Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 4 Tier List

Call of Duty Mobile best guns tier list in season 4: Spurned & Burned is out now. Find the best guns to use in COD Mobile season 4 2021 here:

COD Mobile Season 4 Best Gun Tier List:

TierWeapon name
SAS VAL, DR-H, QQ9, QXR, Outlaw, Arctic.50, SP-R 208, BK57, MSMC, Man-O-War, PP19 Bizon, HVK-30, Type 25, AK-47, MK2, Holger 26, Chopper, Echo, KRM-262
ADL Q33, LK24, RUS-79U, SKS, Locus, AK117, Fennec, ICR-1, HBRa3, ASM10, AGR 556, GKS, Cordite, S36, BY15
BKilo Bolt-Action, Peacekeeper MK2, KN-44, M4, HG 40, Razorback, PDW-57, FR.556, Pharo, RPD, UL736, HS0405
CM16, NA-45, M21 EBR, XPR-50, M4LMG
DChicom, Striker, HS2126

Best Guns in Season 4

The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 "Spurned & Burned" are:

  • AS VAL
  • DR-H
  • QQ9
  • QXR
  • Outlaw
  • Arctic-50
  • SP-R 208
  • MK2
  • Chopper
  • KRM-262

The name mentioned above are the Current meta of COD Mobile, you'll mostly running into a lot of players in both Pub and Ranked that use the weapons mentioned above.

Though if you have no interest in using meta weapons, you can find more best guns down below sorted by classes of weapon.

Best Assault Rifle in Season 4

The best assault rifle that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 are: 


COD Mobile AS VAL Double Edge skin - zilliongamer

AS VAL is the best gun to use in Season 4 2021, this assault rifle has great damage with very fast fire rate and built-suppressor create the fastest TTK AR that you can use right now.

The AS VAL perform the best in close range combat and can outgun SMGs if you has good aim accuracy. The  recoil though is moderate which require sometime to adapt to it.

Best AS VAL Loadout


Call of Duty Mobile DR-H Wicked Claw skin - zilliongamer

The second best gun in COD Mobile Season 4 is DR-H, this gun can deal up to 47 damage with very fast fire rate make the gun very deadly in mid to long range combat.

The DR-H recoil is very easy to control with high accuracy make it the top weapon to use that can shred the enemy with 3 shots when you hit the upper body part.

It is recommended to use OTM Mag attachment when using DR-H for faster TTK.

Best DR-H Loadout


COD Mobile BK57 Guardian Spirit skin - zilliongamer

The third second best assault rifle to use in Season 4 is the BK57, the gun has 42 damage and very fast fire rate combo, make it one of the hard hitter gun to use for Close, mid, and long range combat.

The BK57 recoil got buffed this season which make it even easier to control when full spraying.

Best BK57 Loadout


COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Cardinal - zilliongamer

Fourth in the list is the Man-O-War, In Season 4 the MOW got nerfed although it still a hard hitter gun that deal up to 52 damage with good fire rate.

The nerfed applied on mobility which change the playstyle of this gun, you are now forced to play less aggressive when using the Man-O-War.

Best Man-O-War Loadout


COD Mobile HVK-30 Insurgent skin - zilliongamer

Making it back to the best gun list in Season 4 is the HVK-30, this gun receive a pretty big buff in this season, it deal up to 38 damage although with large caliber ammo the gun now only need 2 head shot to kill the enemy in close range.

The recoil of HVK-30 is untouched which is pretty low and easy to control. The HVK-30 is deadly if you decide to use it for close range mostly. (Only with Large caliber ammo)

Best HVK-30 Loadout

Type 25

COD Mobile Type 25 - Oni - zilliongamer

The sixth best assault rifle to use in COD Mobile Season 4 is the Type 25. This gun deal up to 39 damage with very fast fire rate, the combination make it very deadly to use in close range.

The ttk of the Type 25 is insanely fast if you land all your shot, the vertical recoil is also getting reduced which is easier to control then before.

Type 25 Best Loadout

Best Submachine Gun in Season 4

The best Submachine gun (SMG) that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is:


COD Mobile QQ9 Sigrun skin - zilliongamer

The best SMG to use in Season 4 2021 is the QQ9, the QQ9 deal up to 40 damage with insanely fast fire rate and fastest ttk smg in close range.

The QQ9 recoil is easy to control which make for the aggressive run n gun players who like to rush for kills even easier.

