Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 7 Tier List

Call of Duty Mobile best guns tier list in Season 7: Elite of the Elite is out now. Find the best guns to use in COD Mobile Season 7 here:

COD Mobile Best Guns Season 7 Tier List

TierWeapon name
SSMX9, QQ9, PP19 Bizon, DR-H, AS VAL, LK24, Type 25, Locus, KRM-262, Hades, Chopper
SQXR, RUS-79U, AK117, Holger 26, KN-44, AK-47, HVK-30, DL Q33, Rytic AMR, Arctic.50, HS0405
AMan-O-War, BK57, CR-56 AMAX, ICR-1, HBRa3, ASM10, M16, SP-R 208, Outlaw, SKS, RPD
BFennec, GKS, Peacekeeper, FR.556, AGR 556, HG 40, M4, MK2, Kilo Bolt-Action, BY15, Echo
CRazorback, Cordite, M4LMG, S36, Pharo, MSMC, PDW-57, XPR-50, M21 EBR, UL736, Striker
DChicom, NA-45, HS2126

Note: We created this tier list by testing all guns in training range.

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COD Mobile Season 7 Best Gun Tier List - Elite of the Elite - zilliongamer

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Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 7 - Elite of the Elite

The Top 7 Best guns in CoD: Mobile Season 7 - Elite of the Elite are:

  1. MX9.
  2. QQ9.
  3. PP19 Bizon.
  4. DR-H.
  5. AS VAL.
  6. LK24
  7. Locus

These guns are currently dominating the new season, It is very popular and a lot of Legendary ranked and Professional players are using it right now.


The best SMGS in Season 7 are: MX9, QQ9, PP19 Bizon, QXR, and RUS-79U.


COD Mobile MX9 Skin: Heartless - zilliongamer

MX9 is the best gun in CoD Mobile Season 7, this SMG deal up to 33 damage with very fast fire rate and great accuracy make it very lethal for Close to mid range.

The combo between MX9 damage and fire rate plus the low recoil control make the gun kill very fast. Overall, the MX9 deserved the crown for Season 7.

MX9 Best attachments


COD Mobile QQ9 Black Gold skin - zilliongamer

QQ9 is the second best SMG to use in Season 7, this high performance / close range gun deal up to 25 damage with very fast fire rate and good accuracy.

It is a must to use 10mm 30 Round Reload for extra damage and damage range. The recoil though is a little hard to control. Overall, it is still a very good gun to use.

QQ9 Best Attachment

PP19 Bizon

COD Mobile PP19 Bizon Skin: Invocation - zilliongamer

PP19 Bizon stand third in this season, this all-round SMG can deal up to 26 damage with fast fire rate and high accuracy, The gun is good for close to mid range.

The PP19 Bizon has low recoil control and very high mag. Overall, the Bizon is a good SMG for new players and fragger who like to go for multiple kills.

PP19 Bizon Best Attachment


COD Mobile QXR Secret Santa - zilliongamer

Ranking fourth in our list is the QXR, this gun deal 22 damage with very fast fire rate and good accuracy which are great for close range combat.

The QXR was known as a meta gun back in Season 5 and 6, now the gun is still reliable to use but the recoil is what make it hard to outrank the other 3.

QXR Best Attachment


COD Mobile Rus-79U Wretched skin - zilliongamer

The fifth best SMG to use in Season 7 is the RUS-79U, the gun also get a great buff that improve damage multiplier, the RUS is a very good all-range gun to use.

The RUS-79U deal up to 28 damage with very fast fire rate and very low recoil control needed. It is the most balance gun to use.

RUS-79U Best Attachment

Assault Rifle

The best Assault rifle in Season 7 are: DR-H, AS VAL, LK24, and Type 25.


Call of Duty Mobile DR-H Purebred skin - zilliongamer

Standing strong the DR-H is the best assault rifle to use in Season 7, this gun deal 32 damage with fast fire rate and great accuracy which can use for any range.

It is a must to use 25 Round OTM mag to get that extra damage, the DR-H recoil is very easy to control and Overall, it is still the top #1 assault rifle to use.

DR-H Best Attachment


COD Mobile AS VAL Double Edge skin - zilliongamer

AS VAL is the second best gun to use in Season 7. Despite getting attachment nerfed it's still an OL 'Reliable gun to use for close range.

The AS VAL deal high damage combine with very fast fire rate make the TTK really low and kill very fast. However the recoil is a bit hard to control.

