Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 7 Tier List

View a complete tier list of COD Mobile best guns in Season 7 featuring the best assault rifle, sniper, smg, lmg, and shotgun here.

COD Mobile Best Guns Season 7 Tier List

TierCall of Duty Mobile Guns
SMan-O-War, KN44, HBRa3, Cordite, DL Q33, RUS-79U, RPD, KRM262, Arctic.50
ABK57, LK24, AK117, PDW-57, Razorback, QQ9, Locus, ASM10, Locus, Pharo, Type 25, AK-47
BICR-1, HVK-30, M4, BY15, UL736, S36, Outlaw, M16, M4LMG, MSMC
CGKS, HG 40, M21 EBR, XPR-50, Striker
DChicom, HS0405, HS2126

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Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 7 | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

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5 Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 7

Here are 5 best guns that you should use in Call of Duty Season 7.


COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Industrial Revolution - zilliongamer

The best gun in COD Mobile Season 7 is the Man-O-War, this gun has high damage, medium fire rate, and good accuracy.

The recoil of man-o-war is controllable thanks to the buff, and the range on this gun is really good in close range.


COD Mobile KN-44 Skin: Yellow Camo - zilliongamer

The second best gun of COD Mobile Season 7 is the KN-44, it has good damage, fast fire rate, with good accuracy.

KN-44 recoil is easy to control (mostly horizontal) and it is suitable to use in close and medium range.


COD Mobile HBRa3 Skulls & Blood - zilliongamer

HBRa3 one of the best gun last season now still holding the top 3 spot in Season 7, this gun has good damage, fast fire rate, and good accuracy.

HBra3 recoil is very low, and it can be use to in any range, it most effective range is close.


COD Mobile Cordite skin: Zero G - zilliongamer

Cordite is the fourth best gun in Season 7, it is though the best smg to use right now, the gun has high damage, fast fire rate, and good accuracy.

The recoil of Cordite is very low, and the range effective of the gun when using in close range.

5.DL Q33

COD Mobile DL Q33 Bandit skin - zilliongamer

DL Q33 is the best sniper to use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7, this sniper has high damge and very accurate. It is very lethal when hitting an upper chest area it can 1 shot the enemy.


In short, Man-O-War, KN-44, HBRa3, Cordite, and DL Q33 are the best guns in COD Mobile Season 7 that you should use right now. Go and give it a shot, and show the feedback down below.

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