Best QQ9 Loadout


COD Mobile QXR Scorching Sun - zilliongamer

The QXR is the second best gun to use in Season 4 right now. The QXR is everywhere in ranked match as this go out. The gun got a lot of buffed to damage multiplier (body and headshot) and it also has very fast fire rate.

What make the QXR ranked #2 is the recoil of the gun is a moderate and the range lack damage. But if you use for mainly close range combat, it is by far the best.

Best QXR Loadout


COD Mobile MSMC Bitter Burst skin - zilliongamer

The third best submachine gun is the MSMC, this gun can deal up to 40 damage and extremely fast fire rate which can shred close range target easily.

The MSMC also making a comeback in Season 4 since it got buffed as well. The recoil control of msmc is moderate.

Best MSMC Loadout

PP19 Bizon

COD Mobile PP19 Bizon Skin: Invocation - zilliongamer

The fourth best SMG to use in COD Mobile Season 4 is the PP19 Bizon, this gun can deal up to 41 damage with fast fire rate and good accuracy make you easier to hit close to mid range enemy.

The recoil of PP19 Bizon is very low and easy to control, so it is a very good beginner friendly gun to use.

Best PP19 Bizon Loadout

Best Sniper Rifle in Season 4

The best sniper rifle that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is:


COD Mobile Outlaw Breach skin - zilliongamer

The best sniper that you can use in COD Mobile Season 4 is the Outlaw, this sniper can hit up to 83 damage with fast ads time, allows you to make some aggressive play with it. 

Outlaw Loadout


COD Mobile Arctic.50 Foxfire skin - zilliongamer

The second best sniper to use in this season 4 is the Arctic.50, this sniper can deal up to 83 damage although the ads time got nerfed and it is harder to hit the moving target with the idle sway added and sprint-to-fire delay.

The Arctic.50 is only good if you use it to hold the enemy, it is very hard to play aggressive like the last season.

Best Arctic.50 Loadout

SP-R 208

SP-R 208 - Counter Spy | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

SP-R 208 is a third best sniper rifle in the list, is the to-go weapon for Quick scoper who like to run around and quickscope the enemy. The gun can hit up to 77 damage and can 1 shot the enemy if you hit the upper body part.

Though it is very powerful, it lacks long range power, so it is recommended to use for close to mid range combat only.

Best SP-R 208 Loadout


Call of Duty Mobile MK2 - Brushstroke - zilliongamer

The fourth best sniper to use in COD Mobile Season 4 is the MK2, this gun has just released this version and it has very huge potential to be the best sniper in the game.

The MK2 can hit up to 80 damage, it also has insanely fast ads speed and great close to mid range combat damage which can 1 shot the enemy if you hit the upper body part.

Best MK2 Loadout

Best Light Machine Gun in Season 4

The best Light Machine Gun (LMG) that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile season 4 are:

Holger 26

COD Mobile Weapon guide: Holger 26 - zilliongamer

Recently added to the game the Holger 26 is a new beast LMG that deal high damage and with high accuracy and low recoil control (mostly horizontal).

The Holger 26 is a new LMG that can 4 shots kill the enemy up to medium range and 3 shot in close range with great mobility. The correct attachments build will turn this gun into a close range predator.

Best Holger 26 Loadout


COD Mobile Chopper - Cumulus skin - zilliongamer

The Chopper can deal up to 40 damage with very fast fire rate and good accuracy, the range is also pretty good when using for close to mid range. The damage start to fall off in long range combat.

Best Chopper Loadout

Best Shotgun in Season 4

The best Shotgun that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile season 4 are:


COD Mobile KRM-262 Skin: Cutting Edge - zilliongamer

The best Shotgun in COD Mobile Season 4 is the KRM-262, this shotgun can deal up 98 damage with decent fire rate and good accuracy which can 1 shot close range enemy easily.

Best KRM-262 Loadout


COD Mobile Echo Sleeping Dragon - zilliongamer

Echo is the second best shotgun that you can use in Season 4, it is a semi-automatic shotgun that can deal up to 93 damage and really close bullet spread, really good for multiple enemy elimination or objective clear / hold.

Best Echo Loadout

Weapon Tier Explained

We create this tier list to prove which weapon is the best. By adding 5 total letters to identify the quality of all weapons such as "S, A, B, C, D".

S: Best

A: Great

B: Good

C: Decent

D: Shotgun


In Short, These are all of the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 that you can use, most of the gun can be unlock by leveling up or buy in the credit store.

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End of COD Mobile Season 4 Best Gun Tier List.

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