allies to reduce DMG taken to increase survivability for the whole team. Not only does she have the utility to assist the team, but her Ultimate deal massive single-target DMG and inflicts an effect that lowers Reality DEF to increase Reality DMG Taken. 

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Should you pull Kaalaa Baunaa banner?

  • Yes, you should pull Kaalaa Baunaa If you need a DPS that can deal Mental DMG, Kaalaa Baunaa is a great Burst DMG dealer that outputs massive Mental DMG, however, you need to take time to understand how [Earth] works and she is very AP greedy with no abilities to increase Moxie herself.

End of Reverse: 1999 Release Banner Guide.

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