Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 3 Tier List

Call of Duty Mobile best guns tier list in Season 3: Tokyo Escape is out now. Find the best guns to use in COD Mobile season 3 here.

COD Mobile Season 3 Best Gun Tier List:

TierWeapon name
SMan-O-War, QQ9, DL Q33, DR-H, Arctic.50, QXR, Fennec, Locus, HVK-30, LK24, RUS-79U, PP19 Bizon, AK117, KRM-262, BY15, NA-45, Chopper.
ASP-R 208, GKS, MSMC, AS VAL, ASM10, SKS, KN-44, BK57, Cordite, AK-47, Type 25, Outlaw, FR.556, AGR 556, Razorback, Echo.
BKilo Bolt-Action,PDW-57, Peacekeeper MK2, HG 40, HBRa3, ICR-1, M4, M4LMG, HS0405.
CRPD, S36, UL736, Pharo, M16, XPR-50, M21 EBR.
DChicom, HS2126, Striker.

Best Guns in Season 3

The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 "Tokyo Escape" are:

  • Man-O-War
  • QQ9
  • DL Q33
  • DR-H
  • KRM-262
  • Chopper

The name mentioned above are the Current meta of COD Mobile, you'll mostly running into a lot players in both Pub and Ranked that use these weapons.

However, If you are not interested in using meta weapons, you can find the other best guns down below sorted by weapon class.

Best Assault Rifle in Season 3

The best assault rifle that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile season 3 are:


COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Cardinal - zilliongamer

Man-O-War is known as the best gun to use in COD Mobile Season 3. The gun damage is very high it only need 3 shots to the body to eliminate the enemy.

Although the MOW known as having very high damage it also has high vertical recoil which require good aim to hit the target in medium to long range.

The Man-O-War is being banned by pro players in some scrims because it is too powerful. But if you are a normal players, there are no backlash of using this gun.

Best Man-O-War Loadout


Call of Duty Mobile DR-H Last Will skin - zilliongamer

DR-H is the second best gun to use in Season 3. The gun has 67 damage and it can also 3 shots the enemy but you need to hit the upper body part to secure the kill.

The DR-H has low recoil control and fast fire rate, and it is really good to use in all range combat. When using the DR-H make sure you equipped the OTM Mag attachment.

Best DR-H Loadout


COD Mobile HVK-30 Maximum Security skin - zilliongamer

HVK-30 is the third best assault rifle that you can use in Season 3. The HVK-30 deal up to 35 damage and it has fast fire rate with high accuracy.

This gun recoil is fairly low and mostly horizontal, it is deadly in close to mid range combat. When using the HVK-30 make sure you equipped the Large caliber ammo attachment.

Best HVK-30 Loadout


Call of Duty Mobile LK24 skin: Nosebleed - zilliongamer

The fourth best assault rifle in Season 3 is the LK24. The gun can deal up to 41 damage with high fire rate and great accuracy which can 4 shots the enemy pretty far if you can control the recoil.

The recoil of LK24 is very low and mostly vertical, which allows you to beam long range players easily.

Best LK24 Loadout


COD Mobile AK117 Outcast skin - zilliongamer

The fifth best assault rifle in Season 3 is the AK117. The AK117 is the highest versatility gun in COD Mobile that still relevant after all the nerf.

The gun can damage is 38 but thanks to the very fast fire rate and great accuracy you can still 4 shots the enemy pretty easy in mid to long range.

Best AK117 Loadout

Best Submachine Gun in Season 3

The best SMG that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 are:


COD Mobile QQ9 Cyclone skin - zilliongamer

QQ9 is the best SMG in Season 3, the QQ9 got a significant buff which make it one of the most used gun in ranked match right now.

The QQ9 deal up to 40 damage, 61 if using 10mm 30 Round Reload, beside that the gun has very fast fire rate, mobility and insanely fast time to kill in close range combat.

Best QQ9 Loadout


COD Mobile QXR Flanker - zilliongamer

The second best SMG in Season 3 is the QXR, this gun deal up to 38 damage and has fast fire rate with great mobility, the gun is really good to use for run n gun in close range combat.

