Encore Guide

Encore is a fusion character in Wuthering Waves that use Rectifier as his weapon. Find Encore skills, resonance chain and more down below.

Encore Overview and Stats

Wuthering Waves: Encore Guide

Encore is one of the members of the Black Shores, the black and white Wooly is often by her side. Her vibrant energy illuminates the surroundings, but few people know her fear of facing the darkness.

Encore StatsLv.1Lv.90
Crit. Rate5%5%
Crit. DMG150%150%
Energy Regen100%100%
Max Stamina140140
Max Resonance Energy125125

Encore Best Weapons

Cosmic Ripples (5-Star)
Weapons: Cosmic Ripples | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis weapon focuses on increasing basic attack damage and energy regeneration. Encore heavily relies on her Basic Attacks, especially during her "Cosmos Rampage" state. The energy regeneration boost allows her to user her Resonance Skills more often.
Stringmaster (5-Star)
Weapons: Stringmaster | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerStringmaster amplifies all Resonance damage, which is a core part of Encore's kit. The additional attack boost after using Resonance Skills or Liberation further enhances her damage output.
Comet Flare (4-Star)
Weapons: Comet Flare | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerWhile primarily a healer's weapon, Comet Flare can be surprisingly effective for Encore. Since her damage is partially considered Fusion damage, the healing bonus translates to a damage bonus, especially during her extend "Cosmos Rampage" phase.
Jinzhou Keeper (4-Star)
Weapons: Jinzhou Keeper | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis Rectifier provides a substantial boost to both attack ad HP upon casting the Intro Skill. This early-game advantage helps Encore get into the flow of combat more effectively, setting her up for stronger attacks throughout the fight.
Guardian Rectifier (3-Star)
Weapons: Guardian Rectifier | Wuthering Waves - zilliongamerThis Rectifier increases the damage of both Basic Attacks and Heavy Attacks by 12%, aligning perfectly with Encore's Skillset.

Encore Strengths & Weakness


High Fusion Damage
Encore's kit focuses on dealing significant Fusion damage through a variety of attacks and abilities, especially her Resonance Liberation.
Team Support
Her Resonance Chain can buff the ATK of her teammates, providing valuable support in addition to her damage.
Versatile Offensive Options
She can switch between Cloudy and Cosmos forms, offering different attacks and playstyles


Complex Mechanics
Effectively utilizing Encore's different forms and Dissonance mechanic requires practice and understanding.
Learning Curve
Mastering Encore's full potential and optimizing her damage output can take time and practice due to the complexity of her kit.

Encore Passive Skills

Angry Cosmos
During the Resonance Liberation Cosmos Rampage, when Encore's health is above 70%, damage is increased by 12%.
Woolies Cheers!
When using Resonance Skill Thermal Wooly or Resonance Liberation Cosmos Rampage, Encore's Fusion damage bonus is increased by 15%, the effect lasts for 10 seconds.
Skillful Cooking
The current Character has a chance to produce special dishes when cooking.

Encore Intro/Outro Skills

Woolies Helpers - Intro Skill
Fall from the sky with Cosmos, attack the target, causing Fusion damage.
Thermal Field - Outro Skill
Centered on the skill target, a ground flame with a radius of 3 meters is generated. The ground flame will continue to burn the target within the range, causing 176.76% of the Encore's ATK every 1.5 seconds, causing Fusion damage, and lasting 6 seconds.

Encore Skills

Woody Attack - Basic Attack

Basic Attack

Summon Wooly for up to 4 consecutive attacks, causing Fusion damage.

Basic Attack: Woolies Attack

After the 4th attack of the Basic Attack, Angry Points will appear around Encore. If the Basic Attack is used again during the time the Angry Points appear, a giant Wooly will be summoned to add 1 attack, causing Fusion damage.

Heavy Attack

Consume Stamina, command Wooly to attack the target together, causing Fusion damage.

Mid-air Attack

Consume Stamina, Encore falls from the air to the ground, sweeping the surrounding with flames, causing Fusion damage.

Dodge Counter

After a successful Dodge, use Basic Attack within a certain time to attack the target, causing Fusion damage.

Thermal Wooly - Resonance Skill

Thermal Wooly

Summon Cloudy and Cosmos, and attack the target with high-temperature rays, causing Fusion damage.

Energetic Wellcome

After casting Thermal Wooly, Angry Points will appear around Encore. If Thermal Wooly is used again during the appearance of Angry Points, Cloudy and Cosmos will jointly add an attack, causing Fusion damage.

Cosmos Rampage - Resonance Liberation

Encore is unable to suppress Cosmos, the ramping Cosmos appears and begins to attack the target.

Basic Attack: Cosmos: Rampage

During Cosmos's rampage, the Basic Attack is replaced with Cosmos: Rampage, performing up to 4 consecutive attacks, causing Fusion damage, this damage is the Basic Attack damage.

Cosmos: Heavy Attack

During the Cosmos's rampage, the Heavy Attack is replaced with Cosmos: Heavy Attack, consuming certain Stamina, commanding Wooly to attack the target with all its strength, causing Fusion damage, this damage is the Heavy Attack damage.

Resonance Skill: Cosmos Rampage

During Cosmos's rampage, Heat Wooly is replaced with Cosmos Rampage, attacking the target with uncontrollable flames, causing Fusion damage, this damage is the Resonance Skill damage.

Dodge Counter

During Cosmos's rampage, after a successful Dodge, using Basic Attack within a certain time will attack the target, causing Fusion damage, this damage is the Basic Attack damage.

Black and White Wooly - Forte Circuit

Resonance Liberation: Cloudy: Frenzy

When the Encore's [Dissonance] is full, after casting a Heavy Attack, Encore will enter a Dissonance state, reducing the damage taken by 70% during the Dissonance state. After the Dissonance state ends, Encore will consume all [Dissonance] and cast the Flame of Chaos, causing Fusion damage, and the damage is Resonance Liberation damage.

Resonance Liberation: Cosmos: Rupture

During the Cosmos Rampage, by holding down the Basic Attack, Encore will enter the Cosmos's Dissonance state ends, Encore will consume all [Dissonance] and cast the flame of Rampage, causing Fusion damage, and the damage is Resonance Liberation damage.

Dissonance Acquisition Rules

When the Basic Attack Wooly Attack hits the target, it will restore [Dissonance]. When the Resonance Skill Heat Wooly hits the target, it will restore [Dissonance]. When the Resonance Skill Energetic Wellcome hits the target, it will restore 30 points [Dissonance]. When the intro Skill Wooly Helper hits the target, it will restore 40 points of [Dissonance]. During the duration of the Resonance Liberation Cosmos Rampage hitting the target, it will restore [Dissonance].

Encore Resonance Chain

Sequence Node 1
Increases Fusion DMG by 3%.
Sequence Node 2
Increases Resonance Liberation - Let it Burn's damage by 10 to targets with HP lower than 10.
Sequence Node 3
Resonance Liberation Cloudy: Uncontrolled Flame and Resonance Liberation Cosmos: Rampaging Flame damage increase by 40%.
Sequence Node 4
When casting Resonance Liberation: Cosmos - Flame of Rampage, the ATK of the characters in the team increases by 20%, the effect lasts for 15 seconds.
Sequence Node 5
The damage of Resonance Skill increases by 35%.
Sequence Node 6
During the period Resonance Liberation: Cosmos Rampage, each damage dealt will stack 1 layer of [Lost Lamb] for yourself, each layer increases the attack by 5%, the effect lasts for 10 seconds, and can stack up to 6 layers.

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