Jianxin Guide

Jianxin is an Aero character in Wuthering Waves that use Gauntlet as her weapon. Find Jianxin skills, resonance chain and more down below.

Jianxin Overview and Stats

Wuthering Waves: Jianxin Guide

Jianxin StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%
Energy Regen100%100%
Max Stamina140140
Max Resonance Energy150150

Jianxin Best Weapons

Abyss Surge (5-Star)
Weapons: Abyss Surges | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis Gauntlet's ATK boost and Energy Regen synergy is perfect for Jianxin, as she benefits from frequent Resonance Skill use. The ATK/Resonance Skill damage boosts further amplify her offensive capabilities.
Stonard (4-Star)
Weapons: Stonard | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThe Resonance Liberation damage buff aligns perfectly with Jianxin's Resonance Chain focus. It significantly boosts her ultimate ability, "Purification Force Field," making it even more devastating.
Hollow Mirage (4-Star)
Weapons: Hollow Mirage | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThe defensive Iron Armor Stacks gained on Resonance Liberation make Jianxin much more durable, especially when combined with her shields. This allows her to stay in the fight longer and deal more damage.
Amity Accord (4-Star)
Weapons: Amity Accord | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThe ATK boost, parry DMG increase, and HP regen on dodge/dash complement Jianxin's agile playstyle and her Resonance Skill's parry ability ("Chi Counter"). This adds another layer of survivability and damage potential.
Gauntlets of Night (3-Star)
Weapons: Gauntlets of Night | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerWhile a 3-star option, the Armor stacks on Resonance Liberation further boost Jianxin's survivability, allowing her to focus on maximizing her offensive potential with less worry about incoming damage.

Jianxin Strengths & Weakness


High Defensive Capabilities
Jianxin possesses strong defensive abilities through shields and damage reduction, allowing her to withstand attacks.
Versatile Resonance Skill
Her Resonance Skill offers both offensive and defensive options with parrying and counterattacking.
Her passive skills enhances her Resonance Liberation damage and shield strength, making her less reliant on External buffs.


Limited Mobility
Jianxin's kit lacks mobility options, making her less agile compared to other characters.
Resource Management
Effectively using her Chi resource to maximize damage output and defense requires strategic planning.

Jianxin Passive Skills

Formless Release
Resonance Liberation damage increased by 20%.
Reflecting Myself
The Shield amount obtained by the Heavy Attack Primordial Chi Spiral and the Resonance Skill Special Chi Counter is increased by 20%.
Skillful Cooking
The current Character has a chance to produce a specialty dish when cooking.

Jianxin Intro/Outro Skills

Essence of Tao - Intro Skill
Upon entering the field, Jianxin will control the "Aero", pulling targets within the range, causing a total of 4 segments of Aero damage and finally Juggling.
Transformation - Outro Skill
Resonance Liberation damage increased by 38%, effect lasts 14 seconds or until Characters exits.

Jianxin Skills

Fengyiquen - Basic Attack

Basic Attack

With a strong and powerful boxing technique, up to 4 attacks can be made, causing Aero damage.

Heavy Attack

Consumes Stamina, delivers a powerful punch, causing Aero damage.

Mid-air Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina, quickly falls from the air to use a leg technique, causing Aero damage.

Evasion Attack

After a successful Dodge use Basic Attack within a certain time, causing Aero damage.

Calming Air - Resonance Skill

Long press the Resonance Skill stance to parry the target's next attack.

Chi Counter

When the parry is successful, you are immune to the attack damage and cast Aero Counter, causing Aero damage.

Chi Parry

When you release the skill button in the stance, the stance will be interrupted in advance and an attack will be launched causing Aero damage.

Purification Force Field - Resonance Liberation
Creates a strong wind field, continuously pulling targets within the wind field to the center and causing Aero damage. When the wind field disappears, it will cause Aero damage to all targets within the range again.
Primordial Chi Spiral - Forte Circuit

Heavy Attack: Primordial Chi Spiral

When the Chi is at it maximum, a long charge state can be cast through a Heavy Attack. Gathering Chi around the character, the character's resistance to interruption is greatly increased, and the damage taken is reduced by 50%, causing Aero damage and gradually consuming Chi. As the Chi gathering progress, different effects are gradually achieved, and a temporary shield is obtained and Aero damage is caused at each stage, with maximum Chi gathering at Major Zhoutain: Outer. At the end of the charge state, a corresponding shield is obtained again according to the charge stage, and the character's health is restored every 6 seconds while the shield is present, with the shield lasting 30 seconds. The Chi gathering process can be interrupted by releasing a Basic Attack and performing the corresponding move.

Not reaching the Minor Zhoutian: Obtain a Rank 1 shield. When Chi gathering is interrupted, a forward punch is cast, causing Aero damage. Minor Zhoutian: At this stage, Aero damage is caused to the surrounding and a Rank 2 shield is obtained. When Chi gathering is interrupted, a pushing hand is cast, causing Aero damage. Major Zhoutian: Inner: At this stage, Aero damage is caused to the surrounding and a Rank 3 shield is obtained. When Chi gathering is interrupted, a pushing hand is cast, causing Aero damage. Major Zhoutian: Outer: At this stage, Aero damage is caused to the surrounding and a Rank 4 shield is obtained.

Chi Acquisition Rules

Chi is obtained when a Basic Attack Fengyiquan hits the target. CHi is obtained when the Resonance Skill Calming Air is cast. Chi is obtained when the Resonance Skill Chi Counter or Resonance Skill Chi Parry hits the target. Chi is obtained when intro Skill Essence of Tao hits the target.

Jianxin Resonance Chain

Sequence Node 1
After casting the Intro Skill Essence of Palm Rest, the [Qi] obtained by the Basic Attack is doubled, lasting for 10 seconds.
Sequence Node 2
The usage count of Resonance Skill Quiet Qi Circulation is increased by an additional 1 times.
Sequence Node 3
After the casting stance of Resonance Skill Quiet Qi Circulation lasts for 2.5 seconds, the Resonance Skill Qi Counterattack can be directly launched.
Sequence Node 4
When casting the Heavy Attack Primordial Qi Spin, the damage of Jianxin Resonance Liberation is increased by 80% for 14 seconds.
Sequence Node 5
The ranged of Resonance Liberation Field of Purification is increased.
Sequence Node 6
During the Heavy Attack Primordial Qi Spin, casting the punch, when casting the Resonance Skill within 5 seconds, the Resonance  Skill Special Qi Counterattack will be launched, causing Jianxin's ATK 556.67% of Aero damage, this damage is Heavy Attack damage, and a level 4 shield is obtained at the same time.

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