AS VAL Best Attachment


Call of Duty Mobile LK24 skin: Nosebleed - zilliongamer

LK24 stand third in Season 7, this Assault rifle get a fat buffs that help improve long range combat even stronger and easier.

The LK24 deal high damage and fast fire rate with low recoil to control. Overall the LK24 deserved the the third spot in our tier list.

LK24 Best Attachment

Type 25

COD Mobile Type 25 - Magnetic Engine - zilliongamer

Ranking fourth in this season is the Type 25, this gun get an attachment buffs that improve it recoil, this gun is known as a close range beast back in season 1.

It is a must to use RTC Steady Stock and Stopping Power Reload to get that low Horizontal recoil and extra Damage multiplier juice for a better performance T25.

Type25 Best Attachment

Sniper Rifle

The best Sniper in Season 7 are Locus, DL Q33, Rytec AMR, and Arctic.50.


Call of Duty Mobile Locus Floating Lotus skin - zilliongamer

Locus is the best Sniper in CoD Mobile Season 7, this gun deal up 95 damage which can 1 shot kill enemy at any range with precise accuracy.

The Locus also has the fastest Aim down sight time (ADS) and the hit marker rate is also slimmer among other sniper which make it the best sniper in the game.

Locus Best Attachment

DL Q33

COD Mobile DL Q33 Sweet Sniper skin - zilliongamer

DL Q33 is the second best sniper to use in this season, the DL deal up to 90 damage with good accuracy, this sniper also able to 1 shot kill the enemy in any range.

The DL Q33 has slower Aim down sight and can Hit marker in certain range. Overall DL Q33 is still a great sniper to use if you don't like the Locus.

DL Q33 Best Attachment

Rytec AMR

COD Mobile Rytec AMR Nautilus skin - zilliongamer

Rytec AMR stand third in our tier list for Season 7, this sniper deal 80 damage with low fire rate and good accuracy. The sniper is good for close to mid range.

The Rytec AMR Shot scope bounce up very high make it hard for aggressive sniper and it also produce hit marker when hitting a certain area in mid range.

Rytec AMR Best Attachment


COD Mobile Arctic.50 Foxfire skin - zilliongamer

Ranking fourth is the Arctic.50, this sniper deal up to 85 damage with slow fire rate and decent accuracy. The sniper is good for mid to long range with a twist.

The reason Arctic.50 rank this low is because of the high shot scope bounce and outrageous recoil when firing, make it very hard to use.

Arctic.50 Best Attachment


The best shotgun to use in Season 7 are KRM-262 and HS0405.


COD Mobile KRM-262 Skin: Cutting Edge - zilliongamer

The KRM-262 is the best shotgun for Season 7, this shotgun deal up to 36 damage with good fire rate and great accuracy. It is a high prime close range shotgun.

The spread of KRM-262 is small and can 1 shot enemy from anywhere around 1 to 10 meters. Overall the KRM-262 is your go-to shotgun for close to mid range.

KRM-262 Best Attachment


COD Mobile HS0405 Leaf Beetle skin - zilliongamer

The HS0405 is the second best shotgun to use in this season, this gun deal 39 damage it is a single barrel shotgun which require precise aim to hit the target.

The HS0405 can also 1 shot the enemy in close range though the gun will reload after 1 shot so if you missed the shot you are mostly dead.

HS0405 Best Attachment


The best LMGs to use in Season 7 are Hades and Chopper.


Call of Duty Mobile Hades LMG - zilliongamer

Hades is the best LMG in Season 7, this gun deal up t 29 damage with fast fire rate and has very great accuracy for any range.

The Hades LMG recoil is very easy to control and can beam long range enemy easily. Overall, this new LMG is a very good gun to use for long range spam.

Hades Best Attachment


COD Mobile Chopper - Firewall - zilliongamer

Chopper is the second best LMG to use in Season 7, this gun deal up to 25 damage with very fast fire rate and has great accuracy for close to mid range quarter.

The Chopper recoil is very easy to control plus it also has high ammo for spamming or providing cover fire for your team.

Chopper Best Attachment

Weapon Tier Explained

The tier list above is created by adding 6 letters to identify the weapons quality known as Weapon Tier, the 6 letters are: "SS, S, A, B, C, D".

SS: Best

S: Very Good

A: Good

B: Decent

C: Low performance



In conclusion, The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 has high damage, fast fire rate, and good overall performance which dominate the meta of this season.

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End of Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns Season 7.