The recoil of QXR is controllable but it hard to control when you aim for mid range target.

Best QXR Loadout


Call of Duty Mobile Fennec Royal Coffer skin - zilliongamer

The third best SMG to use in Season 3 is the Fennec, the fennec is the fastest fire rate smg among all, however the range is fairly low, the gun start to fall of when trying to hit mid range target.

Best Fennec Loadout


COD Mobile Rus-79U Dusk skin - zilliongamer

Ranking fourth in our tier list is the RUS-79U, this SMG can deal up to 43 damage with fast fire rate, what make this gun stand among other is the recoil.

The RUS-79U recoil is very low and consistent, and it can also beam the players that are at mid range as well.

Best RUS-79U Loadout

PP19 Bizon

COD Mobile PP19 Bizon Skin: Yokai - zilliongamer

PP19 Bizon is the fifth best SMG in COD Mobile Season 3, the gun has just released in this Season, however the performance of the gun is very hard when comparing to the top 3 of current meta.

The PP19 Bizon can hit up to 38 damage with fast fire rate and good accuracy. The recoil is also low make it easy to hit the close range target.

Best PP19 Bizon Loadout

Best Sniper Rifle in Season 3

The best Sniper Rifle that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 are:

DL Q33

COD Mobile DL Q33 Sweet Sniper skin - zilliongamer

The best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3 is the DL Q33, this sniper can deal up to 80 damage and it very accurate and consistent. The DL Q33 can 1 shots the enemy when hitting the body and it also has the highest wall bang damage.

Best DL Q33 Loadout


COD Mobile Arctic.50 Cannibal skin - zilliongamer

The second best sniper rifle in Season 3 is the Arctic.50, the Arctic can deal up to 83 damage and 103 when using the MIP Stopping Power Reload.

However, when using the MIP Stopping Power Reload the ADS time is fairly slow make quick scoping really hard.

Best Arctic.50 Loadout


Call of Duty Mobile Locus Schism skin - zilliongamer

The Locus is the third best sniper that you can use in Season 3, this sniper can deal up to 84 damage and the prime range to use are from mid to long range. 

You can use the OWC Stopping Power Reload to increase damage and damage range but reduces scope in time.

Best Locus Loadout


COD Mobile NA-45 Skin Lycanthrope - zilliongamer

NA-45 is the fourth best Sniper that highly abused in current ranked season, the sniper require no skill whatsoever, you can just double tap to the lag and still be able to eliminate the enemy.

Tips to counter this Sniper: Equipped Flak jacket perk or leave the game.

Best NA-45 Loadout

Best Shotgun in Season 3

The best Shotgun that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 are:


COD Mobile KRM-262 Skin: Eagle Claw - zilliongamer

The best Shotgun in COD Mobile Season 3 is the KRM-262, this shotgun can deal up 98 damage which can 1 shot close range enemy easily.

Best KRM-262 Loadout


COD Mobile BY15 - Top Dog skin - zilliongamer

The second best shotgun to use in Season 3 is the BY15, this shotgun can deal up to 89 damage with the accuracy of 48.

The prime range of BY15 are very effective in close quarter combat.

Best BY-15 Loadout

Best Light Machine Gun in Season 3

The best LMG that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 is the Chopper.

COD Mobile Chopper - Chain Reaction skin - zilliongamer

The Chopper can deal up to 40 damage with very fast fire rate and good accuracy, the range is also pretty good when using for close to mid range. The damage start to fall off in long range combat.

Best Chopper Loadout

Weapon Tier Explained

The tier list above is created by adding 5 letters to identify the weapons quality known as Weapon Tier, the 5 letters are: "S, A, B, C, D".

S: Best

A: Great

B: Good

C: Decent

D: Low performance


In conclusion, The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 has high damage, fast fire rate, and good overall performance which might become the meta guns to use in season 9

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End of COD Mobile Season 3 Weapon Tier List