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Aalto is an Aero character in Wuthering Waves that use pistols as his weapon. Find Aalto skills, resonance chain and more here.

Aalto Overview and Stats

Wuthering Waves: Aalto Guide

Aalto is the leader of the Black Shores, elusive and unpredictable as the mist. Under the attitude of the game of life, there is always a meticulous plan hidden.

Aalto StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%
Energy Regen100%100%
Max Stamina140140
Max Resonance Energy150150

Aalto Best Weapons

Static Mist (5-Star)
Weapons: Static Mist | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis pistol's Energy Regen boost aligns perfectly with Aalto's Resonance Skill usage. Additionally, the party-wide ATK buff after his Outro Skill synergize with his damage-dealing role.
Cadenza (4-Star)
Weapons: Cadenza | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerAalto relies heavily on Resonance Skills, and Cadenza's Concerto Energy restoration would significantly enhance his ability to spam them, increasing his overall damage output.
Novaburst (4-Star)
Weapons: Novaburst | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerAalto's playstyle involves dashing and dodging, making Novaburst's attack buff after these actions extremely valuable.
Thunderbolt (4-Star)
Weapons: Thunderbolt | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerGiven that Aalto's Resonance Chain includes a node that increases his Resonance Skill damage, Thunderbolt would further amplify this aspect of his kit.
Pistol of Voyager (3-Star)
Weapons: Pistols of Voyager | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis pistol's Resonance Energy restoration on Resonance Skill use further complements Aalto's reliance on these skills, allowing him to use them more frequently.

Aalto Strengths and Weakness


High Burst Damage
Aalto's Heavy Attack, especially when enhanced by passing through "Mist" or the "Gate of Quandary," can deliver devastating damage to enemies.
Guaranteed Critical Hits
His passive ability ensures a critical hit with his Heavy Attack every 30 seconds, further increasing his damage potential.
"Mist" for Mobility and Offense
Aalto utilizes "Mist" to enhance his movement speed and generate "Mist Bullets" for additional damage.


Positioning and Timing
Effectively using Aalto's skills requires careful positioning and timing to maximize damage and utilize the "Mist" advantageously.
Susceptibility "Mist" Disruption
Certain enemy abilities can disrupt or dispel Aalto's "Mist," hindering his overall effectiveness.

Aalto Passive Skills

Perfect Performance
Aalto's Heavy Attack will definitely crit, can be triggered once every 30 seconds.
Half-Time Break
Aalto will continuously recover Stamina when entering the Mistform of the Forte Circuit.
Skillful Cooking
When cooking a Dish for exploring the Echo, there is a 20% chance to get double the same Dish.

Aalto Intro/Outro Skills

Feint Shot - Intro Skill
Aalto is elusive, performing rapid continuous shooting, causing Aero damage.
Resolution - Outro Skill
Aero damage is increased by 30%, the effect lasts for 14 seconds or the Character exits.

Aalto Skills

Half Truths - Basic Attack

Basic Attack

Perform up to 5 consecutive shots, causing Aero damage. The 4th shot of the Basic Attack will spread "Mist" for ward, which lasts for 1.5 seconds.

Heavy Attack

Enter the aiming stats to inflict higher damage. After the charge is completed, a powerful shot is made, causing Aero damage.

Mid-air Attack

Continuously consume Stamina, and perform consecutive shots at the target in the air, causing Aero damage.

Mist Shot

When the bullets of Basic Attack and Mid-air Attack pass through the "Mist", they cause Aero damage.

Evasion Attack

After a successful Dodge, using Basic Attack within a certain period of time will attack the target, causing Aero damage.

Shift Trick - Resonance Skill
Casts "Mist" and a "Mist Avatar" to taunt the surrounding targets. The avatar inherits a portion of Aalto's health and generates 6 Mist Bullets around the mirage, causing Aero damage.
Flower in the Mist - Resonance Liberation
Causes Aero damage. This damage is Resonance Skill damage.
Mist Cover - Forte Circuit

When Aalto passes through "Mist" or the "Gate of Quandary", he enters "Mistcloak Dash".

Mistcloak Dash

Movement Speed increases; :During this period, "Mist Drops" can be continuously consumed, and for each "Mist Drop" consumed, a Resonance Skill "Mist Bullet" is generated.

Rules for Obtaining Mist Drops

When a "Basic Attack" or "Mid-air Attack" passes through the "Mist" and hits the target, 1 "Mist Drop" is recovered.

Aalto Resonance Chain

Sequence Node 1
The cooldown of the Resonance Skill Positioning Trick is reduced by 4 seconds.
Sequence Node 2
The inherited HP of [Vaporized Clone] is increased by 100%, and when Aalto attacks the target taunted by the clone, the attack is increased by 15%.
Sequence Node 3
When Aalto's Basic Attack or Mid-air Attack passes through the Gate of Quandary, it will be converted into Scattering Attack, and the Scattering Attack inherits 50% damage of Basic Attack or Mid-air Attack.
Sequence Node 4
The damage of Resonance Skill Vaporized Bullet is increased by 30%, and the damage is received by Aalto in the [Mist Stealth state is reduced by 30%].
Sequence Node 5
When in the [Mist Stealth] state, Aalto's Aero damage bonus is increased by 25%, and the effect lasts for 6 seconds.
Sequence Node 6
The attack of the Resonance Liberation Flower in the Mist is additionally increased by 10%, and when Aalto's Heavy Attack passes through the Gate of Quandary, the damage is additionally increased by 50%.

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