Sanhua Guide

Sanhua is a Glacio character in Wuthering Waves that use Sword as her weapon. Find Sanhua skills, resonance chain and more here.

Sanhua Overview and Stats

Wuthering Waves: Sanhua Guide

Sanhua is a 4-star character with Glacio damage. She is the dragon lord's guard, as cold as ice and snow. In her eyes, all things in the world will distort into bizarre shapes, and only a few people maintain the normal and pure reality.

Sanhua StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%
Energy Regen100%100%
Max Stamina140140
Max Resonance Energy100100

Sanhua Best Weapons

Emerald of Genesis (5-Star)

Weapons: Emerald of Genesis | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

An excellent choice due to its Energy Regeneration boost, enhancing Sanhua's Resonance Skills and Liberation usage. The ATK increases from Resonance Skill hits further complements her abilities.

Lumingloss (4-Star)

Weapons: Lumingloss | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

A great synergy for Sanhua's playstyle, boosting Basic and Heavy Attack damage after using Resonance Skills, encouraging weaving them into combos.

Lunar Cutter (4-Star)

Weapons: Lunar Cutter | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

Provides a valuable ATK boost on entry and after defeating enemies aiding Sanhua in maintaining offensive pressure throughout battles.

Originite: Type II (3-Star)

Weapons: Originite: Type II | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

Offers burst damage potential with its ATK boost upon triggering a Concerto effect, especially beneficial in team compositions utilizing this mechanic.

Sword of Voyager (3-Star)

Weapons: Sword of Voyager | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamer

While lacking direct damage boosts, its Resonance Energy recovery helps Sanhua utilize her powerful Resonance Skills more frequently in combat.

Sanhua Strength & Weakness


High Damage Output
Sanhua seems to excel at dealing Glacio damage especially through her Frostbite area detonation, Resonance Liberation, Passive and Intro Skill.
Versatile Combat Style
She possesses a combination of ranged (Ice Thorn, Ice Prism) and melee attacks (Heavy Attack Burst) giving her flexibility in different combat scenarios.
Area Control
Her Glacial Gaze Resonance Liberation creates a lingering Glacier potentially controlling enemy movement or providing strategic advantage.
Resonance Chain Synergy
Her resonance Chain bonuses enhance her damage output, survivability, stamina and resonance energy.


Reliance on Combos
Snahua's damage appears to rely on the precise execution of combos. This might make her less beginner-friendly.
Limited Range
While she has ranged attacks, many of her skills seem optimized for close-to-mid-range combat. 
Frostbite Area Management
Effectively utilizing the Frostbite area and its expansion might require strategic positioning and timing.
Lack of Defensive Skills
Sanhua doesn't seem to have defensive skills, potentially making he reliant on dodging and timing to avoid damage.

Sanhua Passive Skills

Ice Condensation
After the Intro Skill, the damage of Sanhua's Resonance Skill increases by 20%, lasting for 8 seconds.
After casting the 5th Basic Attack, the damage caused by Sanhua's ice burst increases by 20%, lasting for 8 seconds.
Skillful Cooking
When cooking a Dish for exploring the Echo, there is a 20% chance to get double the same Dish.

Sanhua Intro/Outro Skills

Cold Thorn - Intro Skill
Stabs downward, dealing Glacio damage and leaves behind one [Ice Thorn].
Silversnow - Outro Skill
Glacio damage increased by 30%, the effect lasts 14 seconds for the Character exits.

Sanhua Skills

Cold Light - Basic Attack

Basic Attack

Perform up to 5 consecutive attacks, causing Glacio damage.

Heavy Attack

Consume Stamina to launch an attack, causing Glacio damage.

Mid-air Attack

Consume Stamina to perform a Mid-air Plunging Attack, dealing Glacio damage.

Dodge Counter

After a successful Dodge, use Basic Attack within a certain time to attack the target causing Glacio damage.

Eternal Frost - Resonance Skill
Deals Glacio damage and leaves behind one [Ice Prism]
Glacial Gaze - Resonance Liberation
Deals Glacio damage and forms one [Glacier], lasting for 5 seconds.
Clarity of Mind - Forte Circuit


When Sanhua holds down the Heavy Attack button, if the pointer is released within the [Frostbite] area, Sanhua will cast a Heavy Attack Burst, rushing toward the target, causing Glacio damage, this damage is Heavy Attack damage.

Ice Bloom

Heavy Attack Burst will detonate the [Ice Thorn], [Ice Prism] and [Glacier] within the attack path, causing Glacio damage, the damage caused by Ice Bloom will be considered as Resonance Skill damage.

Rules for the Expansion of the Frostbite Area

Each layer of [Clarity] will expand te [Frostbite] area, with a maximum of two layers of [Clarity]. When casting the Part 5 of the Basic Attack, gain 1 layer of [Clarity]. When casting the Intro Skill Chilling Thorn, gain 1 layer of [Clarity]. When casting the Resonance Skill Eternal Frost, gain 1 layer of [Clarity]. When casting the Resonance Liberation Glacial Gaze, gain 2 layers of [Clarity]. The expanded [Frostbite] will return to its initial area size after 5 seconds. Successfully using the Heavy attack Burst will also restore the expanded [Frostbite] to its initial size.

Sanhua Resonance Chain

Sequence Node 1
After casting the 5th segment of Basic Attack, Sanhua's own critical hit increased by 15
Sequence Node 2
The Stamina consumed by the Heavy Attack Explosion decreases by 10 points. After releasing the Resonance Skill, Sanhua's anti-interrupt ability increases by 5 seconds.
Sequence Node 3
Resonance Skill Perpetual Frost increases damage by 35% on targets with less than 70% health.
Sequence Node 4
When Resonance Liberation Scorched Tundra is released, restore Resonance Energy by 10. Increases the Burst damage for the next Heavy attack within 5s by 120%.
Sequence Node 5
Increase Glacio DMG by 3%
Sequence Node 6
Increases Mid-air attack-feather release's Glacio DMG by 10%. When Plunging Attack hits a target, Sanhua will get 1 Cleaving Winds.

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